Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lee Paige and Pre-disastering a SWAT Team

David Codrea at War On Guns just gave me an idea. It is still in the developmental stage, but I'm convinced the concept is sound.

It seems Special Agent Lee Paige has lost his law suit in which he alleged loss of self esteem in the publication of the video which made him famous. If you haven't seen it, go to Youtube and watch the video.

Quote from SA Paige: "Alright! Alright, now... You see what happened? It could happen to you!"

He was the only one in the room that day, professional enough, that he knew of, to give such a demonstration.

Mission accomplished! You know, just a good guy tryin' to do a tough job.... thankless... dangerous... not seeking notoriety...

Hey, I just had a thought! Maybe there should be a guy like him on every SWAT team! That way, instead of murdering someone, like, I dunno, Jose Guerena or even one of their own, they could have a designated self-amputator!

Here's how it would work: The SWAT team surrounds the house. They get on the bull horn and yell, "You in the house come out now with your hand up!"

If the target doesn't comply in the few seconds allowed, the designated self-amputator would step forward and announce himself. Then he would pull his side arm shoot himself in the foot, or the leg or the arm.

Then he says, "Now, see what happened? It could happen to you! You could be blown away!"

Hell, the suspect would probably surrender in an instant, unable to resist while dying of laughter. The SWAT team would be pre-disastered, and wouldn't have to shoot anyone!

If it saves even one cop's life, wouldn't it be worth it?

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