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German Manhood Rising. Bet On It.

In the wake of several years of immigrant crime waves and terrorist attacks, why are there not many German Vigilance parties about the streets of German cities? Why are German MEN not protecting their women and property?

Conditioning is the reason.

Because they know very well that the police will arrest and prosecute them if they attempt to defend their Family, Clan and Nation.

The Police, you know, those really good guys who just want to do the right thing? You know, those stand up guys who would never do such a nasty thing as to arrest a man for defending his Family and town? You know, those super-duper good guys who are worshiped because they have special dispensation from the ruling class to carry arms in defense of the State and against their neighbors?

"We can't have Vigilante Gangs roaming the streets!" you say?

Sure you can.  Who do you think these guys were?

I'll give you a hint:

Click on this link and read about the Guardian Angels.

Organizations such as this will be sprouting up all over Europe.

Thanks to mtnforge as posted on WRSA

The time is at hand when German Men will percieve juice to be worth the squeeze. German Policemen need to make a clear decision as to whom they serve. More surveilance cameras directed at german citizens will not stop jihadi terrorists, nor foreign born muslims generally, from behaving badly any more than severely restricting the natural right of free men to go about armed will stop criminals and highwaymen from plying their trade. TPTB believe they have German manhood neutered. I suspect that there is a good number who have retained their testicles and when the time is right, soon enough now, will exercise them.

Jimmy Carter Ineptitude or Enemy?

I was looking at THIS POST over at Western Rifle Shooters blog and was reminded of Jimmy Carter. For those who remember, Carter wanted to be his Generation's FDR, fire side chats and all.

In a world where there was a Soviet Union alive and well, and where there really was active communist subversion going on in nearly every country, and where most Americans believed that resisting Soviet expansion of influence was the right thing to do, Jimmy Carter was seen by most as inept.

Around 1980 there was an adaptation of James Clevell's Shogun novel into a TV mini series. It was mellow dramatic, but was entertaining none the less. At the same time, Jimmy Carter was showing his ineptitude on the world stage. In Nov. of 1979, in the wake of the Iranian Muslim revolution, the U.S. Embassy was taken over by a mob and fifty three Americans were held hostage for over a year. Carter ordered a rescue attempt which fail miserably in the desert of Iran in April of 1980, such was the sad capability of our Military at that time. In Dec. of 1979, the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan, murdering tens of thousands. Also in 1979, Communist insurgents fought a successful revolution in Nicaragua, installing a Soviet/Cuban sponsored regime and suppressing any non-communist dissent. It was successful because Jimmy Carter refused to provide support for the Government of Anastasio Somoza. This led directly to a decade long civil war in neighboring El Salvador. At every turn, Carter looked inept and impotent.

At the end of the week in which the Shogun mini series had run on TV, a political cartoon appeared in many of the nation's newspapers (yes, Virginia, there were newspapers in those days). I thought at the time that it perfectly illustrated Jimmy Carter.

Unlike many, looking back on it, I don't think Jimmy Carter was inept. I think he, like FDR, like Bath House Barry Obama, was on the other side.

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He Became A Good Communist!

Mass murderer dead, finally.

Just last night, Fidel Castro became a Good Communist. After fifty-seven years, Fidel Castro went from being a live breathing communist to a dead, decaying, rotting, stinking communist, making him a Good communist for the first time in his existence on this earth. The argument can be made that he was stinking of decay the whole time. I wouldn't disagree with that. But semantics aside, he finally had the decency to croak, bless his heart. As Christians we must pray for his soul. At the same time, we must not be shy of the idea that ultimate justice is served.

During is existence on the earth he did what communists do. He provided his people with what you would provide for your dog, food, shelter and obedience training. He also did what all communists do. He murdered thousands of Cuban people wholesale. To him, as with all communists, ANYONE who opposed the IDEA of communism was worthy of nothing but death, liquidation, elimination, murder, cleansing, etc... Use any euphemism you like. Murder is what communists do. Murder is what he and his brother Raul did. Murder is what Che Guevara did. Like scorpions, it is in their nature.

Good riddance.

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So, The Cop Has Been Charged

Remember this?

I said then that the killer would not be charged, and that his Gang would protect him.

It seems now that the killer has been charged.

