Thursday, August 18, 2016

CCW When Stopped By A Policeman

I recently read this post on Michael Bane's

Michael details his recent encounter with a policeman while carrying his side arm.

Money Quote:

When I was pulled over, I immediately lowered all four windows of my Mini, shut the car off and placed my hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2. The Deputy stopped the car and said, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I said no, my standard response, then continued, “Deputy, before we go any further I want to inform you that I have a current concealed weapons license and that I am presently wearing a loaded and holstered firearm at 3 o’clock on my belt. How to you want me to proceed?”
The Deputy took it all in stride. “I’ll make you a deal; you don’t pull yours and I won’t pull mine. Sound good to you?”
Perfect I said, and asked why I was stopped. I won’t go into the speeding stuff, but he then asked me for my license and registration. Remember, my hands at this point were still at 10 and 2. I said, “My license and registration are in my wallet, which is in my left rear pocket. How would you like me to proceed?”
“Remove your wallet from your pocket, then remove the license and registration and hand them to me.”
I did so, and placed my wallet on the dash and my hands back at 10 and 2.
“I need your insurance card as well?”
“Deputy, my insurance card is in the glove compartment. There is no, I repeat, no firearm in the glove compartment. How do you want me to proceed?”

My reply to Michael's post was,


First I have to say, Policemen are CIVILIANS. They are not part of a military occupation force. They are not Military policemen. They are by definition, CIVILIAN Policemen.

Second, I know everybody wants to "make it easier for the cop", and I agree it shouldn't be more difficult for either party than it needs to be. You and I and all of "the people" of our Republic have a RUGHT to be armed. No free man should be made to beg permission of the State before he exercises a natural right, one secured to him by the Nation's founding document. Would you beg the government's permission to breathe?

No free man should ever think he must FIRST grovel and make excuses for himself just because he encounters a State Employee.

i.e. "Officer, I know I am a mere mortal and all, but I am carrying my side arm in your presence. I do have my permission slip to carry it. Would you permit me to show it to you? I'm sorry and I'll sit rigidly still until you give me your blessing and permission to move. Please don't shoot me..."

No free man should EVER be made to think that is the natural order of things in a "free country".
I would just as soon not mention that I am carrying my side arm or any other weapon. If it is Law in the state to do so, I will. But, If it is not mandated I will not. If a policeman approaches me for any reason, wouldn't it be prudent to assume I am armed, as I have every right to be? And, would't it stand to reason that in a "free country" where every adult citizen is guaranteed, in writing, his right to bear (carry) his personally owned weapons, the cop would and should assume that everyone he meets is probably armed? Wouldn't it also stand to reason that since there are far more good people that bad people in the world, it would be a direct benefit to him if every citizen in the vicinity was armed?

Why then would any free man feel like he must grovel and make excuses for himself whenever he encounters a State employee? "Officer, I know I had the unmitigated gaul to possess a firearm in your presence, but I do have my permission slip. Please don't shoot me and tell me when I have your permission to move!"


Free men! It is your natural right to posses weapons! The State may NOT infringe on that right! You have a Natural right to breathe. You have a Natural right to your own thoughts. You have a Natural right to your life and the fruits thereof. You have a Natural right to defend your life and property. You have a Natural right to be in possession arms at any time. You shouldn't act as though you got caught getting away with a sin (Licentiousness), when exercising ANY of those rights.

Michael, the officer in your encounter said the right thing, "Don't pull yours and I won't pull mine.". That was perfect. That is as it should be in every case. It should go unspoken and understood.

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