Saturday, July 09, 2016

Dylan Noble, Unarmed, Shot For Failure To Grovel

These videos speak volumes. Typically police plant disinformation in the public discourse after a use of force such as this to deflect the perception that they could be culpable. The "investigation' goes on long enough that it gets stale. The initial statements about the circumstances turn out to be inflated or untrue. The "totality of the circumstances" is used to exonerate the policemen involved.

The police were looking for a man in camouflage pants after a "man with a gun" call.

Dylan was supposedly traveling at a 'high rate of speed". Note here the police didn't say he was driving in excess of the posted speed limit. He may have been, but they haven't said so. Dylan failed to stop for half a mile after the policeman turn on his emergency lights. He may not have looked in his rear view mirror and may have had his music playing loud in his truck. I did this many times in my youth. Luckily didn't get shot for it. We will never know.

After he stopped the policemen began shouting commands at him. They say he had his hands in an odd position, i.e., one in his waist band and one in the small of his back. Maybe he was pulling his pants up. Maybe, we'll never know. He was shot dead.

This video shows Dylan on the ground AFTER he has already been shot. He has been shot! He is on the ground in shock, as anyone would be after being shot. He is on his back with his head toward the policemen. The policemen continue to shout commands at a young man who is laying mortally wounded on his back. Dylan's failure to obey these commands, in a state of shock after he has been shot and mortally wounded, is used a justification for the policemen shooting him again. The audio starts at about twenty-five seconds.

Note how they still command him to roll over on his belly after he has been shot at least twice. Failure to grovel on your belly before the bully squad, is justification for being murdered.

In this next video, we have the chief of police continuing to disseminate the policemen's' version of events to further reinforce the idea that if it was the cops what dunnit, it was the right thing to do, because it was the cops what dunnit. He tells us we shall not see the policemen's bodycams until the case gets stale.

Another video, The Chief tells us Dylan was shot walking quickly toward the officers (perhaps as he "ordered" to do) and for showing his hands too quickly (probably as he was "ordered to do") . Could he have been reaching for his wallet? We'll never know. He was shot dead. Remember Eric Scott in Las Vegas?

In this next video, a grieving mother wants the truth (yeah, good luck with that one) and demands justice. Justice is something the FBI recently showed us does not exit in the country any more.

Remember folks, here in the Land Of The Free, failure to grovel will get you killed. The policemen in our country, the "vast majority" of them, fully believe this is truly right and just. Subjects in our society are required to grovel, prostrate themselves and worship at the feet of their uniformed masters, or risk being killed.

Is this the way Free Men behave?

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