Sunday, December 30, 2012

Karl Denninger Does it Again

This piece from Karl gets right to the point.

Money quote:

"But here is in fact the punchline, and the reason that Feinstein and others want to ban or otherwise restrict guns in any way, shape or form, no matter what they claim in public.
It is the true reason that all the gun-banners, including Obama, Biden, Bloomberg and the rest lie and obfuscate in an attempt to whip you into a frenzy:

If you are a government actor intent on violence against the citizens of this nation then it is clear from the evidence that you are and will be deterred by the presence of heavily-armed citizens so long as they continue to be present in America, even though they never fire a single shot at anyone, exactly as happens in the private sector between law-abiding citizens and criminals every single day -- more than a million times a year.

Heavily-armed citizens can only be persuaded through the use of reason, not force, and the more-heavily armed they are the greater the differential between aggressor and victim is that is neutralized."

Tyrants simply do not care about principles. They care about wielding power over every other person in existence. They care about control.

It is that simple.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Isn't It Illegal for Felons to Possess Guns?

We have been hearing about this incident in the news.

According to,

 William Spengler mugshot (credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Department)

A man, who was a known violent offender, and a convicted murderer, decided to kill his sister and then leave a note saying he wanted to burn the neighborhood down and go out doing what he loved to do best... killing people.

The cbslocal piece makes a point to tell us that the rifle he used a Bushmaster 223 rifle, you know, the same one used by the Sandy Hook killer.

Jeppers, I wonder if he registered his guns in accordance with the Gun Control laws in place. I wonder if he has a "permit" for the pistol he possessed.

Isn't it illegal for Felons to possess firearms at all? Shouldn't felons be made to register all of their guns just like the law abiding?

This just can't happen in New York, where they have some very rigid gun control laws under which all the law abiding must suffer.

You mean he was a criminal who didn't obey the Law?

Monday, December 24, 2012

I Almost Feel Sorry For Them.

They have no idea how badly they are making things for themselves. They are making civil war inevitable. 

Kurt Hoffman reports that Dianne Feinstein  wants to bring every weapon she calls an "assault weapon" under the National Firearms Act.

Per Kurt: 

"She explains that all existing "assault weapons" would be--just as machine guns are currently--put under National Firearms Act (NFA) regulation, with all the legal hoops such regulation entails.

The guns would be registered (presumably, like machine guns, subject to periodic inspections by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives); owners would be subject to invasive background checks, presumably fingerprinting, etc. She did not mention the $200 tax stamp for every transfer (and would that also apply to magazines--each magazine?), but if they are to be regulated "like machine guns," that would be part of it. And ownership of the gun would apparently be contingent on a local judge or chief law enforcement officer approving that ownership--with the official in question not required to provide that approval, or even a reason for disapproval.
Failure to meet any of these requirements would be grounds for confiscation."

I agree completely with Kurt's final analysis, 

"Even without confiscation, Feinstein's bill is a new "Intolerable Act," and a direct violation of her oath of office. With it, it's an act of war against the American people. That is a war that she and her allies will lose."

 They have no idea how badly they are stepping in it. I almost feel sorry for them. Feeling sympathy would be rational if they were not in their right minds. But they are. 

They want you disarmed. They do not care what they have to do to get there. They do not care how many lies they have to tell or what propaganda they have to publish. They do not care that the Constitution prohibits, explicitly, the very thing they pursue. They just want you disarmed. They want to wield power over you. If you are disarmed, they have the ability to control your life and destiny and you have no recourse. 

They do not see the backlash they are setting up. They have no idea of the blow-back they will receive. They believe their minions will do exactly as they are instructed, and at first, most will. Those poor bastards. Very soon after the fact, no one will be willing to enforce those Intolerable Acts.

On the bright side, now is the time to rid ourselves of the National Firearms Act. That Act was only tested in the Supreme court once. In the case known as U.S. v. Miller, the Court said (paraphrasing here)...

"No one here has shown us how a Short Barreled Shotgun is a Militia grade weapon, therefor we cannot say the Constitution protects the right to own such a weapon."

If the NFA is challenged on it's face, the registration of machine guns, silencers and SBRs and SBSs will fail to pass constitutional scrutiny. 

Feinstein and company have no idea how precarious is their reliance on the NFA. They have no idea that when their ban on "assault weapons" is challenged directly, in light of Heller, it will crumple like rice paper. Even if the Court, in its post Obamacare madness, upholds a ban, enforcement of it will be impossible. Civil war would ensue. 

Do they really want to risk this? 

Yes, they do. Those poor stupid bastards.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Good'n From Market Ticker

Go to and read this piece by Karl Denninger on killing.

I like this part...

"But we have intentionally removed from our consciousness all of the ugly that inherently comes with killing.  And at the same time we have removed our understanding and respect for the fierce desire of that which is alive to remain alive.

