Monday, August 15, 2016

Badassery Highlight

I saw this (GO HERE -------->) link, badass of the week,  at

Money Quote:

With all these guys pointing weapons at him, this insane titanium-balled asskicker did the unthinkable.  He brought the Funk.  In one lightning-quick movement, the paratrooper unslung the Tommy gun from his shoulder, swung it around, and blew away the officer with a burst of .45 ACP ammuniton to the chest and abdomen.  That's some Jason Bourne shit right there, but the insanity was just beginning.  After blasting the German so hard that the dude probably flew six feet backwards through the air in slow motion, Funk whipped his weapon around immediately started spraying the Germans behind him with bullets, wasting as many as he could.  Over the sound of full-auto SMG fire, Funk screamed for the captured Americans to get off their asses and grab guns off of the dead Nazis.

Quote from source:  This guy was so tough he trained by parachuting with dogs.  Or something

It is well worth a three minute read.

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