Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take the quiz!

Radley Balko has a quiz for you. If you don't read The Agitator regularly, you should.

Take the quiz for an exercise, then give it some serious thought. This is the opposite of a good thing. The men who will SWAT you, or your neighbor, think it is the ultimate in a rockin' good time.

Fred, in comment number 13, says,

"17/21 – Age, posture and bearing, physical fitness are all good tells – and yes, there’s a difference between being pumped on roids and attitude and actually being fit, you know.
The one that did throw me was the facial hair, which most militaries discourage, but apparently those were somebodys troops.
But it goes to show you just can’t tell so easily – and normally I’d keep my two cents but this very week the local PD raided a house almost directly across the street from my place on (probably) some mala prohibita BS, and when they did so they did NOT at any time announce themselves as police before bashing the door in, and when a surprised female shrieked in response, slugged her hard enough that *I* heard it, in my bedroom across the street – and not in any kind of time for her to figure out whether those were neighborhood thugs, or police… which if you ask me, the difference around here in most parts of Michigan is awful thin already, especially given that I was hired in part as a guard in order to discourage aggression and harrassment BY the police upon this neighborhood.
Bad enough you have to hire someone to do the job they can’t be bothered to do, but having that someone actively protect you AGAINST your so-called protectors is ridiculous – and we have responded via not paying for it, and levelling punitive budget cuts, which as a temporary solution was fine, but also encourages their rabid traffic ticketing and forfeiture attempts."

Fred, I hope you don't mind me copying and pasting.

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Kevin Smith said...

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