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Control Freaks, Logic, and Rulemaking

OK folks, we're going to start at http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/, for a comment from Jim Klein on arcticpatriot.blogspot.com. It has to do with logic. Go ahead and read those links if you like. Then we look at a post on sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com. Mike illustrates the point about arbitrary rule making.

The points I want to make are as follows:

The mistake a logical man makes is assigning logical motivations to the actions of a crook. A logical man sometimes thinks that a bad actor MUST have a good reason for doing something seemingly illogical. This psychological projection is a common mistake. It is a mistake made by good men and criminals both. However, good men are slower and less likely to catch on than criminals. Crooks, when they realize they are dealing with a genuinely honest man, see him as an easy mark. An honest man, when he realizes he's been had, reacts with righteous indignation and anger. The crook is laughing the whole time. The honest man looks for justice and seeks to be made whole again. The crook, thinks the honest man should just get over "losing". To a crook, the honest man should just adopt the rule of the jungle and get some for himself. The honest man thinks he can show the crook how to live a rational and productive life, if only he tries hard enough. Neither is correct and never the twain shall meet.

To a crook, the law of the jungle applies in everything he does. There is no "right" or "wrong", but only "what I want" and "what I don't want". There is no such thing as inherently "lawful" or "unlawful". There is only "What can I get away with" and "what can I not get away with". He does not look at the civilized world and see buildings that MEN BUILT. He does not see inventions created my the MINDS of MEN. He does not see the result of design and effort. He sees only, stuff. He sees stuff that exists. He sees the civilized world just as He sees the jungle, full of stuff which exists.

To a sane and rational man, a logical man, the jungle itself is full of the wonder of God's design. He sees the deliberate creation of each and every creature and plant. He wonders at the Creator's plan. When a rational man sees new inventive technology, he marvels at the inventor's thoughts, efforts, and results. He seeks to know who the inventor was and what motivated him. He deeply appreciates the effort expended in creating the end result from concept, design, forming, sculpting, prototyping, testing, refining, and finally producing an end product that his peers can use.

Think of the Wright brothers in their quest to master powered flight. They spent years in the effort and untold sums of their own money to make their dream a reality. Mankind marveled. Inventors around the world, when they realized the Wrights had broken the code, proceeded to emulate them. The world of powered aviation took off (no pun intended). Mankind benefited greatly and forever owes a debt of gratitude to them.

Do you think the pick-pocket back in Dayton cared one wit how much effort went into creating the world's first powered flying machine? Do you think he cared how much money was spent? No, he didn't. He only looked up one day and said, "Damn, I ain't never seen one of them before!".

A rational man looked up and saw a flying machine and wondered, "How could I build such a thing?". A Crook looked up and thought, "I wants me one uh them!"

Crooks sometimes go into politics. They find their way into positions where they can wield arbitrary power over other people. They become bureaucrats and apparatchiks. They establish little fiefdoms, where their word alone is law. Remember, to the crook, there is no law higher than "what I want". 

Socialists are such people. I do not mean the dirty OWS types you saw on CNN. I mean those in politics. College pukes mostly do not know better. Sixty year old politicians do.  The argument about whether socialism "works" is a game of charades. The debate is intended to get rational people talking, arguing and debating. The argument keeps rational people, sane people, logical people and productive people busy while the crook-socialist steals more of their life. Here is the big secret: Socialism is not an economic system. It is a control mechanism and it works exactly as intended. It works PERFECTLY!

In the same way, gun control advocates have always used the argument over crime and "gun-violence". The whole argument is used to keep sane and rational men busy, debating the effectiveness of gun control as public policy. While you are spun-up and kept busy debating the latest effort at disarming you, they are picking your pocket. The gun control advocates know very well that their policies DO NOT reduce crime or "gun-violence". They simply do not care. They want YOU disarmed. They will use whatever mechanism they think they can get away with to do it. Disarming you leaves the crooks with absolute arbitrary power to use you as a slave or kill you, which ever suits their whim. The law of the jungle applies.

In a previous piece, I wrote about Franklin Roosevelt and his intentions with the National Firearms Act. If you asked Mr. Roosevelt why he wanted to disarm the American people, he would respond, "That is not my intention at all! I want to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. I want to help people!" His, and Clinton's, and Obama's category of  "people who shouldn't have them", means you and me. He wants all of his apparatchiks and bureaucrats armed to the hilt. Those people do his bidding. He wants YOU and me disarmed because armed men are free men. Free men who are armed tend to resist control mechanisms like socialism.

ATF has recently backed itself into a corner with the ruling on non-shotgun shotguns. A person between the ages of eighteen and twenty is "allowed" to purchase rifles and shotguns from an FFL. ATF sent out a letter years ago saying that a person under the age of twenty-one could not purchase a pistol grip shotgun from an FFL because it is not a shotgun.  A shotgun, you see is designed to be fired from the shoulder. Since something like Mossberg's persuader was not originally manufactured with a shoulder stock, and thus was not intended to be fired from the shoulder, it is not a shotgun and therefor cannot be sold to a person between the ages of eighteen and twenty. Several manufacturers took ATF at their word and submitted short barrel firearms for examination and classification. They have over-all lengths of twenty-six inches, but have barrels shorter than the arbitrary limit set for long guns. ATF has said that these are not NFA weapons and may be sold to any free man who passes the NICS check and is over the age of twenty-one. What do you want to bet there will soon be screeching and howling at the new "loop hole" recently discovered and eventually a redefinition of the regulations by ATF? Do you think they do this because they are "good guys who mean well"? This is the same ATF who has been facilitating the smuggling of firearms to criminal gangs in Mexico and using that as an excuse to wield more power over you.

Ask any cop of any stripe why he became a cop and he'll say autonomically, "Because I wanted to help people!" The response is like the Manchurian Candidate. The same cop will then proceed to stomp on, and even murder the citizens he is supposedly "helping". He does not see a contradiction. There is no logical contradiction because the statement "I want to help people" is a lie. It is a deliberate lie to keep YOU confused while he exercises arbitrary power over you. He says it because it works. HRT members after Ruby Ridge wanted to "help people". ATF agents after Waco wanted to "help people".  DEA agents after raiding medical marijuana farms and dispensaries wanted to "help people". IRS agents... uh, never mind.

Think for a moment of a rifle range, or a maneuver box if you will. The founders of our Republic set very wide left and right limits on what they considered natural liberty. Setting left and right limits allows a maximum exercise of creative and productive freedom while maintaining safety. You may do unto yourself as you will, but you may not harm or murder another. You may attain and possess property, but you may not steal it from another. You may live as you choose, but you may not deliberately offend your neighbor. These are the norms and standards of rational free men.

Control Freaks do not live by any set of principles, except for those previously stated. They live their miserable lives constantly scheming on how to manipulate others.

When a free man says, "I would like to build a trebuchet!"

A control freak demands, "Why do you need one?"

A sane and rational man's response to the control freak SHOULD be a brutal punch to the nose and a devastating kick to the nuts!

Politicians continually use any excuse they think will work to legally expand their authority. To them, power is its own reward. Any excuse will do, if it works.

Stop debating when the other side has set the terms for the debate! You have already lost!

Stop rationalizing and attempting to assign logic to the actions of a tyrant. You have already lost!

Do not succumb to the manipulation techniques of control freaks. If you do, in any amount no matter how small, you have already lost!

It is the law of the jungle, insane, illogical, arbitrary, whimsical and criminal... or the law of God, sane, rational, logical, and just. Our time for choosing is now.

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