Friday, July 29, 2016

Border Patrol Agents Sexually Molest Innocent Woman

I have reported on digital rape by Law Imposement before. It turns my stomach. It should yours also.

The complaint can be read at the following link.

In short, a middle aged woman takes a day trip to Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, opposite from EL Paso. She crosses back and when her passport is swiped, she is selected to additional screening. When a drug dog jumps up on her, a series of invasive procedures begins.

She is digitally (and with a speculum) raped in front of several people, all Government Employees. She is taken to University Medical Center Hospital and forced to evacuate her bowels in front of witnesses. She was subjected to a gynecological examination and x-rays. She was again digitally raped, in both her anus and vagina.

The Government Thugs then demanded she sign a retroactive "content to search" form or be billed, $5000.00, for her own rape and humiliation.

She refused to sign. She filed suit. She settled for just under half a million dollars.

Here is another example. In this incident a young woman, nineteen years old, was treated the same way.

This is rampant evil.

Oh, one more thing. I'm sure the "Vast Majority" in Law Imposement are super duper good guys who would never do such a thing... right?

Right now, somewhere, a Law Imposement agent is saying, "Well, that didn't happen in MY agency/ department/unit/section..." At some point along that line, it sure as fuck did! And YOU didn't do a damned thing to stop it, did you?

Remember, folks, they are proud of themselves. They believe they did the right thing. They believe they cannot be wrong.

Government employed THUGS, I pray God will have mercy on you. If this kind of thing ever happens to my wife, daughter, sister or mother, I will not be able to conceive of the concept of "mercy". There will be justice, swift and sure. The "Legal System" will have nothing to do with it.

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