Monday, February 13, 2012

She Didn't Submit, Shoot Her! Shoot Her Dead!

The cops tell one story, which makes no sense, but is the official version of events. Being that it is THE official version, we mere mortals are obligated to believe it. After all it was on TV!

You and I are supposed to blindly believe that the Benevolent Knights of the Magic Shield can do no wrong, therefor, "She musta dunn sump'n..."

The Cops make up what ever story they want to. They then feed it to a lapdog press, which dutifully regurgitates what it is told. In this case, a peaceful woman, known to many in her community, went nuts, rolled up her vehicle window on the cop's arm and attempted to drag him down the street. That may be thin, but that's what they got so they're running with it.

But, there was an eye witness. Ahaa! They didn't count on that.

Now the denial phase begins. Probably, between the time when the official investigation commences and the inevitable whitewash/exoneration is pronounced, the eye witness will be bullied into changing his story. Any amount of thuggery is authorized as long as the desired result is achieved.

And finally, the last chapter can be written about an "...event shrouded in controversy" in which a woman was murdered for failure to demonstrate the proper depths submission by groveling at the feet of a thug in a superhero costume.

A couple of years ago, an acquaintance of mine was running for sheriff. He was talking to a group of voters about officer safety. He described how, when a Policeman approaches a subject, especially in a traffic stop situation, he never can never know the subject's intentions. The subject may very well be intent on murdering the Policeman. If elected all of his officers should and would be extremely vigilant in these situations.

Logic overtook my sense of decorum and I said,

"Say, Stan, when a Policeman approaches me, he is armed. He has the full power of the State behind him.  His story, or his version of events, if you will, carries more weight than mine in any Court of Law. He could very well kill me if he decides to and ONLY his version of events would be told. He can make up anything he wants to about "furtive movements" and "reaching for a weapon", etc.  His co-workers will cover for him in any way they can. He could very well have my demise in mind as he approaches. Given all of that, Shouldn't every citizen of this community be extremely vigilant when dealing with Policemen? Shouldn't they be prepared to defend their lives when Officer Friendly approaches? After all, he believes from the start that I probably intend to kill him. Shouldn't I have the same attitude?"

What he said next floored me,

"Well, first off, I don't believe most Officers have that attitude..."

Folks, Officer Friendly is NOT there to help you, logical contradictions notwithstanding.

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