We are now so depraved that we have calls in the media and political offices to cower in the corner and die when under lethal assault rather than assert our right to life and do whatever we're able, with whatever tools we can muster, to stop that assault.  We nod our heads instead of erecting the middle finger at all who suggest such rabid stupidity.

We talk about "gun control" as if that will stop killing.  It will not.  It will simply allow more killing to take place. Consider that if deer knew how to use rifles we would probably not hunt them.  They know their piece of forest better than we do.  We go into the forest for a few weeks to scout and then to shoot.  They live there all year.  Who's going to ambush who if they had rifles as well?


"And sickos would not hunt us if they believed we were armed -- whether we actually are or not."

Well done, Sir!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Police State? We Must Decide Now!

How is it to be folks? Norman Rockwell's America, where Officer Friendly is there to help? Shall Officer Friendly be seen as trusted and respectable? Will he be seen as the kind of man who is there to assist and help people? Will he be an expression of the best in the peaceful community he serves?

Or, shall it be as the trend is going?

Like this,

And like this,

And like this,

I often hear policemen refer to themselves as "Sheepdogs" You guys like that label, don't you? You think it sounds respectable and honorable. It is arrogant and condescending. I will tell you why. A sheepdog's primary function is to herd sheep. Do you like that idea as it applies to you? Do you like the idea of barking and snarling and forcing the herd to move in the direction the Master wants it to go?

Do you realize, that you are saying that not only do (free) people have a master, but that you do as well? You are labeling yourself a tool in the Master's arsenal of control.

You think it is just lovely to herd sheep? To where, one might ask? Why of course, to be sheered and ultimately, slaughtered.

Are you a servant of the people, or are you a tool? The time is now to make your choice. Don't worry, it will be obvious where you stand.

Americans, Stand the Hell Up!

I have the following to say. I will not disarm. Any attempt at confiscation will be met with Jim Bowie's reply. Congress may pass a new draconian law designed to remove practical weapons from the citizenry, but I, for one, will not comply.

The time is now, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, to draw the line and say no more. This is the end game. Any act of Congress attempting to make my firearms and magazines illegal to possess or non-transferable, will be flagrantly disregarded.

Law officers and Federal Agents you are hereby put on notice, that if you attempt to enforce any such new law, you are in violation of your oath of office, you will have perjured yourselves before God and the People. If you are acting outside your sworn office, you have no authority! Do you understand that? If you will stand against the Constitution and the American People and their natural rights, you are not worth a bucket of cold piss!

County Sheriffs, if you will not interpose on behalf of the good people who elected you, you are not worthy of your office. If you assist Federal Officers in enforcing an unconstitutional gun ban, you SHOULD be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Rank and file Policemen and Sheriff's deputies, If you will blindly follow unconstitutional orders and willfully impose such unconstitutional laws on the public, you will show yourselves  enemies of the of the people you supposedly serve. You oppose such bans, you say? Then say so! Say it loudly and publicly! Say it individually and through your professional organizations! Thus far the silence from your ranks has been deafening.

The only thing which will stop this, is an absolutist posture. All gun owners MUST stand up and stand together! The firearms industry must stand together and speak with one voice. Lobbying groups MUST make it clear to Congress that a gun and/or magazine ban will be considered an Intolerable Act.

We will not be able to guilt our congressmen into acting constitutionally. We will NOT be able to convince them of the logic of our argument. The Political Class in our country is as corrupt and self serving as any in the worst third world toilet. The ONLY thing they care about about is their position and power. They must be put on notice: the best thing that can happen to them is the loss of their office.

How shall it be, folks?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keppers says NO!

Here is Stuart Rhodes' declaration

"My conscience, and the urgency of our current situation, compel me to speak out. The victim disarmament freaks are now telling us that they don’t want to disarm us- oh, no! They just want to take away our “assault weapons” – our semi-automatic, magazine fed, military-style rifles – and the “high capacity” magazines that feed them. They want us to believe that so long as we can own some kind of firearm, after our semi-auto military rifles are taken, we are not disarmed. That is a LIE.
The truth is that our semi-automatic, military pattern rifles are the single most important kind of arm we can own, and are utterly necessary for effective defense of our lives, property, and liberty. When you are disarmed of your military rifles, you are DISARMED. At that time, the lion’s share of your military capacity to effectively resist tyranny is removed (yes, accurate bolt action hunting rifles are useful in that role too, but the semi-auto battle rifle is truly the Queen of battle, as Col. Jeff Cooper correctly noted). It is a significant force on the battlefield, and as Patrick Henry said, when you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
It is the height of Orwellian perversion of language and logic to say that disarming you of the most effective arms for combat that you still have is somehow not really disarming you, because you still have hunting rifles and shotguns. And you can bet that if you let them take your military semi-autos, next on their list will be your bolt action rifles, which they will call “sniper rifles” (and by God, that is certainly what they are good for!). And then when they have those, they will go after any weapon that holds more than a few rounds, or is capable of any degree of long range accuracy and penetrating power, telling you that you really don’t need one of those to hunt or target practice (a shotgun will suffice), and then they will take everything except single shot shotguns or .22’s (as was done in England) and on down the line. So long as you have at least a .22, they will say you are not “disarmed” while they take everything else (and then they will take the .22s, or insist that you keep them at a gun-range).
We need to call a spade a spade and teach our fellow citizens that taking away military style semi-autos is disarmament. And we need to throw down the gauntlet and take a hard stand against it, right now. When we, as Oath Keepers, pledged to not obey any orders to disarm the American people, this is what we meant. Any attempt to disarm the people of any arms currently in their possession is illegitimate and must be nullified, refused, disobeyed, and resisted."

