Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do You Have The Right to Resist Tyranny?

This link is to a piece by William Norman Grigg. He illustrates how our Common Law right to be free has been deliberately perverted by those who have a vested interest in State power.

Mr. Grigg is a national treasure. He should be on every defense attorney's team.

If you are unsure of how we arrived at the full implementation of the Police State nightmare, from the National Myth of  "Land of the Free..." etc., which could never happen here, go and read it.

If you are a Law Imposement Officer and you wear the "good guy" costume, but the men you work with seem to be bullies and thugs, go and read it.

If you ever wondered how it is, that wearing a Super Hero Costume and bearing a Magic Shield makes a State employee impervious to being wrong, go read it.

If you vaguely understand that the right to be left alone is the source and the root of your freedom, but you need some clarity, go and read it.

If you are a Bully or a Thug in official State costume, and you want to know what your just desert is, go and read it.

Bullies and Thugs, be advised... there will be a reckoning, in this life or the next.

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