Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Police State? We Must Decide Now!

How is it to be folks? Norman Rockwell's America, where Officer Friendly is there to help? Shall Officer Friendly be seen as trusted and respectable? Will he be seen as the kind of man who is there to assist and help people? Will he be an expression of the best in the peaceful community he serves?

Or, shall it be as the trend is going?

Like this,

And like this,

And like this,

I often hear policemen refer to themselves as "Sheepdogs" You guys like that label, don't you? You think it sounds respectable and honorable. It is arrogant and condescending. I will tell you why. A sheepdog's primary function is to herd sheep. Do you like that idea as it applies to you? Do you like the idea of barking and snarling and forcing the herd to move in the direction the Master wants it to go?

Do you realize, that you are saying that not only do (free) people have a master, but that you do as well? You are labeling yourself a tool in the Master's arsenal of control.

You think it is just lovely to herd sheep? To where, one might ask? Why of course, to be sheered and ultimately, slaughtered.

Are you a servant of the people, or are you a tool? The time is now to make your choice. Don't worry, it will be obvious where you stand.


Trinity said...

While I can appreciate your holding the growing militarization
of the local police in contempt -- I do also -- I
think you misunderstand the true nature of true "sheep dogs"
in society.

Without sheepdogs the sheeple would be readily stalked and
killed by the predators of society.

Does this mean that all who claim
the mantle of sheepdog are legitimate? Of course not -- many
are just two bit bullies and
thugs, if not wolves in sheepdog

Real sheepdogs are few and far
between, but they are vital for
the safety of the average sheeple
who can't take care of themselves.

Please don't let up on condemning
the wannabes or the bullies and
sadistic thugs who actually prey
on society while claiming the
noble mantle of sheepdog -- we
need to identify and eliminate as
many of them as possible. But in
the meantime, do a little
research on the honor and need of
true societal sheepdogs -- you
may find yourself as being one.

An excellent place to start would be:

Longbow said...


I say again: A Sheepdog's PRIMARY purpose is to herd sheep! He FORCES the herd to move in the direction the Master wants it to go. He does this by using the threat of force (barking and snarling) or applied force (an actual bite). The herd is moved in the direction the Master wants it to move, which is, ultimately, to be sheared and slaughtered.

Sheepdogs do not sit on a hill watching for wolves. A Free Man with a rifle does that. I hope you realize we are discussing Property. I do not see my neighbor as a sheep who needs me to herd him.

Wombat said...

Trinity, from the time the pistol became affordable the position of sheepdog became irrelevant.
Anyone in the U.S of A who "needs" the police to protect them is not only delusional but lazy.
In other words, they CHOOSE to be sheep and then cheer the appointment attack dogs to do what they were too lazy to do for themselves.

Sadly, the fact of the matter is that the dog ain't gonna be there when you need it.