Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Don't Say... I Just Don't Want To Believe That!

Police erase surveilance video which would tend to creat Brady material? Noooooooooo... They would never do that! Especially in a case like Laquan McDonald.

Well, lookie there!

Oh! That reminds me of another incident.

Shucks by golly, lookie there!

Well.... Hell there's another one...


I mean, what am I supposed to think when I read this?

And this...?

I mean, come on, really really? Aren't the vast majority of cops good guys who just want to do the right thing?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

So Why Does Angela Merkel Hate Her Own Country?

Because it isn't "her" country. It isn't "her" nation. In fact, she hates Germany and Germans. She hates them so much, she will flood their country with foreigners, particularly those most prone to violence toward them. She is still getting even.

Jeepers, what do ya mean, Longbow?

I saw a link on Rense Dot Com.

Well, Angela Merkel is a Communist from way back. She thought had everyone fooled, posing as a moderate leftist democrat. She was a Communist Party member in her youth in East Germany. Back then she was known as Angela Kasner (Jewish). She celebrated the brave new world they were creating. She wore the uniform and hobnobbed with the bigwigs. She cried like a baby the night the wall fell.

Want proof? Look here. There is more information out there. We just have to look for it. Evil people will tell you exactly what they intend to do to you if you will listen. Good and decent people don't want to believe they are looking evil in the eye, so they make excuses for it... "Oh, I'm sure she didn't mean it that way!" Oh yes she did.

Now, look at what she is doing to Germany demographically. She is flooding in people who are not German, who do not wish to become German,  who want to occupy the land and make it into greater Arabia. All available evidence indicates she hates Germany and Germans (Oh, she doesn't really mean that...).

The American President, re-elected, has the same view of these United States. He hates America and Americans. He hates out Christian (at least nominally) culture. He hates free enterprise and the right to property. He hates and wishes to destroy the last thread of what once was a great country. He wants to "Fundamentally transform the United States of America." (Oh, he didn't really mean that!) He is flooding the country with foreigners who have no love for our culture, no intention of learning our language and no intention of becoming Americans. They want to turn our country into greater Mexico, or Aztlan as they call it.

Barack Hussein Obama, like his philosophical sister in Germany, was steeped in Marxism from his youth. In his own book, Dreams From My Father, he says,

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structured feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpets or set our stereos so loud the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society's stifling conventions. "

So when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States of America, he meant it. Just as Angela (Kasner) Merkel intends to do to her host country.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Israel Supports the Islamic State? Ya Don't Say...

This comes from Oath Keepers. It seems the Israelis are supporting IS in order o facilitate the over throw of Bashar Al Asad.

Not only that, but an Israeli Colonel from the IDF was captured in Iraq while advising the IS.

There is more information here and here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Thuggery. Compliant Citizen Treated Like A Compliant Citizen

File this one under, Guns For Me But None For Thee,


 You're Not A Member of My Gang... How Dare You!

I originally saw this one The Blaze dot com.

Watch the video.

from youtube

Never mind, the video link. Youtube has killed it. Go to The Blaze dot com at the link above and watch the video.

The law in Texas requires a Handgun Carry License holder to inform an officer if he is carrying at the beginning of the interaction. The driver did that.

The cop, seeing a peaceable citizen demonstrate his compliance, took it to mean his life was in danger. He called for back up. When back up arrived one of the officers approached with weapon drawn. They asked nicely for the driver to exit the car, which he did, then they twisted his arm and arrested him for a very minor traffic infraction.

So let us recap, The "Perp", after going through mandatory training, submitting finger prints and a mug shot, submitting to a background check, having his application notarized, and paid some of his hard earned money to the State of Texas, begged for and received (benevolent endowment) a permission slip to do something he has a natural right to to, which is to carry on or about his person short range defensive weaponry. Then after he has complied with the law which grants him permission to exercise his natural right, the exercise of which has been illegal in Texas since Reconstruction, he has a minor interaction with local Policemen. In accordance with Texas Law, he informs the Policemen his is carrying his sidearm.

The Policemen then treat his as though they believe he is a threat to their safety and arrest him for... wait for it... failure to use a turn signal.

Lets cut to the chase here. The Rosenberg Police, as demonstrated by the two in this video, have the attitude that anyone who is not a member of their gang, is a threat to themselves. If someone who is not a member of their gang is carrying a weapon, he should be arrested, even if he would be released without being charged later, if for nothing else, his inconvenience.

These policemen will say they do not know what they face in a traffic stop. The person stopped could very well try to kill them. They must be hyper vigilant! Stomp on 'em until you know for sure!

