Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Murder of Lavoy Finicum In Explicit Detail

I saw the link on WarOnGuns, that is David Codrea's Blog. Elias Alias has posted it on his site and it is available on Youtube also.

If you have a heart and two brain cells to rub together, this should sicken you. Anyone watching this video should also remember that this is SOP for the FBI. This is how they kill enemies of the State. In this incident, they got the Oregon State Police to participate in their murder, and give them cover for it. After you watch these videos, go back and watch the police press conferences on Youtube and listen to the lies that were told about how professionally they handled this deadly incident.

Remember, they are proud of themselves.

The Foam bullet he speaks of could be a rubber bullet or a bean bag round.

We keep being told that the cops and FBI agents are men of the highest integrity, best sumbitches who ever shit between two boots, the only thing between you and Mad Max chaos (Eeek! Doesn't that terrify you!!!).

All. Fucking. Lying.

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