Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza did what?

A news piece from New York says, in part, the following:

"Meanwhile, police told Aiello they were looking at the strong likelihood that the gunman gained entrance to the school by shooting out a window right next to the front door."

Jeepers! You don't say! You mean to tell me, the bad man, intent on murder, used force to gain entrance to a restricted access area? You mean he didn't obey the Gun Free School Zones Act?

"Thus, he would have been able to get around the new security system that was put in place earlier this year,"

You mean to tell me he was able to simply get around the news security system, paying it no mind? No, say it ain't so!

"...which includes a remote control lock and intercom with a video buzzer system to let visitors in."

Well, we put those in to make ourselves FEEL better don't we? How do we FEEL now? Shall we begin thinking, or continue emoting?

"Vance would only say Saturday morning that Lanza was not voluntarily let into the school, and forced his way in."

Eureka! I think I get it now! The bad man used force to get around the security measures in place so that he could commit murder! He did it because he was intent on murder! He didn't obey any of the gun control laws! He didn't comply with limited access! He murdered people because he wanted to murder people! So he murdered people until he was finished murdering people and then he murdered himself!

If only the people in these United States didn't enjoy so much freedom, maybe murderers, intent on murder, would behave nicely. Yeah, and for Christmas I want a unicorn that poops skittles!

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Blue said...

I think that pretty much covers it... :)