Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dallas Police Chief Says, "Everyone But The Police Should Be Disarmed."

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote this about the recent Dallas shootings,

"The public has been cowed by similar indoctrination. "The police don't know if you're a good guy or a bad guy. The police MUST get control of the situation. Citizens should just let the police handle it. If you are carrying your weapon and encounter a policeman, behave submissively, and everything should be fine." Etc, etc, etc..."


Today, I read from PressTV that Dallas Police Chief has said, publicly, the following,

“It is increasingly challenging when people have AR-15's slung over, and shootings occur in a crowd. And they begin running, and we don’t know if they are a shooter or not,” Brown said at a news conference Monday.
“We don’t know who the 'good guy' versus who the 'bad guy' is, if everybody starts shooting,” he added.
Now, the Chief of police, who speaks for the entire department, says that nobody should be armed except the police. Why? because the police don't know good guys from bad guys. Why? Because if you are armed. The policeman assumes you are a bad guy. Why? Because you are armed and you are not a policeman. That is why.
A couple of days ago, I said this,
"No matter how trained, prepared, and willing a person, or percentage of persons might be, the police, in a tense situation such as Dallas, will see an armed citizen as a threat. THIS is what MUST change."
Police do NOT see the average armed citizen as an advantage. He cannot envision a situation where an armed citizen may come to his aid. He will give lip service to the "right to bear arms, but doesn't REALLY want Joe Citizen to "bear arms", particularly not in his presence. Why? Because you are not him. You are not a member of his organization. He firmly believes that only himself and members of his Gang should be armed. He believes that YOU are an incompetent boob who will shoot him because you are a mere "civilian" and not a select and anointed 'only one".
The reality is the other way around. 
Oscar Grant comes to mind. 
Eric Scott comes to mind. 
Michael McCloskey Comes to mind. 
Andrew Thomas comes to mind.
John T. Williams comes to mind.
Let us not forget the Godfather of the "Only Ones", Lee Paige.

OK. What is the answer? Carry openly EVERYWHERE it is legal to do so! Carry concealed where you must. Get the public, and especially the Policemen, in your community conditioned to seeing honest law abiding citizens carrying their weapons with them.
Policemen, get this point:
An armed citizen is NOT a threat to you until and unless he presents a threat to you! A free man, any free man, has a natural right, secured by the highest law in the land, to "carry his weapons(s) with him as he goes about his own business! I say again, A citizen's right to CARRY his firearm(s) with him on a daily basis is the HIGHEST LAW IN THE LAND! He does NOT deserve to be eyeballed up and down and questioned by a uniformed agent of the State as to why he is exercising a natural right. He does NOT deserve to be stopped, harassed, threatened, bullied, or derided. If he has broken no law, threatened no person, and damaged no property, leave him the hell alone!
Traffic stops:
You policemen are trained/conditioned/indoctrinated to believe that every person you stop for a traffic infraction is going to try to kill you. This is false. You are shown videos like this one,

and told this happens every day. It does NOT happen to YOU every day. It doesn't happen to someone in your department every day. It doesn't even happen in your State every day. Does it happen sometimes? Yes. Almost universally these are felons with nothing to lose by shooting it out. Should you be careful and be aware? By all means yes! Should you work to preserve your life? Yes, you should. Is every citizen in your state a violent maniac looking for a reason to kill you? No!
Given the above examples of citizens shot without reason, should every citizen, who sees a policeman approaching, assume, "This cop intends to kill me!"? 
Should he take up a defensive posture, place his hand on his sidearm, and order you to prove your intentions? Would he be prudent to force you to produce a State issued Photo ID, proving you are really a policeman? Should you be made to answer questions about where you've been, where you're going, why you're out so late? What if a citizen approaches you, demands to see your ID, declares he smells marijuana on you and says you must now prove you don't have methamphetamine stuck up your ass? Would you like that?
This is the way citizens are treated by policemen in our country every day. This is not about Black lives Matter. This is not about profiling. It is not about any of the other catch phrases we hear each day on the news. This is about liberty and rights.
An armed citizen could be an asset to you. A man who has been finger printed, gone through  required training, had his mugshot taken, paid money, and received a permission slip from the State, to do what should be done of right, is NOT a knucklehead who will fuck up at the first opportunity. (With that in mind, you should neither assume that any armed citizen who chooses to carry openly is therefor a knucklehead, etc. A free man should never be made to beg permission in the first place. Natural rights, remember?)
On the contrary, he has proven himself legally. He practices situational awareness as you do. He avoids confrontations and trouble like the plague. 
But there is one other thing about him you must remember. He is probably more proficient with his weapon(s) that 90% of the men on your police force. He practices his skill at arms regularly, unlike 90% of the men on your police force. 
If you are in a potential life and death situation, you had better be praying there is at least one, of not half a dozen armed citizens within a stone's throw. There should be! They would help you if you asked for it. 
But that is not how you think. It never occurs to you to simply ask help of your fellow citizens. You will rely ONLY on the other members of your Gang, who are minutes away. This puts your life at greater risk. Your fellow citizens could be an asset to you at any time, but you refuse to recognize it. 
Your police Chief speaks for you and tells the public that only select and anointed "Only Ones" like Lee Paige should bear arms. 
In Dallas last week, there should have been a hundred armed citizens helping the police in that shoot out with the terrorist. 
Study the last ride of the Dalton Gang in 1892. The Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks simultaneously. Citizens recognized what was going down and armed themselves. As the robbers exited the banks, citizens engaged them in a gun fight. The Dalton Gang ended there and then.
But, you say, "Yeah, but Coffeyville, didn't have a professional police force..."
You are correct. The citizens of Coffeyville weren't cowed into passivity and submission either.

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