Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Federal Judge Restrains Feds... For A Change

This comes from Reuters.

It seems the DEA and other Law Imposement agencies have used a technology known generically as Stingray. Read about it here.

So, in this case a Federal Judge has ruled that using this technology and technique is injurious to the right protected by the Fourth Amendment.

Money quote:

For the first time, a federal judge has suppressed evidence obtained without a warrant by U.S. law enforcement using a stingray, a surveillance device that can trick suspects' cell phones into revealing their locations.

U.S. District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan on Tuesday ruled that defendant Raymond Lambis' rights were violated when the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration used such a device without a warrant to find his Washington Heights apartment.
Now, whatcha wanna bet the Supreme Court of the United States will overturn this ruling? I mean, we need to stretch the Fourth Amendment as thin as possible don't we? You know, so that Law Imposement will have all the tools needed to entrap and persecute track and prosecute criminals, the criminally minded, and those who have yet to commit their crimes but might think about it sometime.  
The way of the future for Law Imposement is to cast a wide net. Cast a wide and net and you're sure to ensnare something. Anything you "catch" you can call "criminal". That is the way public control peace and prosperity is assured.

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