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My Comments Are Too Long

I was gonna publish this on TL Davis's blog, but I got long winded and it wouldn't fit.

So, for your perusal, here is what I would have posted there.

TL, In my misspent youth I thought like SW Richmond. My exposure to religion was limited to bible thumpers demanding I believe as they did or I was going to hell.

I asked, "Who says so?"

The reply was always, "Its in the Hooleh Buy-able!"

My question was always, "What makes it Holy and who wrote it?" 

I could never get a definite response. "Its ancient scripture! It comes from God! It was inspired!"

I was told, "You have to believe!"

I asked, "Why?"

I was told, "Cuz ya have to!"

I asked, "Why?"

"Cuz ya have to!"


"Cuz ya have to!"


I was screamed at, "You'll burn in hell!"

"Who says so?"

"Its in the Hooleh Buy-able!"

Oh jeez, here we go again... (I joke now, fictitiously, that there was a preacher with a crooked finger pointing at me saying, instead of the above response, "It fell out of the sky! And landed in my lap! Signifying that I am to bring the Gospel to you!")

I was the same adrift person, trying to be good and do good generally, without a moral anchor, nor a compass. I didn't understand, that the values which guided me, the values of Western (White, European) Civilization are the values of Christendom. Studying history, and studying the Communist
movement helped to guide me. My question was, why do the Communists keep winning? The answer I came to was, it is because they are at war with Western Christian civilization, absolutely committed, and vicious. They are at war with everything that, I assumed from my environment, is good. They are destructive of humanity itself. We, on the other hand, have been in the process of abandoning our compass and our anchor for five hundred years. We have left the door wide open for evil to attack us. 

I remind you, it wasn't the "Army of Martin Luther" which saved Europe from the Muslim invasions.

This led me to the Church. In my search, I was also spoon fed by some close friends. Which Church? The one that Christ founded. The one which has been the lamp for the world for two tho thousand years. The one which Christ promised us, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The one which is riddled with cancerous modernism, liberalism, communism, masonry, satanism, and homosexuality. Why? Because it holds the Truth. Yes it is riddled with Cancer. That doesn't mean it is wrong. It means it is under continuous, devastating attack. People who see only the cancer are not looking at the whole of the body. The Cancer is not the Nature of the Body. It is a Cancer. It can and will be excised. Christ promised it so.

Back to the Hooleh Buy-able...

No, Virginia, the Bible didn't fall from the sky. It was assembled at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. Yes Constantine made the Council happen, but why? If we're going to have a Christian Empire, we must hammer out what we believe. The Council did that and gave is the Creed. The Council also canonized the Bible. Why were some books left out and others included? Well, Virginia, the best minds of the Church at that time did their best, guided by the Holy Spirit, to determine which books were without error and worthy of belief and which were not. By what standard, you ask? By living the creed, by following doctrine as Christ gave it to us, by looking at the teachings of the Church Fathers, the faith of the apostles and martyrs, by adhering to that tradition.

So why was the book of Enoch not included? Why not the Gospel of Thomas? Or the Gospel of Mary Magdalene?

The best minds of the Church looked at all the information available and said, "These books, here, are the ones we can be confident are without error and support Christian Doctrine as Christ himself gave it to us." 

The other books were not suppressed. They were not collected and burned. They were not hidden. They were simply set aside. 

No, Virginia, the Bible didn't just fall from the sky, whole and complete. And, no Virginia, the Church is NOT based upon the Bible. The Bible exists because of the Church.

So, having been just like SW Richmond, I grew up. 

What kind of Christian am I? Not a very good one. I am as fucked-up as the next fellow. I do, however, now have a guiding lamp. I have an example. I have tradition to look to. I have a body of teaching which is two thousand years old and without error. I now believe.

I have said all of the above to say this, in brevity. Without God, without the Church, there is no Law. Without God, without the Church, there is only Man's whim. Then we are back to modernism, liberalism, masonry, communism, homosexuality, etc...

God have mercy on us!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Vladimir Putin Speaks His Mind On Syria And Chemical Weapons

In my opinion, he soft sells it a bit. Watch.

