Sunday, July 24, 2016

...And He's A Member Of The SWAT Team!

North Miami's Finest!

Here comes some new information. It seems Officer Aledda, who shot the unarmed man who had his hands in the air, while aiming for the other subject, is/was a member of the double select and double anointed SWAT unit in his department. Watch the video on the linked page.

Money quote from the piece:

"North Miami Police Officer Jonathon Aledda was identified today as the officer involved in the shooting of an unarmed man earlier this week.

Jeff Cazeau, North Miami City Attorney, said the release of the officer's name was delayed due to safety concerns, but added that he is safe now."
Whew! That is a relief! I'm so happy that the department has secured the SAFETY from the public, of  the policeman who shot an unarmed and submissive/supine citizen. Hell, a trigger happy cop's life could be in danger from righteous retribution. We can't have that! No, it is much more important to safeguard the lives of Law Imposement personnel first. I mean, everyone knows, the lives of cops are infinitely more valuable than the lives of mere mortals. The Vast Majority agrees!
another quote,
"Another officer who was at the scene, but did not shoot, was Commander Emile Holland. Holland was put on administrative leave without pay, officials said, noting there was evidence that Holland tried to fabricate the police report."
NO! I just don't wanna believe that...

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