Thursday, September 24, 2015

The MRAP Proves Who Big Daddy Is

MRAP's: All the Cool Cop Shops are getting them!

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I saw this link from David Codrea's If you don't read David Codrea's blog every day, you should.

It seems the Salt Lake City police have a new MRAP vehicle. Why, you ask? To protect themselves from all those heavily armed "civilians" they believe will be shooting at them, of course! Why do they believe "civilians" will be shooting at policemen? Uhhhmmmmm... they'll not answer that just now, thank you.

But, I will. The policemen see themselves as at war with the community they "serve". They see YOU as the enemy. They are actively taught that each and every time they approach a mere mortal "civilian", he will most likely try to kill them. They have that mindset about YOU.

You don't believe that? See this video:

Do you have that mindset about them? No? Why not? Because you don't see yourself as being at war with your own community. The difference is, THEY sought out a job where they could go around wielding power over their neighbors. You did not. They look for reasons to use force against their neighbors. You do not.

The press' sycophantic relationship with all things Government is sickening. Which leads me to the piece linked from WarOnGuns.

Money quote:

“I think people should be aware that in the Salt Lake Valley there are hundreds, if not thousands, of 50-caliber rifles in the possession of civilians," Winder said."

Dear Lord! Mere mortals possess these fifty caliber rifles? Now if they were restricted to .499 caliber rifles I could feel better about this, but what would a mere mortal "civilian" NEED with a fifty? Who do they think they are? Free men or something?

"With the proper permit, these big guns are legal to own."

Oh, so you beg permission from Big Daddy first. And Big Daddy gets to decide who gets to play and who doesn't. I get it. So you kiss Big Daddy's ass first, (and everybody knows Big Daddy deserves to have his ass kissed, after all he's Big Daddy). Then beg permission. Then Big Daddy tells you Yea or Nay depending on how he feels at the moment, or more likely, how he feels about YOU. Then you pay big daddy something, you know, like an offering to appease a god. Then, if all is well for you that day, Big Daddy issues a permission slip which you get to keep for a period of time. When the permission period expires, you can go back and beg again!

Who is Big Daddy? He's the one driving that shiny new MRAP! You know the one. It is tall and scary looking, has all the armor plate and can't be penetrated by any of those FIFTY caliber rifles he has benevolently permitted the mere mortal population to possess.