Wednesday, February 01, 2012

An Essay to Read

This is a powerful essay written by Brandon Smith. It is a long one. It should be read by all Liberty minded people.

If you are on the fence, GET THE FUCK OFF!!!

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Money quote:  "Constitutional values cannot defend themselves. They require the people to stand firm, and to never yield. Americans today have yielded far too much already, and at some point very soon, we’re going to have to make the hard choice on what is more important; our general safety and personal comfort, or our freedoms and the freedoms of future generations. Like the American Colonials, we have a system that does not serve our best interests, but the interests of an elite few. We are quickly losing our ability to dictate the terms of our own society, and our own destinies. Sadly, we are not yet presenting the determination that the colonials held in the face of this danger. Today, we are a nation mourning its own demise before it has even occurred. We have turned to reluctant compliance and submission. We are, frankly, whiny and pathetic."

Go read.

Life Liberty and Property


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