Monday, February 13, 2012

Justice Breyer Robbed at Machete Point!

This is from World Net Daily. It seems Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has been robbed. The perp used a machete! Of all the unmitigated gall! A machete!

Quote from WND: "Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by an intruder armed with a machete while Breyer was vacationing on the Caribbean island of Nevis, court officials said Monday. Breyer, his wife and two other guests were in the justice’s vacation home at the time, but officials said no one was hurt in the incident. The male assailant took $1,000 in cash and fled the scene..."

All I can say is, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving fellow.

This is the same Supreme Court Justice who said in the Heller case, speaking of your right to keep personal weaponry,

"The majority’s conclusion is wrong for two independent reasons. The first reason is that set forth by Justice Stevens—namely, that the Second Amendment protects militia-related, not self-defense-related, interests."

"But self-defense alone, detached from any militia-related objective, is not the Amendment’s concern."

"The second independent reason is that the protection the Amendment provides is not absolute. The Amendment permits government to regulate the interests that it serves. Thus, irrespective of what those interests are—whether they do or do not include an independent interest in self-defense—the majority’s view cannot be correct unless it can show that the District’s regulation is unreasonable or inappropriate in Second Amendment terms." Can you spell Circular Logic?

"...I shall not assume that the Amendment contains a specific untouchable right to keep guns in the house to shoot burglars."

You may read more of his nonsense if you want. I choose not to. If you want to see calm rational logic juxtaposed with irrational, emotional whim, then watch this video from C-SPAN.

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Constantine La said...

Ha! I saw this on Google and I thought it said "Justin Beiber robbed at Machete point." Man I was scared when I read that!