Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Good Piece From The Raconteur Report

Go Here and read. All of it.

Money Quote:

When an entire occupational field - law enforcement - has reached, exactly like Islam, the point that only either being killed wholesale, or learning to call out and deliver the heads on platters of your own murderous offenders from within your midst will suffice to expunge your guilt in the public's eyes, as it has with American law enforcement for decades, you've fucked the pooch so hard the ASPCA should have had you arrested long ago. And we've now reached the threshold that people are going to start treating them, wholesale, randomly, exactly like jihadis, when they get the chance.

If that doesn't institute a sea change in Team Blue, leading to a deep and profound reversal of course, and a return to Peel's Principles rather than Machiavellian politics as usual, the body count from here on out is entirely justifiable, and I'll be rooting more for the shooters than the law enforcers, despite the near-term consequences to civilization, and so will millions of ordinary Americans. 

If you wear a badge, LEARN. THAT. LESSON.
Think it over long and hard, and make some serious changes, right damn snappy.

Well Said.

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