Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Isn't It Illegal for Felons to Possess Guns?

We have been hearing about this incident in the news.

According to,

 William Spengler mugshot (credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Department)

A man, who was a known violent offender, and a convicted murderer, decided to kill his sister and then leave a note saying he wanted to burn the neighborhood down and go out doing what he loved to do best... killing people.

The cbslocal piece makes a point to tell us that the rifle he used a Bushmaster 223 rifle, you know, the same one used by the Sandy Hook killer.

Jeppers, I wonder if he registered his guns in accordance with the Gun Control laws in place. I wonder if he has a "permit" for the pistol he possessed.

Isn't it illegal for Felons to possess firearms at all? Shouldn't felons be made to register all of their guns just like the law abiding?

This just can't happen in New York, where they have some very rigid gun control laws under which all the law abiding must suffer.

You mean he was a criminal who didn't obey the Law?

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