Thursday, July 14, 2016

Body Cam Video Of Dylan Noble Shooting

OK. Here is video from the policeman's perspective.

I didn't see Dylan do anything making him worthy of being executed. Of course the police will say they saw every reason to shoot their suspect. He did something other than grovel in fear. THAT made his worthy of being shot.

I did see the policeman had his gun out ready to shoot someone before his vehicle was even stopped. This indicates to me the mindset of the policeman, which leads to the inevitable shooting.

I saw Dylan had both his hands up and visible, as ordered at gunpoint. The fact that both hands were not showing out the door of the truck will be argued as "He refused to show his hands!". The two other policemen on the scene would clearly be able to see BOTH of Dylan's hands, one from the side door, and the other through the rear window.

I did hear Dylan say something like "I hate my life..." about a half second before he was shot twice. Has there been a toxicology done on Dylan's body? If he was intoxicated in some way it could explain his failure to grovel.

I saw Dylan drop something from his hand when he was shot. It looked like a cell phone.

The policemen continued to shoot Dylan as he lay dying, reaching for his wounds.

Policemen are trained that any movement, gesture or posture other than, "Worship at my feet!" is an aggressive act, a threat to his life, and worthy of the use of lethal force.

The only thing, it appears which will save your life in a situation such as this is abject submission, prostration, obeisance, groveling.

Yep. That is how free men should behave.

Dylan failed to grovel.

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