Wednesday, February 12, 2014

See? I Told ya.

                      This is Rand Paul saying, "OK, you caught me. Whatcha gonna do about it?

This link comes from CNN. It is Rand Paul speaking privately to Mitch McConnell. In the video, you can hear Senator Rand Paul state his intention to screw the people who elected him. McConnell stands there nodding and grinning, pleased at his new accomplice.

He is saying, "I think if we keep saying we wanted to defund it...we'll win."

Meaning,  We will keep saying it even though we never intended to defund it in the first place. We can pose as "conservatives" while still selling out the rubes who elected us. We can keep playing this game indefinitely! We'll line our pockets at our constituents' expense and retire with a healthy sum. We must turn the reigns of corruption over to a new generation at some point, but lets enjoy this while we can."

Now, Smile for the Camera!

 Shhhh... don't say anything. Just smile and wave, let them believe what they want to... moronic Tea Party fools.

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