He does call John McCain and Lindsey Graham full of shit though, and that was delightful.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

TREASON! BETRAYAL! Colonel Jack Mohr Interview

Even the John Birch Society wanted to squelch him. Why? Because he named "Those who shall not be named..."

Grab some popcorn, a cold beer, and/or a box of Kleenex.

Watch now.

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Monday, February 06, 2017

A Federal Firearms Regulations White Paper (non-published)

Ronald Turk, Associate Deputy Director of BATFE (herein ATF) has non-published his white paper on Federal regulations of firearms. It was not intended for public distribution, but as things will go sometimes, here it is.

Mr. Turk makes some startling admissions and revelations in this paper.  I will discuss some of them here.

In the first paragraph (executive summary), he states that ATF can

"...promote commerce and defend the Second Amendment..."

Huh? ATF, defend the Second Amendment? Thats what he says.

His first point of discussion is about making it easier for people to get an FFL for dealing only at gun shows. He makes the point that ATF has long held that if you buy and sell guns at gun shows you are engaging in business and under the Gun Control Act, must have a License. At the same time, on ATF's FFL application, they ask this question: "Do you intend to do business only at gun shoes?" If you answer in the affirmative, ATF National Licensing Center will deny your application. Now he says,

" or no actual sales out the business’s front door should not be an issue."


"... ATF can start that process while immediately issuing a policy change to the above practice which would have no negative impact to public safety. In fact, it would encourage more sales and business through a licensee, including background checks on sales at gun show events, and likely increase public safety."

Again, I ask, "Huh"?

Is this the same ATF which, at the direction of the Clinton administration, pressured people into giving up their FFLs, among other reasons, because they were not selling enough guns and therefor didn't "need" an FFL? Or, pressured people to surrender their FFLs because they were being used primarily to enhance a personal collection at a reduced cost? They never pressured the Brady Campaign, of Washington D.C. to surrender their FFL when they never sold a single firearm and indeed, such a business would have been illegal in D.C. at the time. Now they want to encourage the much maligned "kitchen table dealer" to get an FFL? Now they say his activity will enhance actually public safety?

Say whah...?

In section 2 he talks about armor piercing ammunition and how ATF has been working with the firearms industry to come up with a way to approve of manufacture of what might be considered armor piercing RIFLE ammunition. 

You see, AP ammo is NOT illegal under federal law. Armor piercing HANDGUN AMMUNITION is illegal. In 1993, ATF, in all their wisdom and concern for public safety, declared that ALL 7.62x39 rifle ammunition which had a steel core was suddenly armor piercing handgun ammo and thus contraband. They did this as importers had millions of dollars worth of that very ammunition on the docks waiting for customs approval or in transit on the ocean. Why did they do that? The excuse they used was because Olympic Arms made a few prototype handguns based on the AR-15 design, which chambered the 7.62x39 cartridge. You see, such ammo was being imported from china for about ten cents per round. Producing such a unique firearm made perfect marketing sense. Despite the fact that federal law defined AP handgun ammo as cartridges designed to be fired from a handgun, thus narrowly defining them and eliminating rifle ammunition from such prohibition, ATF decided on their own that the Commie 7.62 was now a handgun cartridge. Cute huh?

Now, Turk says they have been working on a way to loosen up that interpretation, but, shucks by golly, the 5.56mm green tip exemption was part of the deal. Since there was such an uproar about the potential reclassification of green tip M855 as armor piercing handgun ammunition, the whole deal was off. No new rule was published. You think maybe they could have done a good thing with manufacturers while leaving the M855 green tip classification alone? Ya think? Nope, in traditional ATF fashion, they tried to pull a fast one, slicky boy style, hoping they would get away with it. There was too much blowback.

Turk says this should be revisited.

