Monday, March 31, 2014

Controlled Demolitions... This is Cool!

Watch and enjoy this montage of controlled demolition. It is interesting to see how a skilled crew of engineers can cause a building of brick and steel to fall into its own footprint.

Here's another...

Now here is a really good one. Some have said no engineers were involved in this one at all!   LOL

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Erik Rush's Thoughts on Flight 370

Erik thinks the flight was diverted to...

by the CIA because it was carrying...

"The “great deal more” I am told was rather a revolutionary piece of hardware, not software, and it is not integral to digital data systems, although it is no doubt used in conjunction with them. The engineers were part of a joint US-China effort that resulted in one of the most advanced small gyroscopes for flight ever developed – flight, as in long-distance space flight."

...and that is why the Chinese aren't making a HUGE deal out of losing more than 150 of their citizens.

I don't know what the plane was carrying besides passengers. I have suspected something along these lines.

But then, I've been accused of being a nutburger.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Edward Snowden Interview

Go to this web address. It is definitely worth a few minutes.

Those who would control you say, "Don't listen! He's a Traitor!" One would do well to heed his warning.

Another Thug Acting According To His Principles

He did this because he knows he will get away with it. He can pen up the excuse later. He is certain his co-workers will back him without hesitation. He did it because he wanted to. He is proud of himself.

Watch and be sickened.

Original link found on

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It Is A Police State

I found the link on  Here is how one man handled a sloppy fishing episode. The suspect here is someone who has learned the hard way the cost of acting like a free man.

"He was doin' 72 in a 70!"


"I stop a lot of people, you know, and very few are guilty of anything." Good work there Barney.

This cop believes going on a fishing expedition using the slimmest possible excuse is a good thing to do. He thinks he is doing his job. He thinks he is keeping you safe.

Or maybe... Does he really believe this? Or is he just another State employed Thug Opportunist?

By the way, "anhydrous" isn't a noun, it is an adjective. It means, without water or dessicated. It doesn't describe anything illegal. It is analogous to saying, "We find dihydrogen monoxide all the time on these stops."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cast A Wide Net... You'll Come Up With Something.

 Two examples come by way of Battlefield USA.

One, in the District of (state employed) Criminals, was a traffic jam caused by the police because they wanted to search everyone on the highway. You got that right.

Another, in the Denver area, resulted in stopping every car at an intersection, handcuffing every adult and searching cars.

Cops believe the people's freedom is granted by the government and being tools of the government, they can suspend it at their whim, then magically and benevolently restore it when they care to. Innocent people were pulled out of their cars and arrested, however briefly, at gun point and with no specific probable cause. This was a violation of their Natural and Constitutionally secured rights. People cannot be faulted for complying when they have a gun to their heads. But every person who was stopped and cuffed should bring suit now. They should have said no to ANY search. The cops who did this do not have any conscience about what they did. They did this because they wanted to. They are proud of themselves. They see their job as subduing the public and keeping the people under State Control. They act as they would in a Military Occupation zone. Cops behave this way because they see the public as the enemy. They firmly believe they cannot be wrong.

A Good Primer on Sandy Hook Fraud.

This video is worth a look. Take an hour and a half, have some coffee and watch. I especially like the people/role players walking in circles in and around the firehouse, hilarious! The call to Lt. Vance asking who cleaned up the blood, eliciting the respons, "What blood?" Priceless!

There is some good information here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

A De Facto Military Occupation (Updated)

Does this video say enough about the militarized mentality of Police these days? Is there any question their mentality is that the population they serve ( I should say service) is an enemy to be subdued and dominated?

Do you understand this could have been you? Or your Father? Or your Brother?

Do you understand that as a free man you DO NOT owe them obeisance?

Do you understand as a free man you have a Natural Right to arms? Do you understand a member of the Gang will kill you because of it?

Do you understand that members of the Gang will protect each other no matter how egregious their behavior?

Do you understand that if this man had died, the shooting would still have been ruled "justified"?

Do you understand this happens every day?

Do you finally get it? The Gang has a shoot first mentality because they have grown accustomed to the privilege of using force at their whim.

I stopped trying to talk sense with Gang members years ago. They firmly believe,  "What ever I dunn, it was the right thing to do, because it was Me what dunnit!"

Now, watch the press conference where Sheriff Bruce Bryant said he would do the same thing his deputy did. He would shoot you in a heartbeat also. There is not a moments' self reflection.The lesson from this incident? Drivers need to learn to be more submissive! Any action other than whimper and grovel WILL get you shot! He wants national legislation passed to make submission, obeisance, and prostration the law of the land. Hey, Sheriff Bryant, go fuck yourself!

 What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thoughts From Sipsey Street

 Mike Vanderboegh. at Sipsey Street Irregulars links to this piece and to this one.  The question raised is, can Connecticut avoid the violence which seems inevitable?

How could violence be avoided? Cops could say no. Cops could tell their bosses they ain't doin' it. Cops could tell their legislators, individually, and through their professional organizations, they will not attempt to enforce this law against the good people of Connecticut. Cops could make public statements to the people at large, on Youtube for example, that they will defend the peoples' rights, not abuse them.