Well said, Stuart. I pray that there are more of us who are willing to say the same.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It Wasn't Guns, It Wasn't Asperger Syndrome...

Folks, David Codrea of War On Guns has linked to this piece at Market-Ticker

They link to this piece at New York Magazine.

It appears this young man, Adam Lanza was a schizophrenic who was on a new drug known by various names such as, Iloperidone, Fanapt, Fanapta and Zomaril. Psychotics many times act violently. Sometimes the drugs used to treat them make their condition worse. According to various sources, His Mother had been telling people "I'm losing him..." in the weeks before the shooting.

From the Market-Ticker piece,

"Many people may have missed this, and in fact I did until someone on the forum brought over the quote itself.  That drug is a relatively new one and in fact was the subject of a non-approvable letter originally.
The name caught my eye because I loosely follow biotech companies and remembered it from the denial back in 2008.  The FDA wanted another study and more safety data.  The company repackaged and resubmitted the previous study instead, which was a "Hail Mary" pass that almost-never succeeds.  In this case it did and the company's stock skyrocketed."


"If this is real then we deserve to have this fact out in the open, in public, right damned now and all political activity associated with alleged "remedies" must stop until this allegation is fully vetted and either proved up or disproved, in public. 
If this is true there is no gun law that would have stopped this event; if he could not have gotten a gun he would have used a gallon of gasoline, a home-made bomb, a knife, something, anything.  We know he was willing to kill his own mother to acquire the weapons -- he would have killed a cop, a random person on the street, or a store clerk.
If this allegation is true this mass-murder was not about guns at all.
The point here, folks, is that there is simply no way to remove from society all of the tools and things that someone can use to commit murder, even mass-murder, if they have voices in their head telling them to kill people."

Go read the links.

YOU MUST read it all. Then call your local radio shows and television stations. Call your Congressmen and Senators.

ATF's Fast and Furious - Kill and Kill and Kill

CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson has recently filed a story you can read at CBS DC .

The meat of it is this, another Fast and Furious weapon has been confirmed as one used to murder a young lady named Maria Susana Flores Gamez. It was purchased and smuggled to Mexico by a Strawman buyer named Uriel Patino. He did so as ATF agents watched him, and tracked his movements.

Weapons smuggled to the narcotics gangs under the protection of ATF's Fast and Furious program have been used to murder hundreds of innocent people in Mexico, if not thousands. All the while this protected facilitated smuggling was going on, the Obama administration and their lap dogs in the press were telling the American people that their rights were at fault and to blame for violence in Mexico.

Folks, ATF really did this. The FBI really did facilitate the purchase of firearms by known felons, by illegally allowing them to pass the NICS background check. The Department of Justice really did facilitate this program and executives high in the chain of command including the Attorney General himself were fully aware of what was going on. No one under the Justice Department umbrella has been or ever will be prosecuted for this mountain of crimes.

Yet, the Obama admministration, the Justice Department, and members of Congress are saying that YOUR rights are at fault. They are saying that YOU must suffer greater burdensome restrictions on your freedom.

Folks, do you see a pattern here? Do you see a trend here?Do you understand that when they do the blood dance they are not praying for your safety?

Those who would disarm you seek ONLY to have power over you. If you disarm, you are at the mercy of, and subject to the whims of, he who is armed.

This is what you want?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

If We Disarm

The "President" just said, "We can't tolerate this anymore. We must change."

I agree!

Ladies and gentlemen, YOU are responsible for your own safety and security! You and you alone can preserve your life and the lives of your dependents! Get personal weaponry and carry the single most effective tool available to you to for the prevention of violence against you or your loved ones. That tool is a major caliber handgun.

We have the right to arms because we are free men. That right is as inherent to us as drawing breath. Self preservation is the first law of nature.

Go read Jeff Snyder's piece called A Nation of Cowards which was published in 1993. It is even more prescient today.

Those who would disarm you only want to control or kill you. They do not care about you. They are not concerned for your safety. They are concerned only with controlling you.

I say again. Pay attention this time. If someone wants YOU disarmed, he desires to have power over you.

