Sunday, October 02, 2016

Everybody Knew It Was A Cover-Up

This comes from Worldnet Daily.

Three years ago a woman named Miriam Carey was killed by Secret Service agents. Her crime? She drove up to the White House entrance gate by mistake and attempted to leave. One Secret Service agent dragged a bicycle rack in front of her car which she drove around.

From the piece on,

"“Everybody knew it was a cover-up,” the officer bluntly told WND in an interview.

In fact, he said his fellow officers initially thought, “Someone was going to jail over it because it such an obvious bad shooting.”
“Secret Service policy had been so obviously been violated.”
Specifically, he said, “They all knew it was unlawful to pursue Carey because no felony had been committed.”"

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They killed this woman. They shot her five times in the back and killed her dead. Her baby girl was strapped in her car seat behind her mom.

Now get this, al of the men who did this have lied about it. All of them have participated in the cover-up of a murder. ONE MAN has come forward to tell the truth.

Was this an anomaly? What this a one-off event? Hardly. It is part of the cop culture that when a cop fucks up or even kills someone, ALL cops are expected to rally around the offender and tell the same story he tells. What kind of a man does this? Why, men of the highest integrity of course, men of strong moral character, rock solid good guys who would never do such a thing, superb individuals who have dedicated their lives to "public service".

They murdered a woman in front of her fourteen month old baby girl. They all knew the truth. They all lied about it.  This is not the exception. This is the rule.

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