Saturday, February 18, 2012

They'll Call us Names No Matter What We Do

This piece by TL Davis hits the ball outta the park. We must stop engaging the enemy on his terms. They'll call us names no matter what we do. No amount of niceness we can offer will cause our enemies to be nice back to us, but niceness is what they demand. If we use accurate and descriptive terms, according to them it is "name calling". If we stick to our principles we are being "obstructionist", "obstinate", and "unwilling to compromise". If we get too close to the elemental truth and dare to expose communists for what and who they are, we are being "haters".

Remember, folks, objectivity is not found halfway between the truth and a lie. There can be no compromise between food and poison. There is no liberty while one is wearing shackles, no matter how loose their fit, no matter how fuzzy the lining. 

Quote from TL:

"Give me a fight between a staunch communist and an advocate of capitalism before you give me a debate between a cowardly Democrat, which is a communist in modern clothing, and a Republican, which is a socialist in traditional garb."


"To the politicos it is all a game where they hold the power and dictate the rules of conduct. I reject that, I refute that. I am an American and my rights are not dictated, or allowed, or earned, they are bestowed upon me at birth and continue until death. Where the government has done what it is not allowed and has been supported in that by an elitist few justices it is nothing other than an oligarchy, not a democracy, not a republic and, if this is not a republic, we are orphans, we are in exile to the nation we inhabit."

Go read it all now. It is worth five or ten minutes.

Good work TL!

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T.L. Davis said...

Thank you, Longbow, your support is well noted and appreciated.