In section 3 he talks about the reimportation of military firearms which were exported to allies fifty or more years ago. Rifles such as the M1 Carbine and M1 Garand and handguns such as the M1911A1 have been sitting in warehouses in countries like Korea awaiting importation permits. The last effort was made while Madam Clinton was Secretary of State and was scuttled by that department. The Obama administration was hostile to reimportation of Curio and Relic firearms. Their argument was that weapons of war have no place on our "streets" and that since there was no proof that they would not be used in crimes, they shouldn't be reimported. How do you prove a negative? You can't. Gotcha. Turk now tells us that these firearms pose to threat to public safety and that importing them would facilitate collectors and other lawful users.

A Deputy Director of ATF saying this? Huh?

In section 4 he talks about clearing up section 922o of the law so that variances could more easily be granted to FFL/SOTs. thus facilitating their business in post 86 machine guns. What he doesn't say, and give his other positions I was hoping he would, is that the Hughes Amendment should be repealed. Basically, the NFA says you must register and pay a tax before you can legally own/possess a machine gun. In 1986, Congress passed the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act which made it impossible to register any new machine guns. There was now no way to comply with the law. Gotcha. 

Here is the link to the video of the voice vote on the Hughes Amendment.

If Mr. Turk has a new found admiration and respect for the Second Amendment and for lawful gun owners, why wouldn't he advocate for the repeal of the Hughes Amendment? Wishful thinking on my part? Definitely.

In section 5 he makes a very practical statement on devices such as the SigBrace. ATF has recently sent out a letter stating that simply putting the SigBrace against your shoulder is a "redisgn" of the firearm, thus making it a short barreled rifle, and requiring an NFA registration and $200 tax paid. Did you get that? It is current ATF policy that simply placing a handgun with a SigBrace against your shoulder is a "redesign", magically turning it into an NFA firearm.

Turk reasonably argues that this position should be reversed. Has reason suddenly found a home at ATF? Huh?

In section 6 Turk states that ATF's position on the definition of "Sporting Purposes" should be revisited given the modern and ubiquitous use of what we call MSR's. The AR-15 pattern rifle, once maligned and nearly banned into non-existance, has become the most common rifle in America. He wants to redefine "Sporting Purposes" because their definition of that term is twenty years old. A better thing to do would be to advise Congress to eliminate the "Sporting Purposes" clause from the Gun Control Act.

In section 7 he advocates for a searchable database of current and previous rulings, available to industry people and ATF personnel alike. This is LONG overdue. As it is, there is no database of rulings, so neither ATF personnel, or members of the regulated industries can be sure of any ruling at any given time.

In section 8, Turk addresses suppressors, or "silencers" as they are sometimes known. He advocates the removal of suppressors from the NFA. It is about fucking time someone in ATF said it. They are getting so popular and commonly used that dealing with all the form 1's and form 4's is increasing ATF's workload exponentially. ATF NFA branch is swamped. Getting a tax stamp approved takes 8 months now. All this for a muffler, a simple sound muffler. 

In recent years, ATF has held the position that any part of a suppressor was a suppressor. If you had nothing more than one K Baffle, or one "wipe", you could be prosecuted. See here and here. This is simply WRONG. A suppressor on the end of my rifle barrel is no more a firearm than the muffler on my truck is an automobile.

In section 9 Turk addresses the prohibition on FFLs selling guns outside of their own state. As it is now, an FFL may sell guns ONLY within the State in which he is licensed. Lets say a Licensed dealer  has a retail store in... Texarkana, Tx. He can sell guns on the Texas side of town, but if he crosses State Line Blvd. to attend a weekend gun show on the Arkansas side and takes some of his inventory with him, he can ONLY take orders and return home at the end of the show with his inventory. Hopefully, some of his customers will come see him across town on Monday. If he sells one gun on the Arkansas side of town, he is in violation of federal law and risks having his FFL revoked and being prosecuted. Turk advocates a revision to allow FFLs to sell guns interstate as long as the law in each state is complied with and all other federal laws, such as the Brady act are followed. Again, it is about time.

In section 10 he addresses Destructive Devices. Just about all his advocacy is toward making it easier for industry members to interact with the military and other industry members. 

In sections 11 and 12, he discusses ATF's famous Demand Letters. The most recent of which demanded that dealers in Southern Border States report multiple rifle sales to ATF National Tracing Center. He thinks it is a swell idea. he doesn't address the FACT that ATF's Fast and Furious gun smuggling program was the cause and the reason for the demand letters. He should be reminded of this by members of Congress if they should ever take up any of his recommendations.