Government is not Benevolent Daddy! Government is FORCE. Governments cannot keep you safe. Governments can only exert force to control you, or threatened by your righteous anger, leave you the hell alone.

If, we as Americans decide to give up our birthright and become submissive, we will get the government we deserve. If we decide to allow bullies and thugs to rule over us because we have abdicated the rule of ourselves, we will receive our just reward.

When governments have a monopoly on the use of force, they use it generously.

In Armenia the Turks thought it a good idea...

In Poland, the Soviet Communists thought so too

In Korea, the South Korean Army with the aid of the United States did this,

In Uganda...

In every country in Eurpoe occupied by (National) Socialists

In Cambodia...

In  Rwanda...

In Sri Lanka...

In the Ukraine...

State Police in the Soviet Union, the NKVD, thought it a good idea too...

And in our own country, where "It could never happen here...", eighty people were murdered and we sucked our thumb...

And last but not least, I want to show you what your government looks like when he shows you his true intent. This is your Benevolent Daddy, to whom you bend your knee, from whom you beg mercy and goodness, to whom you look to "keep you safe", and from whom you expect "benefits" such as socialist security and medicare...

This is what you WANT?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza did what?

A news piece from New York says, in part, the following:

"Meanwhile, police told Aiello they were looking at the strong likelihood that the gunman gained entrance to the school by shooting out a window right next to the front door."

Jeepers! You don't say! You mean to tell me, the bad man, intent on murder, used force to gain entrance to a restricted access area? You mean he didn't obey the Gun Free School Zones Act?

"Thus, he would have been able to get around the new security system that was put in place earlier this year,"

You mean to tell me he was able to simply get around the news security system, paying it no mind? No, say it ain't so!

"...which includes a remote control lock and intercom with a video buzzer system to let visitors in."

Well, we put those in to make ourselves FEEL better don't we? How do we FEEL now? Shall we begin thinking, or continue emoting?

"Vance would only say Saturday morning that Lanza was not voluntarily let into the school, and forced his way in."

Eureka! I think I get it now! The bad man used force to get around the security measures in place so that he could commit murder! He did it because he was intent on murder! He didn't obey any of the gun control laws! He didn't comply with limited access! He murdered people because he wanted to murder people! So he murdered people until he was finished murdering people and then he murdered himself!

If only the people in these United States didn't enjoy so much freedom, maybe murderers, intent on murder, would behave nicely. Yeah, and for Christmas I want a unicorn that poops skittles!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Let us be Vigilant

Today, a miscreant went into a school and killed twenty children.

A headline from Yahoo

This school was designated a "gun free zone". This school had restricted access. This school had lock-down procedures. The murderer went in and killed children anyway. He didn't obey the law. He paid no attention to the "No Guns Allowed" signs. He disregarded the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act. He knew there was a target rich environment full of innocent people who could not, BY LAW, defend themselves. Therefor he knew his bloody and murderous mission would be a success.

Now the panty wad class is screeching, "What is to be done"? I will tell you what will be done. There will be NOTHING done to prevent bad people from behaving badly. There will be extraordinary steps taken to create more victim disarmament zones and more target rich environments for murderers. There will be great progress made toward restricting what is left of your "right" to keep and bear arms.

Enemies of freedom began doing the Blood Dance before the shooting stopped.

Leftists in Congress will now propose, and get on the bandwagon for, a new "Assault Weapons Ban". They will permanently ban certain semi-auto firearms, and ban the possession of standard capacity ammunition magazines. Will this stop the next drugged up, miscreant, murderous, Manchurian candidate from doing evil deeds? Why, no! It will not. But it will make the panty wad class feel better, at least for a short time. Nothing will be done to stop the genuine bad guys. Everything will be done to restrict YOUR RIGHTS.

You think the "Republicans" will stop it? You think they "Conservatives" will stop it? Watch how fast your Congressman and Senators go quiet as this round of Anti Second Amendment, anti-liberty, anti-rights, legislation is brought forward. Many will turn coat publicly as they did in 1993 and 1994. Many will try to hide their votes and some who could stop it will simply not do so. They will show their true colors as Statists  and power mongers.

You want a solution? Ok then.

Here are my suggestions. Government is not your daddy! Government cannot make you safe. Government can only restrict your freedom. Government goons do not want to help people, they want to wield power over them. Stop looking to Government and thinking Daddy will save you. He will, conversely, given the opportunity, kill you.


Want another suggestion? Arm yourself! Get standard weaponry and become proficient with their use. Get an AR-15 type rifle and as many standard capacity magazines as you can find. Get a Glock pistol and as many standard capacity magazines as you can lay your hands on. Practice. Practice! PRACTICE!

The Panty Wadders are now howling, "But I don't feel like more guns is the answer!" Re-read the first three paragraphs. Then re-read where I just told you, "Government is not your daddy! Government cannot make you safe." You are the only one responsible for your safety and security. You and you alone MUST provide for your own defense, or else live as a slave. Make up your mind.

