Friday, February 17, 2012

Federal Agents Shoot Each Other!

Or, "Another Case of Workplace Violence"

OK, the heart of the matter in this story from Yahoo news, is that one ICE agent shot another ICE agent in a fit of rage. A third ICE agent shot the shooter, killing him.

This is a shame. Let us not make light of it.

I would ask, though, where is the Brady Bunch? Why do we not hear them demanding that all Federal Agents be disarmed inside Federal Buildings? Why no screeching of, "See! See what happens?"

Federal agents, how about we disarm ALL Federal Law Imposement agents in all Federal buildings? No? Not a good idea? Then why is it a good idea when you demand my disarmament? After all, you never know when a Federal agent will "just snap" and start shooting people.

What? You don't think that way? Then why aren't you vocal, each of you individually and through your organizations, opposing politicians and others when they call for restrictions on my rights? Each time Eric Holder, or his boss the Usurper in Chief, or Madame Secretary Clinton, or Up-Chuck Schumer, calls for another 'salt weapons ban, I hear nothing but eerie silence from all you "really good guys".

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