Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Say It Ain't So!

This is from The Washington Post dot com. I found the link on Drudge.

Most of  the charges against the  Hut-uh-ree "militia" have been dismissed.

The meat of the article,

"U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said the members’ expressed hatred of law enforcement didn’t amount to a conspiracy to rebel against the government. The FBI had secretly planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia starting in 2008 to collect hours of anti-government audio and video that became the cornerstone of the case."

"The court is aware that protected speech and mere words can be sufficient to show a conspiracy. In this case, however, they do not rise to that level,” the judge said on the second anniversary of raids and arrests that broke up the group."

"Roberts granted requests for acquittal on the most serious charges: conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. Other weapons crimes tied to the alleged conspiracies also were dismissed."

The old trick was, and still is, Set 'em up and knock 'em down. Infiltrate a "group", do some rabble rousing, inspire them to action, provide the means, then have your buddies swoop in and save the day. Gotcha! Cool game, huh?

Only this time the veneer was a  bit thin. Even the Judge, who is inclined to side with Law Imposement, saw the phoniness in this case.

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