None of the above will happen, will it Connecticut Police Officers? At least not in quantities greater than onesies or twosies.

Why? Because to those of you in The Gang, being a member in good standing is far more important than anything else. Getting to your retirement and pensions is far more important that the Natural Rights of the People. Siding with the People against an un-Constitutional and immoral statute isn't as sexy as making arrests and seeing people cower before you. Guarding the right to Life, Liberty, and Property isn't as thrilling as calling yourself an "Operator", pretending you are a Ranger or a SEAL, and making war on the people you supposedly serve.

Image found on Google.

No, cops will do what their Superiors (yes I meant it that way) tell them to do. They will act stupidly, just as the legislators did in believing the people would just lay down and comply. This whole thing is avoidable, but, Hubris will guide the way.

Remember, a Sheepdog's function is to herd sheep. To move the herd where the Master wants it to go, which is, to be fleeced and eventually slaughtered.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

T.L. Davis Speaks. You Should Listen.

This is the Link to TL's blog. People should read there regularly.

One of many money quotes:

One might not agree that Connecticut is the demarcation line, maybe it is, maybe it is not, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is a petrie dish; a moment of reflection; a moment for which to train. I don't pretend to be on the ground, or know the up-to-the-minute aspects of it, but if one looks at Connecticut and sees what is inevitable, then it is time to use Connecticut as common point of reference.


If Connecticut means to have a war, the citizens there will not be alone, because this is a cause worthy of every patriot's attention and dedication. What is learned in Connecticut will be invaluable to training the rest of the nation no matter how it turns out. If this egregious abuse of power can be politically shut down, it will teach the community how to go about it. If it cannot be shut down politically, tactics and organization could be developed.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

But... The Baby is Alive!

This story come from The Blaze and gives us a look at the the National Health Service in England,  and what it really does.

Seems this expectant mother was in for her check up and the Hospital staff told her that her baby was dead. They told her the child in her womb was DEAD! They told her she should go home and take the abortion pill, RU-486. After an anguished night in which her conscience convinced her she couldn't and shouldn't kill her baby, she went back to the hospital and demanded another medical exam and an ultrasound.

The nurses, agreed to another ultrasound and, surprise, surprise (!) they found a live baby in there.

Quote from The Blaze: When the nurse saw what was on the screen, she was “shocked.” She reportedly told the mother: “I have a baby here who is jumping all over the place, the baby is alive.”


 Wiggins said when she looked at the screen, it looked like her baby girl was saying to her, “Mum, please don’t take the tablets, I’m alive.”

Mom was right and vindicated. She eventually gave birth to a baby girl.

All ended well, right? But then this jumped out at me. Again, quoting from The Blaze: Though she was born with respiratory problems as well as her liver and bowel on the outside of her body, her health is said to be improving by the day.

There we have the crux of the matter. The staff at Hexham General Hospital, working for the National Health Service, had seen the deformities and had not told the mother. They had decided on their own that the child should be killed. I am sure in their conferences among themselves they used a euphemism like "terminate the pregnancy", but in the end, they were going to convince the mother to murder her own child.

Why? Because of this, "...she was born with respiratory problems as well as her liver and bowel on the outside of her body..."

On the first series of ultrasound scans, they could see the baby's maladies. They knew this baby girl would need specialized care. They knew it would be expensive and time consuming. They made the decision that this baby girl was going to be too much trouble. They decided. It would be in the State's interest to kill this child and save themselves the trouble and expense. They tried to convince the mother to perform the deed herself. They didn't dare utter the words, euthanasia or eugenics. They called the baby a fetus, not a human being. They reduced the baby's person hood to an object. As far has the National Health Service  employees were concerned, it wasn't a human being, created by god, and thus endowed with natural rights, it was just a thingy, to be disposed of at their convenience.

This is evil. This is bare naked evil. The National Health Service in England endorses this behavior. They behave this way so casually because this kind of thinking is systemic.

Thank God the angels carried the message to this woman and gave her the courage to challenge, and overcome, these evil people.

May God continue to bless and protect Hazel Wiggins and her baby Amelia. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Beging forgiveness. Are you kidding me?

The link comes from the Daily Mail and gives us a glimpse into the near future.

One day they were this.

and this...

The next day...

They are this.

and this...

Ukrainian riot police beg forgiveness on their knees for their thuggery. One day they are cursing and beating the people they supposedly serve. The next they are on their knees begging, BEGGING, forgiveness for their crimes, and for the crimes of their brethren. I can hear them now, "We're not like those other guys who shot innocent citizens in the streets. All those guys have disappeared. Hell, we don't even know who they are. They were wearing masks! We're just the guys who manned the line in the street and beat you over the head and hauled you off to jail to be tortured by our fellow policemen. We're not such bad guys. We're ready, now, to serve you, the New Boss today. We're pragmatic that way!"

Jeepers, could it happen here? A reminder, Gentlemen, hubris can be deadly.