Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So, The Cop Has Been Charged

Remember this?

I said then that the killer would not be charged, and that his Gang would protect him.

It seems now that the killer has been charged.

Will he be convicted? If tried in the vicinity of where the killing occurred he will. If the venue is changed to grant him a jury of his own peers, then he may or may not.

But the lesson remains.

This is what I said before,

"One must understand the killer's mindset. In his mind, EVERYONE MUST grovel before members of The Gang. No subject should be armed in his presence. Anyone who is armed in his presence and who is NOT a member of The Gang, MUST intend to kill him. That is the way he his trained and indoctrinated. He believed he was right and just to commit murder because he experienced a moment of fear and confusion. The subject failed to grovel. The subject was confident. The subject was armed (even with permission from the State).

By trying to be honest and law abiding he alerted the killer to the fact that he believed himself to be a free man. The subject attempted to comply with the law as per the legal requirement under the conditions of his "permission to carry". He reached for his wallet, attempting to comply with the killer's demands for his permission to travel documents. As he was doing this, the killer attempted to processed the new "subject is armed" information through his pea brain. He gave a new command of "Don't reach for your wallet!". In the next half second, as the victim was in the process of withdrawing his wallet, he was also attempting to process the new and conflicting command "Don't reach for your wallet!" In the half second it took for the victim to process the conflicting command, the killer was experiencing an extreme adverse emotional state. He observed the victim doing something other than complying with his latest conflicting command. The victim was doing something other than groveling in fear. The killer interpreted this as an offensive act. The killer's training and indoctrination required him to engage."

Unless the killer is convicted, the lesson will continue to apply. ANYONE who is armed and doesn't grovel before a Tool of the State, will be considered a threat to the Tool's life. The Tool will act according to his Gang's indoctrination. If the killer is convicted, there may be a reassessment of current doctrine, at least in the Killer's department. One can hope that reasonable people on a jury will see the bald faced wrongness of this killing, and hold the killer responsible.

One can hope.

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