In section 13 he addresses ATF's requirement that FFLs keep their records for at least twenty years. He says that some in ATF think that dealers should be required to keep records forever. The idea being that "time to crime" is sometimes longer than twenty years for crime guns. As it is, dealers keep tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of 4473s in boxes at their business location. I would argue that keeping records more than ten years old is not conducive to "reducing violent crime through enforcement of the gun control act".

In section 15 he addresses the need for a confirmed permanent Director. 

Could this be why he is advocating for all these changes? Perhaps he has his eye on the job? I don't know. It may be. 

I think Turk is to be congratulated on his foresight. It seems he realizes that the gun CONTROLLERS, have lost the argument. He might realize the new administration is not so friendly to the control agenda and program as the last administration was. He seems to see the writing on the wall after Heller and McDonald and understands that if ATF survives as an agency, its mission will be much streamlined from what it has historically been.

I would remind Mr. Turk, that it was his agency's doings at Ruby Ridge and Waco specifically, and the AWB during the Clinton administration, which caused the gun culture to blossom and mushroom. 

Are better days ahead for firearms enthusiasts? I believe so. I think some in ATF, in spite of themselves, can see it also.


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A Quick Short Story

I thought this was very clever. It could have been made into a long dramatic murder novel. But, brevity, they say, is the soul of wit.

Click the link below and read.

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Death And Taxes: Pay The Tax Or You're Dead

image found on Google

Go here and read a bit... if you want to know.

It is ALL fraud, all of it.

The FICTION "that because it was an excise tax, it was legal" (lawful) IS NOT TRUE. The power of the Federal Government is limited to its own property as stated in Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 17, and to "regulate Commerce with FOREIGN NATIONS, and among the "several" States, and with the Indian tribes;" as stated in Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3, 18 USC, Section 921, Definitions, states," The term 'interstate or foreign commerce' INCLUDES commerce between any place in a State and any place outside of that State, or within any POSSESSION of the United States ( not INCLUDING the Canal Zone) or the District of Columbia, but such term DOES NOT INCLUDE commerce between places within the same State, but through any place outside of that State. The term 'State' INCLUDES the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the possessions of the United States (not INCLUDING the Canal Zone)." Only EMPLOYEES of the federal government, RESIDENTS of the District of Columbia, RESIDENTS of naval bases RESIDENTS of forts, U.S. Citizens of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Territories, and insular possessions were lawfully required to file and pay the Victory Tax.

Remember, they are proud of themselves.

You Are Not The State, Therefor You Are A Danger To The State

The State says, the cops is always right. If it was the cops what dunnit, it was the right thing to do, because it was the cops what dunnit. Why? Because the cops is always right. The cops is tools of the State and YOU ain't the State. Who says so? The State! Now, bend over and spread'em!

image found on Google

The fourth circuit court of appeals has declared that since you have decided to carry a gun, you categorically are a danger to yourself and others.

Do you understand that? The Government is saying that the exercise of a secured right makes you a danger to the Government. All government agents can treat you as such at their whim.

The story comes from National Review online.

This quote from the concurring opinion shows the Court's mindset:

In sum, individuals who carry firearms — lawfully or unlawfully — pose a risk of danger to themselves, law enforcement officers, and the public at large.

So, you are not the State. The State is the State and you are a danger to the State. Who is the State? Those who wear badges and those who wear robes are the State and YOU are a danger to them.

Do you get it?

One more question, and you will pardon me for being, uh, logical...

Are armed Policemen a danger to the millions and millions of "the people" who are not the State? Should I view every encounter with a policeman as a situation where my life is in mortal danger? If so, I should be able to disarm a Policeman, any policeman, anytime I experience an adverse emotional state, and force him to prove to me he has the authority to go around in State costume and carry a gun, using the Court's definition, at a danger to himself and others.


I can hear the refrain now. "Why don't you just go ahead and submit and comply?"

Yeah, that is just what FREE MEN do.