My next suggestion is, stop sending your children to government indoctrination centers. They were not established for the purpose of education. They are forced indoctrination camps designed to turn out good little serfs who have no clue how to exercise the freedom which is their birthright! John Dewey, the Godfather of modern public "education", said the following,

"I believe that the only true education comes through the stimulation of the child's powers by the demands of the social situations in which he finds himself. Through these demands he is stimulated to act as a member of a unity, to emerge from his original narrowness of action and feeling and to conceive of himself from the standpoint of the welfare of the group to which he belongs."

Translation, form the child into a mind-numbed part of the collective. 

And, he said, 

"I believe that this educational process has two sides - one psychological and one sociological..."

Translation, it is not the purpose of "education" to instruct, but to socialize. We will not give the child the tools he needs to succeed on his own in the real world, but force him to behave in the manner we wish him to behave in the new world we are creating.

Read John Dewey's sickening Pedagogic Creed here .

My next suggestion is this, if you want to ban something, ban all SSRI drugs. Each of these events has this class of drugs in common. 
citalopram (Celexa, Cipramil, Cipram, Dalsan, Recital, Emocal, Sepram, Seropram, Citox, Cital) 
dapoxetine (Priligy) 
escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex, Seroplex, Esertia) 
fluoxetine (Depex, Prozac, Fontex, Seromex, Seronil, Sarafem, Ladose, Motivest, Flutop, Fluctin (EUR), Fluox (NZ), Depress (UZB), Lovan (AUS), Prodep (IND)) 
fluvoxamine (Luvox, Fevarin, Faverin, Dumyrox, Favoxil, Movox, Floxyfral)
indalpine (Upstene) (discontinued) 
paroxetine (Paxil, Seroxat, Sereupin, Aropax, Deroxat, Divarius, Rexetin, Xetanor, Paroxat, Loxamine, Deparoc) 
sertraline (Zoloft, Lustral, Serlain, Asentra)
zimelidine (Zelmid, Normud) (discontinued)

Finally, and I know I am howling at the moon here, but I am also holding out hope that there is an Oath Keeping remnant left among those in the Law Imposement profession, you Policemen must honor your oath and support and defend the Constitution... even against domestic enemies! When the Police Chief, or the City Councilman or the Mayor, or the Governor, or the President, makes the next proposal to nullify the rights of the free people of these United States, Stand up and say "NO!" Say "NO! You do not speak for me. You do not speak for us! We stand with the free people of our community and our State. We will not trample the rights of the citizenry, no matter what excuse you use, nor how rich the enticement!" Policemen, if you are not willing to do that, then you have defined yourself as an enemy of the people you supposedly serve.

I will also echo what Kent said, but I cannot say it any better:

"Put innocent people in a place where the good guys are forbidden to have guns.  Make sure escape is made difficult- a bottleneck is good, especially if there are doors that can be locked in a "lock-down" so that no one can get out of harm's way.  Propose some new anti-gun "laws".  Activate the shooter.  Then scream that people who didn't kill or harm anyone must be punished for the acts of a bad guy who broke every law in existence in order to carry out his act.
A person who has no compunction about murdering children will NOT obey your newest anti-gun "law".  And neither will anyone else who sees that you are handing society over to the murderers a little more with every new anti-liberty "law" you parasites propose, pass, and enforce.  It is past time to say "Enough!  Not one more inch!"

We will shortly see if any Americans have any testicular fortitude left.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Election

The American people have spoken. They have elected a Communist to the Presidency again.

The Parasite class is now the majority in, what was once, our country.

The Parasites rule over the Productive because they outnumber them.

The only Principle (in politics) which matters now is, "I wants my free shit!"

The Constitution is formally a dead letter. We now exist in s pure Socialist Democracy. President (sic) Obama says the best is yet to come. He means it.

The Free Shit Army (FSA), has had tenuous in control for the past four years and will now solidify that control.

The House of Representatives belongs to the Mensheviks, while the Senate belongs firmly to the Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks will continue to helplessly whimper "Me too, but but but..." as the Bolsheviks continue their program. The Mensheviks have conceded the argument long ago by endorsing the notion of Socialist Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all the other New Deal and Great Society golems.

The mask will now be off. The Parasites had their way in the President's first two years in office. They showed their true Socialist face and they pursued their agenda remorselessly. Onward to progress! (we won't call it Socialism for now).

They got their arses handed to him in the mid-term Congressional elections in 2010. They were surprised but undaunted. Undaunted because, to them, this is a religious thing. Socialism is their Religion and Government is their God.

The President admonished the Parasites that "Voting is the best revenge!" He meant it.  (from Teresamerica) There is a saying ironically coined by Maya Angelou: “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

They will now pursue their agenda with renewed vigor.

