Friday, August 03, 2012

The Lizard Farmer Nails it.

Go read this piece from The Lizard Farmer. Go now and read it in it's entirety.

Here is the money quote,

"That brings me to another point that you have sorely overlooked.  You see Jim some people spend the majority of their adult life in the military.  Some get out after a few years.  Some spend their entire careers training and honing the skills to fight and have actual experience that has honed those skills.  That population includes not only regular troops but special operations veterans as well.  A conservative estimate would be there’s thousands that still take their oaths seriously – and among them is a large percentage of experts capable of training an insurgency unlike anything ever seen on the planet.  Bring all of the technology you want – helos, armor, drones, it doesn’t matter.  Guys like me are all over the population and have the skills and experience to interdict those systems.  Are we the threat?  Nope – the people we’re going to train would be.  You can scream “That’s illegal!” and yeah it is.  But you would have already made us all criminals by implementing an unconstitutional law.  Some men (and women) so strongly believe in freedom and liberty that they will resist.  And given that the atrocities you would have to execute to reach the goal of complete disarmament would make those numbers consistently grow.  It’s all Insurgency 101."

The matter is stated clearly and in a concise manner. Anyone on the other side, suggesting the wrong course of action, would do well to read this first.