Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FBI Says: No Murders in Newtown Connecticut in 2012

                                (image found on Google)                                           

I saw this very thing on another blog (, so I decided to search it my self.

I plugged these search terms into Google, "FBI uniform crime report 2012 Connecticut".

Google brought me to this page:

So I scroll down the page there, paying close attention to the third column, "Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter", until I find the city of Newtown. I look at the third column and...

Lo and Behold! No murders in Newtown in 2012!

Well, shucks by golly! They wouldn't lie to us... would they?

Go look for yourself. Then pass it on!

Governors in New York and Colorado used this psy-op to pass control legislation and further restrict the liberties of formerly free people. They do not care what tool they have to use to advance their agenda. Lies are not only permitted, they are obligatory if that particular tool advances their agenda. They call in "Progress".

Think about this also. There hasn't been one Newtown Policeman, not one single Connecticut State Policeman, nor a single FBI agent come forward to tell the TRUTH about this. Not one. Good guys, all.