Saturday, September 24, 2016

Keith Lamont Scott Shooting By Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police

The point I want to make is this:

He didn't present the weapon as though to fire. He didn't point it at anyone. He didn't brandish the weapon, that is, he didn't wave it about wildly and in a threatening manner.

He was armed in the presence of policemen. He wasn't groveling. He wasn't rendering obeisance. Those facts alone made him worthy of being killed.

Do you get it? A Tool Of The State may kill at his discretion, when he encounters anyone who is not a policeman and is armed.

Folks, this is DOCTRINE. If a citizen is armed, he is a threat to a policeman's life, period. When a citizen fails grovel and whimper it is an offensive act. Since he is actively threatening the policeman's life he may be engaged.

All the policeman has to do, to justify his action, is recite something like, "He was armed and that made me feel bad."

Now you might say,

"Come on, Longbow. He was just some fat Nigger who's a long criminal record and was high on weed. So fuckin' what if the cops killed him. Who fuckin' cares?"

My response is this:

Since this is doctrine, and YOU endorse it, the same WILL be done to you or someone you love. It will happen. It may not have happened to you or your loved one yet, and since it hasn't happened to you yet, you think it won't. You are wrong. The doctrine you endorse is the doctrine which applies.

Free men grovel and whimper when they encounter a State employee, right? Is that how free men behave?

Is Joe Shit the high school bully suddenly your superior because he dons a State issued costume and bears the Magic Shield?

Is a free man obligated to follow all demands made of him by a State employee?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Prove to me you have the State's permission to bear that arm!"

Are you obligated to obey?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Prostrate yourself so that I may stand on your neck until I feel better!"

Are you obligated to obey?

You hear,

"You there! Stop! Stand on your head and sing the French National Anthem!"

Are you obligated to obey?

Those examples are not increasingly ludicrous. They all are equally ludicrous.

You either have a right to your life and your liberty, or you do not.

Any act which is within a man's natural right can never be construed to be evidence of the commission of a crime. Breathing is such an act. Taking a walk at 0400 is such an act. Bearing personal arms at one's own discretion, is such an act.

Now, do you submit, or do you stand manfully and say "No."

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