Tuesday, July 19, 2016

An Amazing Shot!

This piece from The Blaze tells us something more specific about this amazing shot taken by a Police Sniper in Baton rouge

Elite police SWAT sniper, deadly to 100 yards. Sometimes even further!

Money Quote:

"But the SWAT member’s shot, he argued, is exactly why militarized tactics are needed. The rifleman took out gunman Gavin Long while more than 100 yards away..."

Really? Wow! Over ONE HUNDRED YARDS! It would seem policemen have powers and abilities above and beyond those of mortal men.



"...without a clear line of sight, Dabadie told CNN."mm,
hmm... 'nuff said.

Now, I have no problem with police having a trained designated marksman. I have no problem with a department in a large urban area having a group of men trained to handle, in extremis, hostage type situations. 

Was putting down a madman making mayhem on the community the right thing to do? YES! 

What I find curious, is that Chiefs of police like the one in Cleveland go about saying that mere mortals, you know, "civilians", shouldn't be "permitted" to carry weapons. By the way, I haven't heard a peep out of the rank and file policemen who work the street. That Vast Majority we often hear of who support the people's right to be armed, have not said a word to the contrary of their Chief. They declare a task this simple  to be something amazing. Only a specially trained and anointed SWAT cop could have shot a man sized target at such an extreme range. Why, mere mortals couldn't dream of executing such a feat. 

It is a damned good thing we sheep have sheepdogs to herd and control protect us.

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Crotalus said...

Hell, I did that with open sights!