Saturday, July 02, 2016

Strange Radio Traffic From Orlando Dispatch

A shooter was inside orlando Regional Medical Center? It gets weirder and weirder. Maybe one day someone,  maybe one of those mythical "Vast Majority" guys, will actually tell the truth.

Was there an active shooter  at ORMC? Probably not. Was the statement made to sew confusion? Most likely yes. Was this whole thing just a drill like Sandy Hook? It sure looks that way. Is the media being played just like at Sandy hook? Most likely yes. Do they know they are being played? Some do but don't care. Most are true believers who will report the propaganda they are told to report. If someone dares question their reportage, they go apoplectic, "How dare you question dogma?"

The big lie continues. More than half the population is buying it. Isn't Democracy beautiful?

At the end of the above video you can hear the police having a mad minute when the wall is supposedly breached. Yeah, wait three hours then everyone on scene fire a couple of full mags blindly through a hole in the exterior wall. Great concern for the "hostages" shown there. Good work. Being a SWAT cop means you're just like a Army Ranger or a Navy SEAL... right? right? right?

We didn't really expect them to go into a Gay club and physically clear the place, did we? I mean, they didn't want this to happen... or did they?

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