I know there are some policemen who read this blog. So, policemen, you say that YOU don't think this way? You say that YOU don't necessarily agree with this mindset?

They why don't we hear your voice opposing this crap? Why don't we hear you individually and through your professional organizations? Why are't you shouting from the roof tops, slingin in spit and blowin snot bubbles, that YOU and your brethren oppose the encroaching Police State?

I hear... crickets.

No importa. Conocemos la respuesta. Si?

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German Manhood Rising. Bet On It.

In the wake of several years of immigrant crime waves and terrorist attacks, why are there not many German Vigilance parties about the streets of German cities? Why are German MEN not protecting their women and property?

Conditioning is the reason.

Because they know very well that the police will arrest and prosecute them if they attempt to defend their Family, Clan and Nation.

The Police, you know, those really good guys who just want to do the right thing? You know, those stand up guys who would never do such a nasty thing as to arrest a man for defending his Family and town? You know, those super-duper good guys who are worshiped because they have special dispensation from the ruling class to carry arms in defense of the State and against their neighbors?

"We can't have Vigilante Gangs roaming the streets!" you say?

Sure you can.  Who do you think these guys were?

I'll give you a hint:

Click on this link and read about the Guardian Angels.

Organizations such as this will be sprouting up all over Europe.

Thanks to mtnforge as posted on WRSA

The time is at hand when German Men will percieve juice to be worth the squeeze. German Policemen need to make a clear decision as to whom they serve. More surveilance cameras directed at german citizens will not stop jihadi terrorists, nor foreign born muslims generally, from behaving badly any more than severely restricting the natural right of free men to go about armed will stop criminals and highwaymen from plying their trade. TPTB believe they have German manhood neutered. I suspect that there is a good number who have retained their testicles and when the time is right, soon enough now, will exercise them.

Jimmy Carter Ineptitude or Enemy?

I was looking at THIS POST over at Western Rifle Shooters blog and was reminded of Jimmy Carter. For those who remember, Carter wanted to be his Generation's FDR, fire side chats and all.

In a world where there was a Soviet Union alive and well, and where there really was active communist subversion going on in nearly every country, and where most Americans believed that resisting Soviet expansion of influence was the right thing to do, Jimmy Carter was seen by most as inept.

Around 1980 there was an adaptation of James Clevell's Shogun novel into a TV mini series. It was mellow dramatic, but was entertaining none the less. At the same time, Jimmy Carter was showing his ineptitude on the world stage. In Nov. of 1979, in the wake of the Iranian Muslim revolution, the U.S. Embassy was taken over by a mob and fifty three Americans were held hostage for over a year. Carter ordered a rescue attempt which fail miserably in the desert of Iran in April of 1980, such was the sad capability of our Military at that time. In Dec. of 1979, the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan, murdering tens of thousands. Also in 1979, Communist insurgents fought a successful revolution in Nicaragua, installing a Soviet/Cuban sponsored regime and suppressing any non-communist dissent. It was successful because Jimmy Carter refused to provide support for the Government of Anastasio Somoza. This led directly to a decade long civil war in neighboring El Salvador. At every turn, Carter looked inept and impotent.

At the end of the week in which the Shogun mini series had run on TV, a political cartoon appeared in many of the nation's newspapers (yes, Virginia, there were newspapers in those days). I thought at the time that it perfectly illustrated Jimmy Carter.

Unlike many, looking back on it, I don't think Jimmy Carter was inept. I think he, like FDR, like Bath House Barry Obama, was on the other side.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

And Remember, He's An Officer.

"And remember, he’s an officer."

Says Uniformed Secret Service Officer, of a man into whom Miriam bumped. 

Miriam was murdered because she had the unmitigated gaul to make a wrong turn and attempt to turn around and leave.

The Story comes from Worldnet Daily. Read the whole thing.

Miriam, a mother of an infant, accidentally turned into a Whitehouse entrance, realized her mistake and attempted to leave. An off duty Uniformed Secret Service officer dragged a bike rack into her path attempting to stop her from correcting her mistake. She bumped into the bike rack, which then hit the officer previously mentioned.