The Parasites will demand that the Productive be "reasonable", "bi-partisan", and "compromise". The compromise has already happened, folks. The compromise was in Principle, the rest is a matter of degrees.

A piece in The American Spectator by Robert Stacy McCain says it well,

"Even before the unmitigated political disaster of November 6, 2012, a date that will live in infamy, the prospects of salvaging the United States were not particularly hopeful. Now, however, we are permanently and irretrievably screwed."


"At the moment, I am convinced America is doomed beyond all hope of redemption, and any talk of the future fills me with dread and horror."


Get your hardware in order. Load your magazines. Get your first aid and trauma medicine supplies now. Store-able foods, water purification, and sanitation supplies will be invaluable. Do some PT. Link with like minded neighbors. Plan ahead and then plan for contingencies. (PACE)

The Parasites now have a firm grip on the throat of the Productive in this country. They will not relinquish it voluntarily.

Monday, October 22, 2012

God Bless this Young Lady!

Kendra St. Clair shot a burglar. She got her mom's gun and hid the best place she knew. When the miscreant got too close she shot him! Good for her!

Now for the money quote.

 "When I had the gun, I didn't think I was actually going to have to shoot somebody," the 6th grader recalled. "I think it's going to change me a whole lot, knowing that I can hold my head up high and nothing can hurt me anymore."

Exactly, my dear! That lesson applies to every free human being.

The link is to ABC news. Link to Story

Good for you, Kendra!

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Lizard Farmer Nails it.

Go read this piece from The Lizard Farmer. Go now and read it in it's entirety.

Here is the money quote,

"That brings me to another point that you have sorely overlooked.  You see Jim some people spend the majority of their adult life in the military.  Some get out after a few years.  Some spend their entire careers training and honing the skills to fight and have actual experience that has honed those skills.  That population includes not only regular troops but special operations veterans as well.  A conservative estimate would be there’s thousands that still take their oaths seriously – and among them is a large percentage of experts capable of training an insurgency unlike anything ever seen on the planet.  Bring all of the technology you want – helos, armor, drones, it doesn’t matter.  Guys like me are all over the population and have the skills and experience to interdict those systems.  Are we the threat?  Nope – the people we’re going to train would be.  You can scream “That’s illegal!” and yeah it is.  But you would have already made us all criminals by implementing an unconstitutional law.  Some men (and women) so strongly believe in freedom and liberty that they will resist.  And given that the atrocities you would have to execute to reach the goal of complete disarmament would make those numbers consistently grow.  It’s all Insurgency 101."

The matter is stated clearly and in a concise manner. Anyone on the other side, suggesting the wrong course of action, would do well to read this first.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feinstein Wants to Ban Assualt Weapons...

This is what she says,

“Weapons of war don’t belong on the streets,” she said Sunday. “These are weapons that you’re only going to be using to kill people in close combat,” she told Fox News Sunday.  That is according to

So, She opposes this... right? This indicates that these men WANT and INTEND to kill people in close combat. Right?
This keeps her awake at night, pissing her bed. Right?

This is the most terrifying thing imaginable... Right?

When she sees this, she thinks, "My god! A mad man with a gun! He wants to kill me!"

In truth, this is what she SHOULD remember about mad men with guns...

And this,

And this,

But, wait, what is this?

Why is she not screeching, howling, mad with terror?

Because, dear reader, she isn't opposed to gun ownership. She is opposed to YOUR gun ownership.

I saw a Lexus advertisement on TV this morning. The tag line was,

"Because control is the ultimate expression of power."


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another False Flag Event? You Betcha!

I think so.

First, this attack happened early on a Friday morning, so as to drive the news cycle ALL weekend.

This link is from, via,

Hit the link and watch the video. Money quote as follows:

"As I was sitting down to get my seat, I noticed that a person came up to the front row, the front right, sat down, and as credits were going, it looked like he got a phone call. He went out toward the emergency exit doorway, which I thought was unusual to take a phone call. And it seemed like he probably pried it open, or probably did not let it latch all the way. As soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and threw a gas can into the audience, and it went off, and then there were gunshots that took place."

So, our shooter received a phone call telling him it was time. Then he goes outside, making sure his way back in is unblocked, returns decked out in body armor and weapons and begins his murderous task.

No this is not far fetched. Yes I do believe this is what happened.

Next we have ABC news with George Stephanopolous and Brian Ross, immediately suggesting it was a Tea Party member. Never mind that they can retract it later. They'll just sheepishly smile and say "We're sorry, we jumped the gun..." At the same time, we had  Fox News Correspondent, Trace Gallagher, saying over and over again that the shooter, James Holmes, didn't have a concealed weapons permit, nor did he even have a hunting license. (I mean really, if a person isn't going hunting, nor does he have a permission slip from the State, then what business does he have possessing weapons at all?)

Next we have this lovely piece of journalism from ABC. This was all prepped and ready to go before the shooting in Aurora.

