Monday, December 24, 2012

I Almost Feel Sorry For Them.

They have no idea how badly they are making things for themselves. They are making civil war inevitable. 

Kurt Hoffman reports that Dianne Feinstein  wants to bring every weapon she calls an "assault weapon" under the National Firearms Act.

Per Kurt: 

"She explains that all existing "assault weapons" would be--just as machine guns are currently--put under National Firearms Act (NFA) regulation, with all the legal hoops such regulation entails.

The guns would be registered (presumably, like machine guns, subject to periodic inspections by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives); owners would be subject to invasive background checks, presumably fingerprinting, etc. She did not mention the $200 tax stamp for every transfer (and would that also apply to magazines--each magazine?), but if they are to be regulated "like machine guns," that would be part of it. And ownership of the gun would apparently be contingent on a local judge or chief law enforcement officer approving that ownership--with the official in question not required to provide that approval, or even a reason for disapproval.
Failure to meet any of these requirements would be grounds for confiscation."

I agree completely with Kurt's final analysis, 

"Even without confiscation, Feinstein's bill is a new "Intolerable Act," and a direct violation of her oath of office. With it, it's an act of war against the American people. That is a war that she and her allies will lose."

 They have no idea how badly they are stepping in it. I almost feel sorry for them. Feeling sympathy would be rational if they were not in their right minds. But they are. 

They want you disarmed. They do not care what they have to do to get there. They do not care how many lies they have to tell or what propaganda they have to publish. They do not care that the Constitution prohibits, explicitly, the very thing they pursue. They just want you disarmed. They want to wield power over you. If you are disarmed, they have the ability to control your life and destiny and you have no recourse. 

They do not see the backlash they are setting up. They have no idea of the blow-back they will receive. They believe their minions will do exactly as they are instructed, and at first, most will. Those poor bastards. Very soon after the fact, no one will be willing to enforce those Intolerable Acts.

On the bright side, now is the time to rid ourselves of the National Firearms Act. That Act was only tested in the Supreme court once. In the case known as U.S. v. Miller, the Court said (paraphrasing here)...

"No one here has shown us how a Short Barreled Shotgun is a Militia grade weapon, therefor we cannot say the Constitution protects the right to own such a weapon."

If the NFA is challenged on it's face, the registration of machine guns, silencers and SBRs and SBSs will fail to pass constitutional scrutiny. 

Feinstein and company have no idea how precarious is their reliance on the NFA. They have no idea that when their ban on "assault weapons" is challenged directly, in light of Heller, it will crumple like rice paper. Even if the Court, in its post Obamacare madness, upholds a ban, enforcement of it will be impossible. Civil war would ensue. 

Do they really want to risk this? 

Yes, they do. Those poor stupid bastards.


Osmium said...

Diane Feinstein is considering a national buy-back program now. She apparently thinks that weapons will be beaten into plowshares and that unicorns will poop rainbows.

Longbow said...

I would prefer my unicorn to poop skittles, but to each his own...

Diogenes said...

My biggest concern isn't the measures that Feinstein wishes to incorporate: she is a dinosaur pushing the same ol' hoplophobic hyperbole. Nope, My fear is that under Obamacare, they can just label us as "mentally defective" and use that as reason enough to get our guns. A 'reasonable' doctor, IE one that is under the thumb (buried in student loans making squat under the new rules) will happily sign off on that scenario. We have already seen it in action with that guy from the preppers show, precedent has been set.