I ask you, since their attitude is, "every one I meet is going to try to kill me and I should treat everyone I meet as such". Shouldn't I think when I see a Policeman, that:

1. He is a member of a gang which has official State sanction.
2. He is empowered to kill me if he experiences a certain emotions.
3. No matter how egregious his fuck-up, his fellow gang members, as well as his professional organizations will cover for him. They will hide or destroy exculpatory evidence. They will make false statements in court and in writing. They will manufacture or plant evidence when it suits them to do so.
4. The State presumes everything he did to be in accordance with law and policy.
I am presumed guilty. The news media will get their talking points directly from the police report. They will duly report as instructed.
5. I don't know what kind of day he has had. He might still be enraged from his previous field contact. He might have had a spat with his wife before his shift. He might be 'roid raging.
6. When he approaches me, he could kill me and get away with it and might be looking for an excuse to do just that. I should be hyper-vigilant. I should have my hand on my sidearm and take up a defensive posture. I should require him to prove his intentions before anything else happens. When I see a "furtive movement" I should presume he is making a play for his weapon and attempting to kill me. I should act, logically, in defense of my own life.

Now, does that sound preposterous? Why? Because the Policeman in question is a State employee and the State is Daddy and Daddy can't be wrong?

Cops all over the country have the point of view that they are at war with you. They believe themselves to be patrolling in enemy occupied territory.

Wait... No?

The vast majority are good guys who mean well? Then why don't they police their own to such an extent that there are no bad cops? Vast majority, huh? Bullshit.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Of Sociopaths and Barack Obama

This piece from Wolrdnet Daily tells of several analysts who believe Barack Obamas a Sociopath. Is Obama a Psychopath or at least a Sociopath? Read the story, look at the evidence and you decide.

I have said before, to a sociopath, there is no "Right" or "Wrong". There is only "What I Want" and everything which is in the way of "Me getting what I want".

A good video from is embedded below. You should take a couple of minutes to watch and listen.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Christians Are Needed For Christian Action

Gun Free Zone published this today. He entitled it The European Eunuchs. He is worth a read regularly.

Money quote:

What pisses me off is that the history of Spain is basically the 700 years of Islamic slavery and its fight to get rid of the caliphate in the Iberian peninsula. Nothing can be done? Are you stupid or just ignorant of your own history? The Moor were inside the damned country, in position of power and were driven out to Africa by feat of sword and lances. But yes, it requires drastic measures and getting your hands dirty which the weak-stomached Euro Trash seem to be allergic to. The author shall be a good slave for the new caliphate of  Al-Andalus.

It will take a Christian Europe to beat back the Muslim Hoard. Before that can happen, there will need to be a Christian Europe. In order for that to happen, the good people of the various Nations of Europe must dispose of all communists and socialists. They are of two types. The power brokers, those who espouse socialism, aren't socialsts and communists at all, but control freaks and organized criminals. (Just a quick reference note here: Do you think Joseph Stalin was a marxist true believer? Or was he really just a very efective thug?) Thugs and organized criminals deserve bullets. Then there are the true believers. The ones whom the power brokers call useful idiots. Christian Europeans do not need to kill them all, they simply need to deport them. Allow them to live in one of the muslim utopias and let them espouse their forced equality there.

What is happening to Western Christian Civilization is mental illness. It is the end result of decades of forced and conditioned iratonality. Pavlov's dog didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Thus it is with our (former) civilization.

The dream of socialist utopia...

image found on Google
The reality of Socialist Utopia...

 image found on Google
 The dream of muslim utopia...

images found on Google

The reality of muslim utopia...

images found on Google
Reality does tend to slap one in the face, doesn't it?


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Corporal John William James, A Short Story

The man left the hotel early. Rising early was his custom, but this day he wanted  to be underway before the city was fully awakened. He knew the people would want to talk, and remember. Soon after crowds would gather and he hadn't the energy these days for long appearances nor was he inclined to make any speeches. He had a desire to see his beloved Annie again before he was no longer able to.

The sun was not fully up and the dew was still settled, though light was breaking on the horizon. He made his way slowly down the street to the stable where he signed for a horse, a well built mare of middle age. The wrangler said she was even tempered and would be happy to have the opportunity to stretch her legs.

He mounted up and headed east out of the city.


