Tuesday, September 13, 2016

See Islam In Action!

The religion of peace strikes again.

"Islam" means "submission". The unspoken rest of it is, "or be murdered".

Go watch the video...


And remember, these evil pieces of shit are proud of themselves. Their peers, who may not want to live this way, will acquiesce in order to preserve themselves from the same fate. This is rule by fear and horror. Yeah, that is a "great religion".

But, you say, this is "radical" islam. I say, "Sure it is".  It is islam in its purest most fundamental form. This is the core principle from whence the rest flows. Conquer, murder, take slaves, repeat.

1 comment:

Walter Zoomie said...

The last mooslime isis snuff porn vid I watched was them torching the fighter pilot.

No more. Nothing they do shocks me.

The only video I'll watch now is whenever Mecca and Medina get nuked.