Saturday, November 26, 2016

He Became A Good Communist!

Mass murderer dead, finally.

Just last night, Fidel Castro became a Good Communist. After fifty-seven years, Fidel Castro went from being a live breathing communist to a dead, decaying, rotting, stinking communist, making him a Good communist for the first time in his existence on this earth. The argument can be made that he was stinking of decay the whole time. I wouldn't disagree with that. But semantics aside, he finally had the decency to croak, bless his heart. As Christians we must pray for his soul. At the same time, we must not be shy of the idea that ultimate justice is served.

During is existence on the earth he did what communists do. He provided his people with what you would provide for your dog, food, shelter and obedience training. He also did what all communists do. He murdered thousands of Cuban people wholesale. To him, as with all communists, ANYONE who opposed the IDEA of communism was worthy of nothing but death, liquidation, elimination, murder, cleansing, etc... Use any euphemism you like. Murder is what communists do. Murder is what he and his brother Raul did. Murder is what Che Guevara did. Like scorpions, it is in their nature.

Good riddance.

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GenEarly said...

and now the DemocRats will eulogize and praise the "good things" Castro accomplished like Governmental Health Care and Governmental Education, "Free" for "everyone". Then say the USSA must be able to pivk and choose the good parts of communism.....Oops, Obamy already said that.
Communism seems to "work" better after the ditches are filled with the dead bodies of shot "Deplorables".
But, it's nothing "personal" just moving "Forward", Comrades.