From that point on it was an "Officer down!" situation. This is what warranted Miriam's execution in front her her infant daughter.

Money quotes:

"What would have happened if he’d never dragged that gate in front of her?
“Nothing. Nothing at all. Wherever she was going, that’s where she would’ve gone,” he said, adding, “If he didn’t pull that bike rack, I seriously believe that nothing would’ve happened that day at the White House.”


"WND asked why he thought the off-duty guard intervened in an incident that should have been routine.
“Just trying to be a hero. Get involved in something, you know, some guys are like that. Some guys just constantly want to be involved in something,” said Raheem."

"“When that info was relayed,” he continued, “I’m sure they didn’t say she hit a pedestrian. They would have said she hit that officer. Everyone on duty knows him.
“Now he’s on the ground. And remember, he’s an officer. They know him. He’s not just some guy off the street. An officer got hit.”"
Remember, folks. An officer's life is infinitely more valuable than yours. You don't need to harm an officer, you only need to be falsely accused of it, and you too may be summarily executed. You can't have your way with The Gang. The presumption is, and always will be, "If it was the cop what dunnit, then it was the right thing to do, because it was the cop what dunnit." Also, in any police encounter, YOU are always wrong and there is no way you can be right. That is why you are ALWAYS advised to just submit and comply. Yep, that is how Free Men behave. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

He Became A Good Communist!

Mass murderer dead, finally.

Just last night, Fidel Castro became a Good Communist. After fifty-seven years, Fidel Castro went from being a live breathing communist to a dead, decaying, rotting, stinking communist, making him a Good communist for the first time in his existence on this earth. The argument can be made that he was stinking of decay the whole time. I wouldn't disagree with that. But semantics aside, he finally had the decency to croak, bless his heart. As Christians we must pray for his soul. At the same time, we must not be shy of the idea that ultimate justice is served.

During is existence on the earth he did what communists do. He provided his people with what you would provide for your dog, food, shelter and obedience training. He also did what all communists do. He murdered thousands of Cuban people wholesale. To him, as with all communists, ANYONE who opposed the IDEA of communism was worthy of nothing but death, liquidation, elimination, murder, cleansing, etc... Use any euphemism you like. Murder is what communists do. Murder is what he and his brother Raul did. Murder is what Che Guevara did. Like scorpions, it is in their nature.

Good riddance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So, The Cop Has Been Charged

Remember this?

I said then that the killer would not be charged, and that his Gang would protect him.

It seems now that the killer has been charged.

Will he be convicted? If tried in the vicinity of where the killing occurred he will. If the venue is changed to grant him a jury of his own peers, then he may or may not.

But the lesson remains.

This is what I said before,

"One must understand the killer's mindset. In his mind, EVERYONE MUST grovel before members of The Gang. No subject should be armed in his presence. Anyone who is armed in his presence and who is NOT a member of The Gang, MUST intend to kill him. That is the way he his trained and indoctrinated. He believed he was right and just to commit murder because he experienced a moment of fear and confusion. The subject failed to grovel. The subject was confident. The subject was armed (even with permission from the State).

By trying to be honest and law abiding he alerted the killer to the fact that he believed himself to be a free man. The subject attempted to comply with the law as per the legal requirement under the conditions of his "permission to carry". He reached for his wallet, attempting to comply with the killer's demands for his permission to travel documents. As he was doing this, the killer attempted to processed the new "subject is armed" information through his pea brain. He gave a new command of "Don't reach for your wallet!". In the next half second, as the victim was in the process of withdrawing his wallet, he was also attempting to process the new and conflicting command "Don't reach for your wallet!" In the half second it took for the victim to process the conflicting command, the killer was experiencing an extreme adverse emotional state. He observed the victim doing something other than complying with his latest conflicting command. The victim was doing something other than groveling in fear. The killer interpreted this as an offensive act. The killer's training and indoctrination required him to engage."

