Wednesday, July 06, 2016

"Don't worry. Here's how we're going to handle this..."

On the 27th of June 2016 A.D., the Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch, met with the spouse, Bill Clinton, of a person under Federal criminal investigation, Hillary Clinton. They met on a private airplane on an airport tarmac with the intent of keeping the meeting secret.

My conjecture is, and I am quite confident that I am correct, the meting was purposed toward informing the spouse of the person under criminal investigation of the outcome of that investigation before it was announced to the public. Put simply, Loretta Lynch told Bill Clinton,

"Don't worry. Here's how we're going to handle this..."

The fix was already in. The Director of the FBI, James Comey didn't raise an objection to it because he knew in advance it was going to happen. I suspect the senior investigators knew the fix was in also.

The Attorney General, after the meeting was exposed, did a public but fraudulent mea culpa and said it was very bad judgment and she wouldn't do it again. Bullshit. She did it deliberately. She would do it again if and when she thinks she could get away with it. You see, the secret meting was supposed to be "secret". Then, to further the fraudulent mea culpa, she said she would defer to the recommendation of the FBI in how to proceed with this investigation and (im)possible prosecution.

After the Attorney General's semi-recusal, we wait anxiously until after Independence Day to hear the Director of the FBI lay out his case for non-prosecution. Director Comey stated clearly that violations of the law had been committed. He then further stated that since Mrs. Clinton didn't "intend to..." he and the FBI and thence the (in)Justice Department would allow Mrs. Clinton to get away with her crimes. Those same crimes have landed many people in jail for years in other cases, with intent or not.

You see, the fix was in. It had been decided months ago how this was going to go down. Everything we saw over the last ten days or so has been smoke and mirrors. It was a light and magic show. It was scripted theater. IT WAS A LIE. Do you get it now?

Rhetorical question: Who has been called the "father of lies"?

We also were told that FBI agents investigating this case were "livid", were "furious", over the meeting between Lynch and Clinton. Why, it was against protocol! It was just not done! Bullshit. This is how it is done at the Federal level.

Another rhetorical question: How many of those "furious" and "livid" FBI agents, who were involved in compiling this case, have now resigned their office in disgust? Dozens? A handful? One?


 The fabled FBI has now lost the last of its credibility. It is now widely recognized as a political Bully Squad and nothing more. Do, you want just one recent example? Look up the Gibson Guitar debacle, supposedly involving a violation of the Lacy Act. Tell me men of integrity would do that to a storied American company, and then do the above with the Clinton Crime Family. Tell me men of integrity would let ATF and Justice Department officials get away with Fast and Furious.

Etc., etc., etc...

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