Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Thoughts on Ruck Marching.

The discussion originated on Westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com and I thought it would be good to post this here also.

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Some thoughts on rucking:

The following applies to the ALICE series of ruck sacks. I use an ALICE Large.

There is a stitch in the quick-release on your shoulder straps, cut that stitch so that the quick-release actually works like it is supposed to.

Route your cinch straps back up over the top of the ruck frame BEFORE you send them through the keepers on the ruck flap and then into the buckles. The stitching which holds your ruck together will last longer.

Stow those cinch straps in the empty space behind the outside pockets of your ruck. Don't be a slacker/leg/pogue looking like he doesn't know what he is doing in the field.

Load your ruck with the weight as high and centered as you can possibly make it. A man's center of gravity is in his chest and shoulders. That is where the weight should be.

I have always tied off/taped off the back pad on the ruck. I tighten it as much as I can then tape off the straps against the frame. It will get in the way when you have to drop ruck quickly. It is also "stuff" that you shouldn't worry about. Simplify things.

Keep the top of the shoulder straps tightened as close to the frame as you can wear them comfortably. If those straps are long the ruck will ride further down your back. See comment above.

Tape off all remaining loose ends. Don't be a slacker/leg/pogue.

Always use a waterproof bag inside your rucksack. Double layer it if you have two. If not, try a compactor bag inside your G.I. waterproof bag.

This is important! When training, do not carry large loads or heavy weights. It is important to train for mobility first. Put in 35 pounds to start. Again, make sure your load is high and centered. Work on your speed. Then increase your load in 10 pound increments. A sandbag fits nicely inside the radio pouch against the frame.. When you can comfortably road march 4 to 4.5 miles per hour with moderate weight, then start adding poundage. If you can move like a cat in the woods and a speed demon on the trail, you can wear any weight required. Condition yourself first.

Don't go for long distances when training/conditioning. Do 6-8 miles a couple of times a week. Again, work on your speed. Stretch that stride. Do a 12 or 15 miler once a month or so. This will help condition the mind. An all night 24 miler will only wear you out and get you to thinking you really don't want to do this. It may be necessary at some point,  but not in the conditioning phase.

Remember, the mission dictates the load your carry. Actions on the objective will not require a 90 pound ruck, you'll ditch that before hand. When you do drop that heavy ruck and prepare for action, you'll feel like you're floating.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Report of Thugs in Action

This one comes from Pro Liberate by way of Battlefield USA and is illustrative of the degeneracy of our public officials.

The clencher:

"Of course,  the most significant fact in this case – namely, that Uhrig and his partner broke the law by invading Miller’s home and assaulting her in front of her family – was established beyond dispute at the October 2012 suppression hearing. From the instant he crossed the threshold of Miller’s home without a warrant or permission, Uhrig became an armed robber. In a genuinely civilized society, he would have been treated as such at the point of his crime – or, at least, subject to the appropriate criminal penalties after the fact." 

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We put up with Thugs. Thugs who wear a Super Hero costume and bear a Magic Shield. They tell us, "I'm a Law Imposement Officer and I will fuck you up and get away with it! I'll beat the shit out of you then charge you with assault on a Police Officer! I'll invade your home and terrorize your family whenever it pleases me! You better just lay down and piss on yourself or I will FUCKING KILL YOU!"

As The Eagles sang, How long... How long...?

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Thugs become Murderes, in Action...

I have seen this story from various sources over the last couple of days. I was not there. I do not know exactly what happened. I am reading that two cops tasered the psychotic, ninety pound, eighteen-year-old, had him held to the ground and a third cop shot him dead.

This is the dangerous psychotic criminal, wielding a screwdriver, who needed to be shot in front of his parents.

I was not there. I do not know everything that happened. I do know this, there are hundreds of videos like this one...


and this one...


and this one...


I also know that the two cops who didn't shoot the psychotic young man, didn't lift a finger to arrest the cop who did. I do know that cops have less and less credibility with the citizens they "service".

The cop who killed the young man is now on paid administrative leave... pending the internal investigation and the ultimate exoneration. The Gang will protect its own. All involved officers went home at the end of their shifts.

Reject The Premise! You Owe Them Nothing!

The welfare class says, "I exist! Therefor you owe me money!

The Government tax agent says, "You exist! Therefor you owe me money!

Now, do you really?