Unless the killer is convicted, the lesson will continue to apply. ANYONE who is armed and doesn't grovel before a Tool of the State, will be considered a threat to the Tool's life. The Tool will act according to his Gang's indoctrination. If the killer is convicted, there may be a reassessment of current doctrine, at least in the Killer's department. One can hope that reasonable people on a jury will see the bald faced wrongness of this killing, and hold the killer responsible.

One can hope.

Friday, November 11, 2016

One Girl Smiling

Now I am curious. One girl smiles in a sea of Hillary anguish. All about her are losing their minds over the Wicked Witch's defeat, yet she displays a calm demeanor. She might even be described as content.

What does she know that the others are missing? Hmmm?

Hat tip to:

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Why Is There No Call For Impeachment From The Halls Of Congress?

Watch and be sickened. You may be past that point by now. If you are, congratulations, because you're on your way to being healed. If you are not, be sickened and hurt then get over it.


Now, why is there no call for impeachment? Because the vast majority of members of Congress are on the other side. Yes both parties (this is a misnomer, because there is only one coin with inverted sides). This is what they want. The end of your country has been planned for a long time. They are grifters. They are all working an angle. They are all crooks.

God have mercy on us!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

They Were On The Other Side All Along

What if the entire political order is an illusion? What if the political class don't give a damn what you think and intend to do what ever the hell they WANT to do?

This quote from the Z Man . com, succinctly says what I have been trying to explain to my family and associates for years. The Bushes, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and others you or I could name, do not have a genuine disagreement with the other side.

Why does America seem to be going insane?


The reason, I suspect, is the growing awareness that much of what we have taken for granted is, at the minimum, not what it appears to be. The open hostility of so-called conservatives toward the people they claim to represent, for example, has been quite an eye-opener for a lot of people. You don’t have to be a red-pilled conspiracy monger to think the whole conservative movement was just a money scam all along.
That also means the Republican Party was something other than a good faith attempt to counter the other party. When prominent leaders in the party appear to be backing the other party’s candidate, the system does look rigged. It’s not hard to imagine what these people are saying when the cameras and microphones are off. Throw in some leaked e-mails that seem to conform people’s worst fears and it is not surprising that the peasants are getting a bit paranoid about the ruling class.
You should go read the rest.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Fix Is In Or So It Seems

I saw the link to the piece to from

The fix is already in. The DOJ has now announced they will assist the FBI in the investigation the of Hillary/Huma/Wiener situation.

Do you know who this guy is?

Why, he's none other than Peter J. Kadzik. He is bestest buddies with John Podesta. John Podesta, of course, is Hillary's Chief of Staff.

Peter J. Kadzik is now going to lead the investigation on behalf of the DOJ.

Read the Zerohedge piece.

Being disgusted does one no good. Continue prepping.

Its all going down, man!

Was It Espionage?

What if the case against Human is actually an espionage case? What if THAT is why Huma was forwarding/emailing State Department business to herself at home and printing it off? What if that is why she violated Federal Law as it relates to the handling and secure storage of classified material? What if Hillary is implicated directly in facilitating spying against the United States? What if nobody in the Democrat Party and few in The Republican Party cares about it? What if President Obama, Obama's Attorney General, the Director of the FBI, and the director's underlings, all collude to cover up this crimes?

This Is How It Is Done. It Is Being Done Now.

Watch and Learn. The program is so simple. You just tell it what percentage you want the vote to be. It will skew the count. How do we know? The raw vote count comes out in fractions (decimal points in this case). The raw vote count CANNOT tally in fractions of a vote! Get it? The percentage of margin is decided in advance. Then the count is arrived at to match the predetermined percentage. The raw vote count is simply rounded off.

Older technology,


Do you get it folks? This is how it is done. This is being done to you NOW. Do you think the powers that be give half a fuck about you, or what you want, or how you vote? It has all be decided for you in advance, on your behalf, and in your name.

"But, but, but...", you protest, "this is fraud!"

Yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This Is Just Too Funny

I howled. There is a whole slew of them on Youtube.

Don't drink anything while you watch!

Sunday, October 09, 2016


I enjoyed this moment. Trump nailed the evil bitch.

Watch Hillary's reaction, that is what makes it priceless.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Monday, October 03, 2016