Link via

Go and watch the video. All you really need to hear is the first few seconds, "We start with what could be called, Vigilante Video..." It could also be called, successful self defense video, or righteous self preservation video. But that wouldn't fit the intended narrative, would it? Note also the "expert opinion", paraphrasing here, "You shouldn't defend your life! You absolutely shouldn't, self preservation is suicide!" Orwellian doesn't even reach the mark.

Then we have the Chief of Aurora Police, Daniel Oates, formerly of the NYPD, that gleaming jewel of Second Amendment support, telling us all that the shooter had four guns, all of which he obtained legally (I mean legally! Really!), and literally buckets, thousands of rounds of ammunition. I mean really! Why would anyone NEED buckets of ammunition? (Prove to me your need, and maybe I'll permit you...) He also had a one hundred round drum magazine for the "assault rifle"! (A 100 rd. drum? Now that is just the last straw! 100 rd. drum magazines cause people to behave badly!) Note also how Chief Oates refers to the AR-15 rifle, the single most common rifle in America today (such was the 1873 Winchester in it's time), as an "assault rifle". If Chief Oates, or one of his officers, has thew same rifle it is then magically transformed into a "patrol rifle".

Then we have the Mighty Kenyan, ready and willing to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty, just in time to save us from Manchurian Shooters like Mr. Holmes.

Most importantly, the movie theater in which the Manchurian Shooter carried out his assignment, was, by policy, a victim disarmament zone. It was, by policy, a target rich environment. See David Codrea's blog at,

Note that not one pundit in the MSM, nor one single politician, has publicly said, "You know, if only a handful of those good and innocent people in the movie audience, or even one or two, or even ONE, would have had a sidearm with him, the shooter might have been put down before he did so much damage."

Finally, if you have not seen the original Manchurian Candidate, from 1962, get a copy now and watch it. Then watch it again. Yes, that really is how it works.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grow a Set of Nuts!

On David Codrea's War On Guns blog, I saw this piece a couple of days ago.

Then, this morning, I saw his latest post on the same issue.

It seems that now, someone is offering a bounty to ATF employees. The reward is for doing what is right and coming forward with information on corruption within the agency, specifically about Fast and Furious. Imagine that! Citizens are now offering a bribe to federal agents to entice them to do what is right!

David links to these three Examiner pieces on whistle blowers and retaliation.

I have this to say to potential whistle blowers,

Grow a set of NUTS and do what is right anyway! THAT is the definition of Courage! You went to work for an agency which has an unconstitutional agenda and function. You did that deliberately and voluntarily.

Now you feign surprise that the agency for which you work is involved in a subversive activity so profoundly corrupt, that is boggles the mind.

Go ahead and say it. You didn't know that ATF has, and always has had, an anti-constitutional, anti-rights, agenda. The depravity to which your political masters will sink is bottomless. They want the American People disarmed. Is that debatable anymore? You work for them in this agency. You do their bidding deliberately.

There is an old saying I recall which says, "You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas." In other words, be careful who you get in bed with.

I have said this before and I will say it again now. You want to be good guys, as opposed to just wearing the mask? Quit! Swear to yourselves, each other, and the American People that you will from now on, work to support and defend the Constitution, even against Domestic Enemies, and mean it this time! Join Oath Keepers!

Get a real job in the real economy. Better yet, you are smart guys with degrees in something or another, start a business! Contribute to the economy in a fruitful way.

There is redemption, but you must seek it. No one said it was easy.

Friday, July 13, 2012


The parasite knows what "I need you!" means. He then inverts, in a logical fallacy, the concept to, "you need me!"

The parasite "needs" the host. He must have the host off of which he can suck or he cannot exist. The thought of not having a host sends shocks of terror though him.

So, he screams, "I want to live! You want to live! See? We're all in this together! We have the same values!"

The value of life to the parasite may be summed up as, "Comfortable existence at the expense of another. I exist therefor I deserve! I own you, or at least that portion of you to which I may lay claim."

The value of life to the host may be summed up as, "My life, my thoughts, my work, my productivity, my property. I own me!

The parasite dares not to contemplate the fact that the host would do quite well without him. Indeed, the host would thrive. The parasite exists only by hook, crook, or force. In order to live near the light of day, openly feeding from the host, he must have outside force. This is the essence of collectivism.

Sadly, however, the host has already lost this fight. He has acquiesced to the validity of the parasite's argument by acknowledging the validity of the parasite's way of existence.

I don't know how many times I have attended patriot/conservative/tea party events and have heard the same people shout "Freedom!", and in the next breath say, "But I want my socialist security, my medicare, my medicaid, my SSI, my food stamps, my WIC, my AFDC, my SCHIPS...", and this gem of a quote from a conservative group meeting two years ago, "I ain't one uh them socialists, but if I didn't have my medicare, I couldn't have had my hip replaced!"

