Thursday, July 07, 2016

Killed Because... Well, Because.

This is a sad video to watch. A man was murdered in front of his loved ones. The murderer killed him because he was not a member of the murderer's Gang. The child can be heard attempting to comfort the mother at the end.

What will happen to the killer? Nothing. He's a member of The Gang. He will be protected.  All of his co-workers will tell a story aligning with his. All of his supervisors will sing his praises. Prosecutors will refuse to prosecute this killer because The Gang protects them.

The killer will eventually make a statement something along the lines of, "Subject stated he was armed, gave warnings, refused to obey commands, furtive movement, feared for my life, etc...

Nobody but the killer and passengers in the vehicle saw what happened before the video began.

I have a surmise about what happened. I suspect the killer demanded the victim's driver's license and vehicle registration as usual. The victim related to the killer that he had a CCW and was carrying a handgun, before he reached for his wallet. The killer, in a flash realized that his subject was armed and was doing something other than groveling in fear.

One must understand the killer's mindset. In his mind, EVERYONE MUST grovel before members of The Gang. No subject should be armed in his presence. Anyone who is armed in his presence and who is NOT a member of The Gang, MUST intend to kill him. That is the way he his trained and indoctrinated. He believed he was right and just to commit murder because he experienced a moment of fear and confusion. The subject failed to grovel. The subject was confident. The subject was armed (even with permission from the State).

By trying to be honest and law abiding he alerted the killer to the fact that he believed himself to be a free man. The subject attempted to comply with the law as per the legal requirement under the conditions of his "permission to carry". He reached for his wallet, attempting to comply with the killer's demands for his permission to travel documents. As he was doing this, the killer attempted to processed the new "subject is armed" information through his pea brain. He gave a new command of "Don't reach for your wallet!". In the next half second, as the victim was in the process of withdrawing his wallet, he was also attempting to process the new and conflicting command "Don't reach for your wallet!" In the half second it took for the victim to process the conflicting command, the killer was experiencing an extreme adverse emotional state. He observed the victim doing something other than complying with his latest conflicting command. The victim was doing something other than groveling in fear. The killer interpreted this as an offensive act. The killer's training and indoctrination required him to engage.

A few seconds later, the killer can be heard attempting to justify the murder to himself by stating aloud the preconditions of the victim's only route to survival. The victim failed to comply. The victim failed to provide the killer with his desired emotional state. That was his death sentence.

The Gang does not care about you. The Gang exists to control you.

Sheepdogs? Their primary purpose is to herd sheep, to bark and snarl, to snap their fanged jowls at the heels of the sheep. The sheepdog moves the herd at the command of the master, in the direction the master wants the herd moved. The sheep are there to be perennially sheered and eventually slaughtered.

Are you a free man? Or, are you a sheep, in need of a sheepdog to heard you?


Walter Zoomie said...

At least four members of the gang just got whacked in Dallas, so there's that.

Longbow said...

Walter, I don't wish murder on anyone. I would hope people would eventually stand up to thugs and the thuggery would cease. Standing up is all it takes. But it takes a critical mass of the population, say 10% or so for that to happen.