Friday, January 13, 2012

An Essay You Must Read

Arctic Patriot links to a very good essay from Casey Research, dealing with the transition from the last vestiges of Constitutional Republic to Police State/Empire. It is called The Rise of the Praetorian Class.

It demands a thorough look by anyone who cares.

I commented on Arctic Patriot the following: The Military will do exactly what it is ordered to do. To most military members, their Constitutional oath is just a mouthful of words. Military members are under UCMJ authority. Orders will be followed. Police of all stripes, on the other hand, are NOT military. As much as they like to play dress up and make war on the citizens they supposedly serve, they are pretenders. They are NOT under any coercive authority. They may quit and go home at any time. As soon as it gets too stressful, too risky and too expensive to do their jobs, they will melt back into the population and become "civilians" again.

 If you don't care, disregard. If you do, take it to heart. Go read the essay.

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