Saturday, December 22, 2012

Americans, Stand the Hell Up!

I have the following to say. I will not disarm. Any attempt at confiscation will be met with Jim Bowie's reply. Congress may pass a new draconian law designed to remove practical weapons from the citizenry, but I, for one, will not comply.

The time is now, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, to draw the line and say no more. This is the end game. Any act of Congress attempting to make my firearms and magazines illegal to possess or non-transferable, will be flagrantly disregarded.

Law officers and Federal Agents you are hereby put on notice, that if you attempt to enforce any such new law, you are in violation of your oath of office, you will have perjured yourselves before God and the People. If you are acting outside your sworn office, you have no authority! Do you understand that? If you will stand against the Constitution and the American People and their natural rights, you are not worth a bucket of cold piss!

County Sheriffs, if you will not interpose on behalf of the good people who elected you, you are not worthy of your office. If you assist Federal Officers in enforcing an unconstitutional gun ban, you SHOULD be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Rank and file Policemen and Sheriff's deputies, If you will blindly follow unconstitutional orders and willfully impose such unconstitutional laws on the public, you will show yourselves  enemies of the of the people you supposedly serve. You oppose such bans, you say? Then say so! Say it loudly and publicly! Say it individually and through your professional organizations! Thus far the silence from your ranks has been deafening.

The only thing which will stop this, is an absolutist posture. All gun owners MUST stand up and stand together! The firearms industry must stand together and speak with one voice. Lobbying groups MUST make it clear to Congress that a gun and/or magazine ban will be considered an Intolerable Act.

We will not be able to guilt our congressmen into acting constitutionally. We will NOT be able to convince them of the logic of our argument. The Political Class in our country is as corrupt and self serving as any in the worst third world toilet. The ONLY thing they care about about is their position and power. They must be put on notice: the best thing that can happen to them is the loss of their office.

How shall it be, folks?

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