Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It Wasn't Guns, It Wasn't Asperger Syndrome...

Folks, David Codrea of War On Guns has linked to this piece at Market-Ticker

They link to this piece at New York Magazine.

It appears this young man, Adam Lanza was a schizophrenic who was on a new drug known by various names such as, Iloperidone, Fanapt, Fanapta and Zomaril. Psychotics many times act violently. Sometimes the drugs used to treat them make their condition worse. According to various sources, His Mother had been telling people "I'm losing him..." in the weeks before the shooting.

From the Market-Ticker piece,

"Many people may have missed this, and in fact I did until someone on the forum brought over the quote itself.  That drug is a relatively new one and in fact was the subject of a non-approvable letter originally.
The name caught my eye because I loosely follow biotech companies and remembered it from the denial back in 2008.  The FDA wanted another study and more safety data.  The company repackaged and resubmitted the previous study instead, which was a "Hail Mary" pass that almost-never succeeds.  In this case it did and the company's stock skyrocketed."


"If this is real then we deserve to have this fact out in the open, in public, right damned now and all political activity associated with alleged "remedies" must stop until this allegation is fully vetted and either proved up or disproved, in public. 
If this is true there is no gun law that would have stopped this event; if he could not have gotten a gun he would have used a gallon of gasoline, a home-made bomb, a knife, something, anything.  We know he was willing to kill his own mother to acquire the weapons -- he would have killed a cop, a random person on the street, or a store clerk.
If this allegation is true this mass-murder was not about guns at all.
The point here, folks, is that there is simply no way to remove from society all of the tools and things that someone can use to commit murder, even mass-murder, if they have voices in their head telling them to kill people."

Go read the links.

YOU MUST read it all. Then call your local radio shows and television stations. Call your Congressmen and Senators.

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Anonymous said...

Now the article has this footnote:

Editor's Note: This post originally cited a report in the Daily News that quoted Adam Lanza's uncle as saying he was taking an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt. The Daily News subsequently deleted the quote. It is now unclear whether Lanza was taking Fanapt.