SO, does the parasite have a valid argumentative position (I exist, therefor I deserve! We both want to live! We have the same values! You MUST feed me!)?

Do we accept that at face value, or do we utterly reject it? Will we live as free men, working together when it suits us, in voluntary cooperation? Or will be subscribe to the parasite's creed, even fractionally?

I have a riddle for you.  Put a drop of poison into a bucket of clean water and what do you have?

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Snitch in The Ohio Bridge Set-Up

His name is Shaquille Azir.

This, from The Smoking Gun is what you need to know about him.

Quote: "Shaquille Azir, 39, was named in a pair of felony indictments filed in January in Cuyahoga County, according to court records. Azir, who TSG has identified as the informant in the federal bombing case, is accused in the indictments of passing bad checks on July 25, 2011 and December 22, 2011."

This, also from The Smoking Gun, is what you need to remember he actually did.

Quote: "Azir arranged for the purchase of the C-4 from an undercover FBI agent. He also fronted the alleged conspirators money for the buy of the material..."

Do you see? Set 'em up and knock 'em down.

Fed Goons, are you really truly proud of  this? Really?

John Q. Citizen, Do you still believe in the mythical Dudley Doright?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Kerodin Makes His Stand

Will you join him?

Read this.

Money quote: "Saturday November 3, 2012 I will have a hall rented for III Patriots and advocates of Liberty in Washington DC.  We will walk boldly into the lair of the Enemy and look him in his eye and we will tell our enemies where we stand, what we intend, and what will happen if they do not immediately cease and desist in their abuse of the Constitution.

I will take point.  I will give that speech.  I will take the heat.  I will say things that will probably be sufficient to earn an indictment."


"Patriots: I will be there, and I will do this.

I will do it alone, if I must.

I would prefer not to be alone.

If they mean to have a war, let them start with me.

It is time."

Kerodin does not mince words.  God bless him.

I am Shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

This if from The Washington Times online. I found the link from Drudge .

Obama if feeling safe enough to show his Socialist colors. He thinks the mundanes will not notice.

Quote from the Washington Times Piece,

"The Obama campaign apparently didn't look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called "Forward (generic name of socialist publications)."
"The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications," the online encyclopedia explains.
The slogan "Forward!" reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.
The Obama campaign released its new campaign slogan Monday in a 7-minute video. The title card has simply the word "Forward" with the "O" having the familiar Obama logo from 2008. It will be played at rallies this weekend that mark the Obama re-election campaign's official beginning."

Jeepers, ya think?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jeppers! You Don't say... The NYT finally gets it.

Well, finally. A major newspaper editorial which finally states the obvious. Thank you, New York Times.

Yep. Set 'em up and knock 'em down. They keep everyone on the payroll that way. It keeps everyone busy chasing something, even if the boogie men are manufactured in-house.

Fed Goons, are you still proud of yourselves?

John Q. Public, do you still believe the Fed Goons are a bunch of Dudley Dorights, only concerned with "doing the right thing", "protecting America" and other such nonsense? If you do, go visit Gibson Guitars for an afternoon and get them to tell you a story.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woohoo! Here we go! The Dakota Republic (Well, we can dream)

From this link Roger Strukhoff gives us the story of a Free State asserting it's sovereignty. It is the right and duty of a free people to throw off the chains of slavery and determine the course of their own destiny.

North Dakota State Legislature has passed a bill, which is expected to be signed by the governor, asserting The Dakota Republic's Sovereign independence.

We shall now see if Governor John Hoeven has the balls to sign it. We shall also soon see if the County Sheriffs have the balls to perform their rightful duty and protect the people of their counties, those who elected them, against interlopers from outside their Republic. Interposition is shall now be their foremost duty. We shall now see if the people of the Dakota Republic have the balls and the Manly Firmness to fully and finally assert their rightful sovereignty.

My god be with you, Dakotans.

(If only it were truly so...)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Say It Ain't So!

This is from The Washington Post dot com. I found the link on Drudge.

Most of  the charges against the  Hut-uh-ree "militia" have been dismissed.

The meat of the article,

"U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said the members’ expressed hatred of law enforcement didn’t amount to a conspiracy to rebel against the government. The FBI had secretly planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia starting in 2008 to collect hours of anti-government audio and video that became the cornerstone of the case."

"The court is aware that protected speech and mere words can be sufficient to show a conspiracy. In this case, however, they do not rise to that level,” the judge said on the second anniversary of raids and arrests that broke up the group."

"Roberts granted requests for acquittal on the most serious charges: conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. Other weapons crimes tied to the alleged conspiracies also were dismissed."

The old trick was, and still is, Set 'em up and knock 'em down. Infiltrate a "group", do some rabble rousing, inspire them to action, provide the means, then have your buddies swoop in and save the day. Gotcha! Cool game, huh?

Only this time the veneer was a  bit thin. Even the Judge, who is inclined to side with Law Imposement, saw the phoniness in this case.