The man finished his biscuit by sopping the gravy and stuffing it into his mouth. He grunted as he rose and reached for his crutch. It had been six years and though getting used to the idea had come with time, the soreness and stiffness seemed to get worse. He stepped off the porch and picked up his hoe and rake. Time to work the potatoes. Using his crutch in place of his missing leg and holding  tightly to his tools, he walked until he reached the spot down the slope where he had ceased work the evening before. Betsy would be out in a while to bring him some water. Of that he was sure. That woman was as loyal and true to him as the day they had wed. He loved her for it more deeply every day. She was his other crutch, the one he needed for the other parts of him which were missing.

With his crutch under his arm the worked quietly for a half hour, taking pleasure in the simple task, listening to the birds and being thankful for the gentle spring breeze which gave evaporative comfort to his sweaty skin. In a moment he thought he heard the sound of a horse and rider. He looked up. The sun was at his back so the rider was perfectly visible at two hundred yards. It looked like a painting, he thought to himself. The rider, sitting regal in his saddle, the North Carolina country side framing him, the sunlight illuminating it all, made a perfect picture.

Suddenly the hair on his neck and arms stood up. He hadn't felt this way in years. Sensations and emotions stirred in his gut. He knew the man who approached, but he didn't know how to greet him. The rider slowed his horse just a bit as he came abreast of him. Just down the slope and across the split rails he knew full well upon whom he gazed and who it was who gazed at him.

Throwing his crutch away, he straightened his body, lifted and arched his chest, drew in his chin and rendered a perfect hand salute.

"General Lee! Good morning, sir!"

The older man stopped his horse and beheld the sight before him. He had spotted the man working his field as he approached, not knowing if he would encounter an greeting, a wave of the hand or just be ignored as another passerby. But now the one legged man stood ramrod straight. He hadn't so much as swayed since giving his greeting. Lee knew. He knew because he had had this encounter a hundred times since he took his position as head of the college. These scenes had happened less and less as folks had grown accustomed to seeing him ride through the Lexington Virginia countryside. But this was different. People in other parts of the former confederacy hadn't sen him since the end of the war.  To most he had become a legend and a ghost. But this man was different. He was different than those who came rushing up, wanted to touch and shake his hand, wanted to question and talk. There was something in the way he carried his weight, in how he stood tall now, and in his voice, which had all the surety of a disciplined and professional soldier.

"Who are you, Soldier?" asked Lee.

"Corporal John William James, Sir...  18th North Carolina Infantry!" he replied

"And where did you serve?' Lee inquired, knowing full well the 18th was with the Army of Northern Virginia though many campaigns, General Lane's brigade.

"After I joined the Regiment, at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, and at... the excursion into Pennsylvania, Sir! But I lost my leg at Cold Harbor... I tried to... They wouldn't let me stay in the Army... I..." John William James choked on his words. Try as he might, he couldn't say anything more.

General Lee regarded the man before him, still holding his salute. He spoke the finest words John William James had ever heard him say.

"You served honorably and well, Soldier. Cary on!"

Lee returned his salute. John dropped his hand to his side only after Lee had done so. Lee nudged his horse on. John stood straight until Lee was well underway.

Betsy had seen the brief conversation after hearing John's greeting of General Lee.  She watched from the porch as horse carried rider away. She saw her beloved husband collapse in a heap. She ran from the house to find her man sobbing in the dirt. She knelt beside him, wrapped her arms around him as he shuddered. His tears flowed freely. His anguished cries came from deep within him, reminding her of a helpless wounded animal.

"I tried... I tried so hard..." He said.

"I know you did Darling. I know you did your best. All of you did." she tried to reassure him, but she was not seeing the scenes in his head.

"I promised Timmy I would get him through... then there was just pieces..." He sobbed. "I was with Jim and Sam and they both got killed... Jim was shot and Sam took a bayonet. They were on either side of me..."

"That's not your fault, Honey! I know you did your best for your friends. I know you did! All you boys did!", she said, trying to understand, knowing she couldn't fully.

"Then when I lost my leg... they wouldn't let me soldier no more. I wanted to stay. To try to help, but they said I had to go home. I felt so lost! I feel so lost!" he cried.

Betsy didn't know what to say then. She held him. His body convulsed with the pain of a thousand memories. Happy ones alternated with terror and sadness he had never allowed himself to feel. All of it came rushing forth now.  His shirt and her dress were soaked with tears earned in a hundred locations, tears held back by a dam of stoicism, denial and discipline. The dam had burst and John felt the pain of all of his loss, all of his suffering, all of the injuries, all of the death.

After a quarter hour, Betsy felt him relax some. He was no longer a trembling clenched fist but a sad and wounded man. An injured man who needed her support. He began to straighten himself. In a few moments he asked her to help him stand. He hugged her tightly to him and kissed her cheek.