Will he be convicted? If tried in the vicinity of where the killing occurred he will. If the venue is changed to grant him a jury of his own peers, then he may or may not.

But the lesson remains.

This is what I said before,

"One must understand the killer's mindset. In his mind, EVERYONE MUST grovel before members of The Gang. No subject should be armed in his presence. Anyone who is armed in his presence and who is NOT a member of The Gang, MUST intend to kill him. That is the way he his trained and indoctrinated. He believed he was right and just to commit murder because he experienced a moment of fear and confusion. The subject failed to grovel. The subject was confident. The subject was armed (even with permission from the State).

By trying to be honest and law abiding he alerted the killer to the fact that he believed himself to be a free man. The subject attempted to comply with the law as per the legal requirement under the conditions of his "permission to carry". He reached for his wallet, attempting to comply with the killer's demands for his permission to travel documents. As he was doing this, the killer attempted to processed the new "subject is armed" information through his pea brain. He gave a new command of "Don't reach for your wallet!". In the next half second, as the victim was in the process of withdrawing his wallet, he was also attempting to process the new and conflicting command "Don't reach for your wallet!" In the half second it took for the victim to process the conflicting command, the killer was experiencing an extreme adverse emotional state. He observed the victim doing something other than complying with his latest conflicting command. The victim was doing something other than groveling in fear. The killer interpreted this as an offensive act. The killer's training and indoctrination required him to engage."

Unless the killer is convicted, the lesson will continue to apply. ANYONE who is armed and doesn't grovel before a Tool of the State, will be considered a threat to the Tool's life. The Tool will act according to his Gang's indoctrination. If the killer is convicted, there may be a reassessment of current doctrine, at least in the Killer's department. One can hope that reasonable people on a jury will see the bald faced wrongness of this killing, and hold the killer responsible.

One can hope.

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One Girl Smiling

Now I am curious. One girl smiles in a sea of Hillary anguish. All about her are losing their minds over the Wicked Witch's defeat, yet she displays a calm demeanor. She might even be described as content.

What does she know that the others are missing? Hmmm?

Hat tip to:

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Why Is There No Call For Impeachment From The Halls Of Congress?

Watch and be sickened. You may be past that point by now. If you are, congratulations, because you're on your way to being healed. If you are not, be sickened and hurt then get over it.


Now, why is there no call for impeachment? Because the vast majority of members of Congress are on the other side. Yes both parties (this is a misnomer, because there is only one coin with inverted sides). This is what they want. The end of your country has been planned for a long time. They are grifters. They are all working an angle. They are all crooks.

God have mercy on us!

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They Were On The Other Side All Along

What if the entire political order is an illusion? What if the political class don't give a damn what you think and intend to do what ever the hell they WANT to do?

This quote from the Z Man . com, succinctly says what I have been trying to explain to my family and associates for years. The Bushes, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and others you or I could name, do not have a genuine disagreement with the other side.

Why does America seem to be going insane?


The reason, I suspect, is the growing awareness that much of what we have taken for granted is, at the minimum, not what it appears to be. The open hostility of so-called conservatives toward the people they claim to represent, for example, has been quite an eye-opener for a lot of people. You don’t have to be a red-pilled conspiracy monger to think the whole conservative movement was just a money scam all along.
That also means the Republican Party was something other than a good faith attempt to counter the other party. When prominent leaders in the party appear to be backing the other party’s candidate, the system does look rigged. It’s not hard to imagine what these people are saying when the cameras and microphones are off. Throw in some leaked e-mails that seem to conform people’s worst fears and it is not surprising that the peasants are getting a bit paranoid about the ruling class.
You should go read the rest.

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The Fix Is In Or So It Seems

I saw the link to the piece to from

The fix is already in. The DOJ has now announced they will assist the FBI in the investigation the of Hillary/Huma/Wiener situation.

Do you know who this guy is?

Why, he's none other than Peter J. Kadzik. He is bestest buddies with John Podesta. John Podesta, of course, is Hillary's Chief of Staff.

Peter J. Kadzik is now going to lead the investigation on behalf of the DOJ.

Read the Zerohedge piece.

Being disgusted does one no good. Continue prepping.

Its all going down, man!

Was It Espionage?

What if the case against Human is actually an espionage case? What if THAT is why Huma was forwarding/emailing State Department business to herself at home and printing it off? What if that is why she violated Federal Law as it relates to the handling and secure storage of classified material? What if Hillary is implicated directly in facilitating spying against the United States? What if nobody in the Democrat Party and few in The Republican Party cares about it? What if President Obama, Obama's Attorney General, the Director of the FBI, and the director's underlings, all collude to cover up this crimes?

This Is How It Is Done. It Is Being Done Now.

Watch and Learn. The program is so simple. You just tell it what percentage you want the vote to be. It will skew the count. How do we know? The raw vote count comes out in fractions (decimal points in this case). The raw vote count CANNOT tally in fractions of a vote! Get it? The percentage of margin is decided in advance. Then the count is arrived at to match the predetermined percentage. The raw vote count is simply rounded off.

Older technology,


Do you get it folks? This is how it is done. This is being done to you NOW. Do you think the powers that be give half a fuck about you, or what you want, or how you vote? It has all be decided for you in advance, on your behalf, and in your name.

"But, but, but...", you protest, "this is fraud!"

Yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?

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This Is Just Too Funny

I howled. There is a whole slew of them on Youtube.

Don't drink anything while you watch!

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I enjoyed this moment. Trump nailed the evil bitch.

Watch Hillary's reaction, that is what makes it priceless.

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Everybody Knew It Was A Cover-Up

This comes from Worldnet Daily.

Three years ago a woman named Miriam Carey was killed by Secret Service agents. Her crime? She drove up to the White House entrance gate by mistake and attempted to leave. One Secret Service agent dragged a bicycle rack in front of her car which she drove around.

From the piece on,

"“Everybody knew it was a cover-up,” the officer bluntly told WND in an interview.

In fact, he said his fellow officers initially thought, “Someone was going to jail over it because it such an obvious bad shooting.”
“Secret Service policy had been so obviously been violated.”
Specifically, he said, “They all knew it was unlawful to pursue Carey because no felony had been committed.”"

Images from

They killed this woman. They shot her five times in the back and killed her dead. Her baby girl was strapped in her car seat behind her mom.

Now get this, al of the men who did this have lied about it. All of them have participated in the cover-up of a murder. ONE MAN has come forward to tell the truth.

Was this an anomaly? What this a one-off event? Hardly. It is part of the cop culture that when a cop fucks up or even kills someone, ALL cops are expected to rally around the offender and tell the same story he tells. What kind of a man does this? Why, men of the highest integrity of course, men of strong moral character, rock solid good guys who would never do such a thing, superb individuals who have dedicated their lives to "public service".

They murdered a woman in front of her fourteen month old baby girl. They all knew the truth. They all lied about it.  This is not the exception. This is the rule.

(Fuck me! I don't know how to undo this Blogger bullshit!)

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Want PROOF FBI Director Comey Is A Lackey?

Watch the whole thing, but the critical question comes at about five minutes in. If you are short on time, or don't have the patience, fast forward to the 5:00 mark.

The Clinton e-mail "investigation" was a sham.

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The Murder of Lavoy Finicum In Explicit Detail

I saw the link on WarOnGuns, that is David Codrea's Blog. Elias Alias has posted it on his site and it is available on Youtube also.

If you have a heart and two brain cells to rub together, this should sicken you. Anyone watching this video should also remember that this is SOP for the FBI. This is how they kill enemies of the State. In this incident, they got the Oregon State Police to participate in their murder, and give them cover for it. After you watch these videos, go back and watch the police press conferences on Youtube and listen to the lies that were told about how professionally they handled this deadly incident.

Remember, they are proud of themselves.

The Foam bullet he speaks of could be a rubber bullet or a bean bag round.

We keep being told that the cops and FBI agents are men of the highest integrity, best sumbitches who ever shit between two boots, the only thing between you and Mad Max chaos (Eeek! Doesn't that terrify you!!!).

All. Fucking. Lying.

What Do You Mean No Fluoride?

You mean to tell me...

The State of Israel has decided to remove All fluoride from its drinking water.

See the link at

Money quote:

At high levels, fluoride can cause pitted teeth, bone defects and thyroid problems; a study in the medical journal The Lancet earlier this year labeled fluoride a developmental neurotoxin, due to a link between high levels of exposure and reduced IQ in children...


German “acknowledged that the naturally occurring element is beneficial in preventing dental decay,” the Times of Israel reported, “but strongly defended her position in a letter to a medical group, writing that ‘doctors have told me that fluoridation may harm pregnant women, people with thyroid problems and the elderly.’”

So, if I have this right, the Government mandated Fluoriation program has been poisoning us for more than fifty years. Taking fluoride OUT of the water will tend to reverse its poisonous effects on the population. Is that about right? And doctors and scientists know this to be true?

Well, jeepers, why has our government been putting a chemical poisonous to our brains and thyroid glands in our drinking water all these years? Shucks, I wonder.

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You Mean It Was A Sham?

Someone in the Obama administration must have a photo of James Comey in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.

This comes from and lays it all out.

Comey is a political Lackey and never had any intention of doing a real criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Opening Statement:

"From the moment the EmailGate scandal went public more than a year ago, it was obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation never had much enthusiasm for prosecuting Hillary Clinton or her friends. Under President Obama, the FBI grew so politicized that it became impossible for the Bureau to do its job – at least where high-ranking Democrats are concerned."


"This was in fact so highly irregular that Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, pronounced himself “absolutely stunned” by the FBI’s granting of immunity to Cheryl Mills – which he learned of only on Friday. “No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case,” Rep. Chaffetz observed of Comey’s Bureau: “They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”"

Remember, folks, it was most likely Hillary Clinton who ordered this...

and the FBI enthusiastically delivered.

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Keith Lamont Scott Shooting By Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police

The point I want to make is this:

He didn't present the weapon as though to fire. He didn't point it at anyone. He didn't brandish the weapon, that is, he didn't wave it about wildly and in a threatening manner.

He was armed in the presence of policemen. He wasn't groveling. He wasn't rendering obeisance. Those facts alone made him worthy of being killed.

Do you get it? A Tool Of The State may kill at his discretion, when he encounters anyone who is not a policeman and is armed.

Folks, this is DOCTRINE. If a citizen is armed, he is a threat to a policeman's life, period. When a citizen fails grovel and whimper it is an offensive act. Since he is actively threatening the policeman's life he may be engaged.

All the policeman has to do, to justify his action, is recite something like, "He was armed and that made me feel bad."

Now you might say,

"Come on, Longbow. He was just some fat Nigger who's a long criminal record and was high on weed. So fuckin' what if the cops killed him. Who fuckin' cares?"

My response is this:

Since this is doctrine, and YOU endorse it, the same WILL be done to you or someone you love. It will happen. It may not have happened to you or your loved one yet, and since it hasn't happened to you yet, you think it won't. You are wrong. The doctrine you endorse is the doctrine which applies.

Free men grovel and whimper when they encounter a State employee, right? Is that how free men behave?

Is Joe Shit the high school bully suddenly your superior because he dons a State issued costume and bears the Magic Shield?

Is a free man obligated to follow all demands made of him by a State employee?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Prove to me you have the State's permission to bear that arm!"

Are you obligated to obey?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Prostrate yourself so that I may stand on your neck until I feel better!"

Are you obligated to obey?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Stand on your head and sing the French National Anthem!"

Are you obligated to obey?

Those examples are not increasingly ludicrous. They all are equally ludicrous.

You either have a right to your life and your liberty, or you do not.

Any act which is within a man's natural right can never be construed to be evidence of the commission of a crime. Breathing is such an act. Taking a walk at 0400 is such an act. Bearing personal arms at one's own discretion, is such an act.

Now, do you submit, or do you stand manfully and say "No."

Obama Knew About It And Participated

This comes from The Blaze.

The President not only knew of the insecure email system used by Hillary Clinton, he sent emails to her using a pseudonym. That is mens rea.

Quote from The Blaze piece:

"President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email conversations with Hillary Clinton, newly released FBI documents reveal. The revelation came as the federal agency released a second batch of notes from its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state."

"In an interview with Abedin on April 5, 2016, the notes indicate the FBI showed the Clinton confidante an email thread between her boss and Obama, but she did not recognize the name of the sender.
“‘How is this not classified?’” the report said Abedin asked, after being told the sender is believed to have been the president. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”

ANY communications between the Secretary of State and the President is classified. It is secret at least. Both of them showed the highest disregard for security and normal information protocols at the national level.

They just don't care.


Because the enemies of our country are running our country.

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Jeepers, You Don't say...

Are really saying the obvious?

Really? Hanging a sign, such as, hmmmm... How about this one!

Or this one!

Won't lead to this?

Hanging a sign won't stop a terrorist or a criminal or a madman?

Is that what you're saying? REALLY? What has happened to you, Trevor? Have you become one of them "rightwingstreamists"?

Or are you a lying propagandist? There is an agenda here isn't there? There is a program. You tell the people who you want them to think and say it over and over again.

You don't REALLY believe this...

now do you?

I Say Again...

He was shot for failure to grovel.

This story comes from Yahoo News.

image found on google

A pretty girl, out of her league, out of her element, believing herself to be the same as a man when she dons her super-hero costume, shot and killed a man without cause. Well, any rational man would see it as being without cause. But a policeman would see intent to kill in the suspect's actions.

Now Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby will be prosecuted for Manslaughter. Will she be convicted? Probably not. It doesn't matter. This case does not change doctrine.

She repeatedly commanded, "You shall kneel before me!" He didn't kneel! He walked away with his hands in the air! Oh, the unmitigated gall!


"An affidavit filed Thursday says Shelby told police homicide investigators that "she was in fear for her life and thought Mr. Crutcher was going to kill her."

Do you see? When dealing with policemen ANY action other than grovel and whimper WILL be interpreted as an OFFENSIVE act.

Suspect didn't get on his knees and beg forgiveness for his existence = "He was trying to kill me".


Yep, the Land of the Free.

A Communist Runs The CIA. Surprised? You Shouldn't Be.

image from

Our country is run be people who are avowed enemies of our country. CIA director John Brennan says he voted for Communist Party presidential candidate Gus Hall in 1976 . The story com from Alex Jones's Infowars.

Money Quote:

"Brennan, who was accepted into the agency later that year, pointed to his experience as proof of the agency’s evolution – although he says it has a long way to go in regards to the acceptance of gays and minorities."

Yeah, no kidding. Leopards cannot change their spots. Snakes do shed their skins perennially, but they are still snakes.

Read the quotes from

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Aging Gangster Tells What He Knows

This guy is telling what he knows and what he experienced. Listen to him for a couple of minutes.

Remember, our Government, our Department of "Justice" did run Operation Fast and Furious. They did it.

There were tangentially connected operations doing the same thing in other areas. This is exactly what this ex-gang member is describing.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Man Shot For Failure To Grovel

Now why didn't he just drop to his knees and render obeisance? Act worshipful and maybe you'll live.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Instant Karma

Ladies and gentlemen, I propose the winner for the 2016 Darwin Awards.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Playing' Go Fish!

Hey fellers! Hold my beer and watch this...

Now thats fishin'!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Was Handcuffed

Watch the video closeup over and over.

As the woman on Hillary's left side lifts her up by her left arm, her right arm goes further behind her back.

As the man comes up on her right side and pulls her along by her right arm, the restrain on her wrists breaks and can be seen dangling from her right wrist as her arm sweeps to the right from behind her back. That is the aproximate moment we hear and see something metalic dropping on the sidewalk.

Not only is she in ill health, she is collapsing in fear.


Hey, my surmise is as good as yours, right?

See Islam In Action!

The religion of peace strikes again.

"Islam" means "submission". The unspoken rest of it is, "or be murdered".

Go watch the video...

And remember, these evil pieces of shit are proud of themselves. Their peers, who may not want to live this way, will acquiesce in order to preserve themselves from the same fate. This is rule by fear and horror. Yeah, that is a "great religion".

But, you say, this is "radical" islam. I say, "Sure it is".  It is islam in its purest most fundamental form. This is the core principle from whence the rest flows. Conquer, murder, take slaves, repeat.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I Want One!

I want one. Why? Who the fuck is asking? "Need" a machine gun? Who says I must prove a "need" before I own ANY firearm? Who the fuck are you to ask such a question? I WISH to have one so I SHOULD have one. I am a free man and that is enough. 

Fuck Congressman William Hughes from New Jersey and his "sporting purposes".  The same goes for Congressman Charlie Rangel who, as acting speaker, passed the amendment on a voice vote which HE deemed passed.

Fuck Franklin Roosevelt, Homer Cummings, and J. Edgar Hoover for getting Congress to pass the National Firearms Act.

And, those who, by enforcing these shit statutes, violate their oath of office, look in the fucking Mirror.

And On An Airplane

Last one, I promise.

And, The Interview

Parts of this are funny as hell, especially the Airport.

Three Blind Mice... As you've Never Heard It Before!

Dice Clay couldn't do better!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Consider The Alternative...

When the question arises about whether Eurocentric civilization is inherently superior to others, as my Godfather would say, "Consider the alternative".

Is Germany stable and prosperous? Is Russia stable and prosperous? Is Australia? Is Iceland?

Is Yemen stable and prosperous? Is Liberia stable and prosperous? Is South Africa? Is Haiti? Is Mexico?

Ask yourself this question:

If White People of European stock are supplanted by others in Europe and North America, who will create stability and prosperity?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hacking An Election Is Sooooo Simple

Here is how it is done.

It is done.

It is done often.

It will be done again in a couple of months.

God help us!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump On The Invaders

He says he'll let them stay, but... there's no "amnesty".

If they are in our country illegally and YOU allow them to stay, you have granted them AMNESTY.

There is no voting our way out of this. The fix was in generations ago.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Policeman Kills Deaf Man For Failure To Grovel

This story comes from The Daily Mail, but originates in Charlotte, NC.

Money quotes:

Officials said that's when the driver got out of his car and an encounter took place between the driver and the trooper, causing a shot to be fired. Harris died at the scene.

{Note here the statement says the "encounter" caused the round to be fired. It wasn't the policeman's intent, nor the fact that his booger hook was on the trigger of his weapon.}

But witnesses said Harris – who was unarmed – was shot ‘almost immediately’ after he exited his vehicle, WCNC reports.

However, Saunders has said he shot Harris because he was advancing and not following commands, WCCB reports.

Also, CBS News mentioned it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

CCW When Stopped By A Policeman

I recently read this post on Michael Bane's

Michael details his recent encounter with a policeman while carrying his side arm.

Money Quote:

When I was pulled over, I immediately lowered all four windows of my Mini, shut the car off and placed my hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2. The Deputy stopped the car and said, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I said no, my standard response, then continued, “Deputy, before we go any further I want to inform you that I have a current concealed weapons license and that I am presently wearing a loaded and holstered firearm at 3 o’clock on my belt. How to you want me to proceed?”
The Deputy took it all in stride. “I’ll make you a deal; you don’t pull yours and I won’t pull mine. Sound good to you?”
Perfect I said, and asked why I was stopped. I won’t go into the speeding stuff, but he then asked me for my license and registration. Remember, my hands at this point were still at 10 and 2. I said, “My license and registration are in my wallet, which is in my left rear pocket. How would you like me to proceed?”
“Remove your wallet from your pocket, then remove the license and registration and hand them to me.”
I did so, and placed my wallet on the dash and my hands back at 10 and 2.
“I need your insurance card as well?”
“Deputy, my insurance card is in the glove compartment. There is no, I repeat, no firearm in the glove compartment. How do you want me to proceed?”

My reply to Michael's post was,


First I have to say, Policemen are CIVILIANS. They are not part of a military occupation force. They are not Military policemen. They are by definition, CIVILIAN Policemen.

Second, I know everybody wants to "make it easier for the cop", and I agree it shouldn't be more difficult for either party than it needs to be. You and I and all of "the people" of our Republic have a RUGHT to be armed. No free man should be made to beg permission of the State before he exercises a natural right, one secured to him by the Nation's founding document. Would you beg the government's permission to breathe?

No free man should ever think he must FIRST grovel and make excuses for himself just because he encounters a State Employee.

i.e. "Officer, I know I am a mere mortal and all, but I am carrying my side arm in your presence. I do have my permission slip to carry it. Would you permit me to show it to you? I'm sorry and I'll sit rigidly still until you give me your blessing and permission to move. Please don't shoot me..."

No free man should EVER be made to think that is the natural order of things in a "free country".
I would just as soon not mention that I am carrying my side arm or any other weapon. If it is Law in the state to do so, I will. But, If it is not mandated I will not. If a policeman approaches me for any reason, wouldn't it be prudent to assume I am armed, as I have every right to be? And, would't it stand to reason that in a "free country" where every adult citizen is guaranteed, in writing, his right to bear (carry) his personally owned weapons, the cop would and should assume that everyone he meets is probably armed? Wouldn't it also stand to reason that since there are far more good people that bad people in the world, it would be a direct benefit to him if every citizen in the vicinity was armed?

Why then would any free man feel like he must grovel and make excuses for himself whenever he encounters a State employee? "Officer, I know I had the unmitigated gaul to possess a firearm in your presence, but I do have my permission slip. Please don't shoot me and tell me when I have your permission to move!"


Free men! It is your natural right to posses weapons! The State may NOT infringe on that right! You have a Natural right to breathe. You have a Natural right to your own thoughts. You have a Natural right to your life and the fruits thereof. You have a Natural right to defend your life and property. You have a Natural right to be in possession arms at any time. You shouldn't act as though you got caught getting away with a sin (Licentiousness), when exercising ANY of those rights.

Michael, the officer in your encounter said the right thing, "Don't pull yours and I won't pull mine.". That was perfect. That is as it should be in every case. It should go unspoken and understood.

This Is Too Funny

Angry Dykes are funny! Go to THIS LINK and watch for a few seconds. It will make your day.


Here is the whole video.

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Badassery Highlight

I saw this (GO HERE -------->) link, badass of the week,  at

Money Quote:

With all these guys pointing weapons at him, this insane titanium-balled asskicker did the unthinkable.  He brought the Funk.  In one lightning-quick movement, the paratrooper unslung the Tommy gun from his shoulder, swung it around, and blew away the officer with a burst of .45 ACP ammuniton to the chest and abdomen.  That's some Jason Bourne shit right there, but the insanity was just beginning.  After blasting the German so hard that the dude probably flew six feet backwards through the air in slow motion, Funk whipped his weapon around immediately started spraying the Germans behind him with bullets, wasting as many as he could.  Over the sound of full-auto SMG fire, Funk screamed for the captured Americans to get off their asses and grab guns off of the dead Nazis.

Quote from source:  This guy was so tough he trained by parachuting with dogs.  Or something

It is well worth a three minute read.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Good Video About Democrats And Who They Support

Watch and enjoy!

Here is another good short video on Jonestown.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monday, August 08, 2016

The FBI Knew About It In Advance, "Tear up Texas."

This comes from

Money quote:

The Daily Beast recently reported that “days before an ISIS sympathizer attacked a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, he received a text from an undercover FBI agent. ‘Tear up Texas,’ the agent messaged Elton Simpson days before he opened fire at the Draw Muhammad event, according to an affidavit (pdf) filed in federal court Thursday.”

Nothing surprises me anymore. Read the full story at,

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some Good Information On The Jack Yantis Killers

Go to the below website and read. There is a wealth of information there.

This is one of the men who killed Jack Yantis.

His name is Brian Wood. Justice has yet to prevail.

This is what fellow Law Imposement officers think of Brian Wood. They will alert each other but NOT alert the "civilian" populace.  Go to the link above to read it in full. By the way, Sheriff Zollman says he will gladly have these two killers back on the job. Just a protectin' and a servin'...

Who Is Your Neighbor?

But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

This story should warm your heart. It is an example of what each of us is morally bound to do if we have the means. The obligation, more clearly stated, is, "FIND A WAY!" Just do it.

A Single mom with four children was broken down. No one would help. She felt helplessness and despair. One man took pity and did the right thing. He paid for a tow for her broken down truck. He gave her a ride home. He hired a mechanic to do repairs to het truck. He asked her only to never give up and to continue being a good mother. 

I have been in similar situations. I have felt helplessness and despair. I have felt what it is like when people pass you by. I have found true friends, where I expected to be abandoned. I have been mercifully humbled. I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. I pray that I may be to another, what this mystery man was to a single mother, a good neighbor.

 In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”
Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”
Indeed, even it is is a "Samaritan".

Friday, July 29, 2016

Speaking Of The Vast Majority

A policeman stomps across the street, assaults a citizen, theaters violence, and arrests him. The citizen was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation.

The Vast Majority strikes again.

Members Of The Vast Majority Cleared In the Murder Of Jack Yantis

This another predictable case of the Police investigating the Police and finding the Police did no wrong... according to the Police. The Idaho Attorney General has decided the Deputies, who killed Jack Yantis, did no wrong and therefor will not face charges.

Jack Yantis was murdered. But since the killers, Cody Roland and  Brian Wood, were members of Law Imposement, and of the Vast Majority, they get away with killing an innocent rancher who was trying to do the right thing.

However, Mr. Yantis committed a cardinal sin. He bore arms in the presence of the Gang. He wasn't groveling. He wasn't showing deference. He didn't render obeisance. Immediately after killing Jack Yantis, one of the killers turned his weapon on Donna Yantis and threatened her life, forced her to the ground, and put her in handcuffs. She soon thereafter suffered a heart attack.

Go to this link and listen to the audio of Deputy Cody Roland being coached as to how the events transpired.

Dispatcher to concerned citizen, "We've got that taken care of." Yeah you did. You had more members of The Gang coming to make sure the murderers had cover.

Listen to the other audio testimony from eye witnesses at the link also.

Donna Yantis

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Rowdy Paradis

Part 1.

Part 2.

Deputy Brian Wood

Deputy Cody Roland

As to whether Jack Yantis fired his weapon, and neither deputy is sure about it, someone HAD TO clear that rifle BEFORE it was entered into evidence. Someone KNOWS if the rifle was fired or not. Someone picked up that rifle, worked the bolt, and emptied the chamber. Either a loaded round came out, or a spent piece of brass came out. The State Police, conducting the interviews, already KNOW.

Members of the Vast Majority, are you so daft, obtuse, contemptuous of the people you "serve" as to think you'll get away with this in perpetuity? Do you realize that when you cover for murderers in your own ranks, you are saying, "I am he and he is me." ?

Do you have any idea what you're doing? Do you realize your veil of credibility, stretched thin as onion paper over the last thirty years, has a ten thousand holes in it?

Border Patrol Agents Sexually Molest Innocent Woman

I have reported on digital rape by Law Imposement before. It turns my stomach. It should yours also.

The complaint can be read at the following link.

In short, a middle aged woman takes a day trip to Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, opposite from EL Paso. She crosses back and when her passport is swiped, she is selected to additional screening. When a drug dog jumps up on her, a series of invasive procedures begins.

She is digitally (and with a speculum) raped in front of several people, all Government Employees. She is taken to University Medical Center Hospital and forced to evacuate her bowels in front of witnesses. She was subjected to a gynecological examination and x-rays. She was again digitally raped, in both her anus and vagina.

The Government Thugs then demanded she sign a retroactive "content to search" form or be billed, $5000.00, for her own rape and humiliation.

She refused to sign. She filed suit. She settled for just under half a million dollars.

Here is another example. In this incident a young woman, nineteen years old, was treated the same way.

This is rampant evil.

Oh, one more thing. I'm sure the "Vast Majority" in Law Imposement are super duper good guys who would never do such a thing... right?

Right now, somewhere, a Law Imposement agent is saying, "Well, that didn't happen in MY agency/ department/unit/section..." At some point along that line, it sure as fuck did! And YOU didn't do a damned thing to stop it, did you?

Remember, folks, they are proud of themselves. They believe they did the right thing. They believe they cannot be wrong.

Government employed THUGS, I pray God will have mercy on you. If this kind of thing ever happens to my wife, daughter, sister or mother, I will not be able to conceive of the concept of "mercy". There will be justice, swift and sure. The "Legal System" will have nothing to do with it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shoot 'em, Cuff 'em, Wait For 'em to Bleed Out

This is a piece worth reading. I have been thinking the same thing.


"The ubiquity of cellphone, dashcam and surveillance video has transformed the way the public understands police violence. But as scene after scene unfolds on shaky screens and in grainy contours, another element of the violence is beginning to come into focus: the pattern of officers showing no concern for the person they have shot, often fatally.
The nonchalance around the injured and the dying is stunning in its own way."
It does raise the question, why is this the case. The answer is utterly simple.

Dead men tell no tales.