Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Candidate for Governor of Montana! posted this on their site. Salute, Elias! Thank you for reproducing it. I hope any candidate for Governor of any Free State has the nuts to say the same.

Here y'are:

Bob Fanning: The Only Candidate

I am Bob Fanning of Pray, Montana. I am running for Governor because I love Montana.

I am the only candidate who has a realistic, workable plan which will lead Montana to rapid economic progress and to independence from the Federal funds which have put Montana out of business.  I have the credentials to lead and restructure our state’s economy in today’s Federally-induced crisis. My 38 years of multifaceted financial experience and business leadership practices have built within me the diagnostic tools to understand, explain, and quantify exactly what caused the fraud-based mortgage crisis and other financial threats to Montana’s prosperity.

Make no mistake about it, Montana – the satchel charges that were placed, that blew up America’s economy, were placed by the 106th Congress.

Because those threats are coming from Wall Street and the Fed, I have a genuine plan to put Montanans back to work by removing Federal incursions which have impoverished our Counties and communities. I can open up Montana’s natural resources to development, industry, and jobs for Montanans by simply removing Federal blockages.

I am the only candidate who knows how and why to shut down the EPA, BLM, Forest Service, other Federal agencies and Departments, as well as the Department Of Justice enforcement groups such as DEA and ATF, and prevent their operation in Montana. I will use State interposition as Montana’s lawful answer to Federal corruption, and will faithfully and fully nullify (interpose to prevent) “Obama-Care” in Montana.

I will honor Montana’s medical marijuana referendum and protect the will of the people against Federal aggression.
I am the only candidate who will create a system of sound money based on hard assets including silver and gold.

I am the only candidate who is a proud member in Oath Keepers. I will prevent the Federal police state in Montana by shutting off State and County relations with the Fusion Centers of the Department of Homeland Security. My administration in Montana will break the interface between local peace officers and the U.S. military.

I am the only candidate who proactively supports the Fully Informed Jury Association.

I am the only candidate running with former Constitution Party 2008 Presidential candidate Dr. Chuck Baldwin as partner candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Montana. Our ticket reads: Fanning/Baldwin2012. Our website is

I am a proud member in the Montana Shooting Sports Association. I am an avid 2nd Amendment advocate. I am the only candidate who will establish Montana’s Constitutional Militia, with an office in every County Commission to oversee and regulate militia development. I will support the authority of the County Sheriff by establishing a Montana office for the Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association.

I am the only candidate who will shut down the U.S. Department of Education in Montana and return our schools to local control with parallel support for Home Schooling.
I am the only candidate who led the charge to de-list wolves in Montana and, as your Governor I will continue to diminish the wolf problem, rebuild Montana’s Elk and Moose populations while protecting farm animals, and insure Montana’s continued tradition of wild-game hunting. I am a strong believer in personal property rights of the individual as protected by the Montana and the Federal Constitutions.

I am the only candidate in the 2012 race who understands and vows to honor the Founders’ intent regarding the system of “dual sovereignty” preserved in the U.S. Constitution. I am the only candidate who understands how rebuilding Montana’s sovereignty under the Montana Constitution can free our people from Federal bondage.

I am the only candidate who will boot the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and related NGO detriments out of Montana. I will shut down ICLEI offices in Montana and expose the lies behind the UN’s use of the term “sustainable development”. I will boot the UN out of Montana.

I am the only candidate who knows how and why it is important to return personal responsibility and personal freedom to all Montanans. I believe Montanans can and will restore their once-proud independence and prosperity as my administration removes the Federal barriers and allows the bountiful treasure which is our birthright to once again flourish. I uphold Montana sovereignty.

I am the only candidate who has the courage and strength to get this done.

I am Bob Fanning of Pray, Montana. My creed is:
Life. Land. Liberty.

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