"I'm alright now." he assured her. "Go on back to the house, I've got work to do. She handed him his crutch, then his hoe. He placed the crutch under his arm and took the tool in both hands. He resumed his work.

Betsy watched him as she walked backward to the house. John never looked up from his work. Soon he was humming a tune to himself. It was as if the past half hour hadn't happened. She knew he would need her even more now. She knew he would relive these moments again soon. He would have to. He now had begun to heal.


General Lee rode up to the grave. It was marked by an obelisk eleven feet tall. Lee dismounted, walked up, unlatched the simple gate and stood still. He strode nearby picking some wildflowers before approaching again. He placed the flowers, along with a letter he ad written at the foot of the stone.

"Annie," he said, "I am so sorry that I haven't visited more often. I am also sorry that this may be the last time before I meet you in God's glory, if I may be so presumptuous." At this he chuckled quietly. "I know I missed many things a father should share with his daughter. Duty had called and I hope you have forgiven me. God willing, I will see you on the other side."

After a moment, Lee remounted and turned back toward Charlotte. He would take an alternate route, as was his habit, enjoying the country air and a leisurely ride. He thought he should be back in the city by noon.

As he entered the city, people began to recognize him. A small crowd would gather around him, ask to shake his hand, express their gratitude or just gawk. He would politely reply, "Thank you, Sir." or "Thank you, Ma'am.",  "Good day, Sir... Good day, Ma'am".

Thomas Woodleigh looked on in confusion, not understanding what all the fuss was about. The scene reminded him of the story from the bible he'd heard in Sunday School, where people tried to touch Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. He asked his Mother, as many a child would do, "Momma, why are all those people trying to touch that man? Who is he?"

She replied, "Tommy, THAT is General Robert E. Lee. He commanded all of our troops in the war."

With all the innocence a six year old could muster, Thomas asked, "But why is he crying? Is he sad because he lost the war?"

Tommy's backside instantly stung from a swat expertly delivered by his mother. "Now you just hush that and run along home. You go home. you hear me?"

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Idaho Statesman Tells Us About Jack Yantis' Murder

This piece is from the Idaho Statesman. The headline reads:

‘I saw them murder my husband’

Witnesses to the killing are now speaking about what they saw. The two deputies who shot and killed Yantis are on paid leave. The exoneration of the two deputies is still pending the Idaho State Police exhaustive investigation. This should enrage the people of Idaho. All the people that is, except those in Law Imposement. If you wear the Super hero Costume and bear the Magic Shield, you cannot be wrong, so there's nothing to se here. Two members of The Gang murdered a mere mortal. So what? It's the cost of doing business.

The line from First Blood comes to mind, Sheriff Teasle reminds us, "People go fucking around with the Law, and all hell breaks loose!"

The Waingro line from HEAT comes to mind also, "I had to get it on, man! He was makin' a move! I had to get it on!"

I don't believe this will go anywhere. Perhaps there will be a law suit. Perhaps the Yantis family will prevail and be awarded some money from the County. Perhaps the two deputies will eventually find Law Imposement jobs somewhere else. Will there be justice? Not in this lifetime.

Money quotes from the Idaho Statesman piece:

"The rifle’s barrel was about 2 feet from the bull, and Jack Yantis’ finger was on the trigger. 
“Everything was going as planned. … I did not notice any conversation at all” between Jack Yantis and the deputies, Paradis said. “Then the one cop turned around and grabbed his shoulder and jerked him backwards.” 
The deputy came from behind, spun Yantis around and grabbed the rifle’s scope, Paradis said.
The deputy pushed Yantis. The rifle was still in Yantis’ hands, its barrel pointed at the ground. Yantis was trying to regain his footing. 
Paradis said he does not know whether the rifle fired, but he thinks it might have discharged accidentally when the deputy grabbed Yantis and spun him, or when one of the deputy’s bullets pierced Yantis’ hand holding the rifle, hitting the gun and damaging it.
One deputy began shooting at Yantis, then the other deputy started shooting."


"Donna Yantis said she and Paradis screamed at the deputies to stop. 
Shot in the chest and abdomen, Jack Yantis fell to the ground. Neither deputy went to check on him. Paradis and Donna Yantis started running toward him. 
“And then they threatened me and my nephew ... threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us, and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack,” Donna Yantis said.
Paradis said one deputy pointed his gun at Paradis’ head.
Donna Yantis had a heart attack. Some time later, she was taken by ambulance to Midvale and then by helicopter to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, where she remained hospitalized Saturday."

Read more here:

Read more here: