Monday, February 10, 2014

I Stand Corrected... Rand Paul Shows His True Colors

In my last post I said we needed more holders of public office like Rand Paul and Mike Lee. I Omitted Ted Cruz because I am already convinced he is an M1A1 slickster and a fraud.

I have been watching Rand Paul since his election and I have waited and hoped. I have seen thus far a "moderate conservative", while hoping to eventually see a principled constitutionalist.

Rand Paul is now showing his true colors. He is telling the Texas Republican Party, in order to win elections, they must be more like the other side. This information comes from The Blaze and should hit you like a fire alarm.

Quote from the piece on, "The senator, who has expressed similar sentiments before, said party leaders in the state need to learn to adapt with the times and to be the party of inclusion."


 “That means we evolve. It doesn’t mean we give up on what we believe in, but it means we have to be a welcoming party,”

Translation: We don't have to give up what we believe, we just put it on the back burner and adopt the other side's principles. We can still cling to them, hopefully, in the backs of our minds, but we need to think and behave like the opposition and then we can win elections!

and,  “We have to welcome people of all races. We need to welcome people of all classes — business class, working class.”

Translation, You Republicans... Uhhh, I mean WE republicans have been exclusive of other races and classes. We need to acknowledge our guilt and acquiesce to the program. If we are nice enough and play the game, eventually we will be allowed to drive the bus for a while.


“We need to have people with ties and without ties, with tattoos and without tattoos — with earrings, without earrings,” he said. “We need a more diverse party. We need a party that looks like America.”

Translation: You stuffed shirts need to loosen up. Get with the times! Don't be a Hay-ter!

Now I ask you, have you heard any Constitutionalist or Liberty minded person demand that everyone wear the same uniform? Think in lockstep? Expose and anathematize those who look "different"? Are of another "class"?


 “Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in securing the border first, doesn’t mean I don’t believe it’s important we have a secure country,” Paul said. “But it does mean we have to have a different attitude.”

Translation: Securing the border first, i.e., ...and then grant amnesty to twenty million foreigners who have invaded our country and abused our generosity. Of course we secure the border first. How about we secure the border, period? There is an invasion of our country happening right before our eyes and those in Rand Paul's position don't want to halt it. They want to facilitate it! Amnesty means letteing someone get away with his acknowledged crime without punishment. If those twenty million people who have invaded our country are allowed to stay, whether they work toward citizenship or not, they are granted amnesty. Rand Paul sees nothing wrong with this.

Ok, so we say we want to "secure the border first...", does that mean completely stopping the invasion? Or is there some other nebulous, nonspecific definition of "secure the border first"?

How about a virtual fence?

How about the use of drones?

How about check points fifty to a hundred miles inside the United States to harass citizens and non citizens alike?

Oh yeah, we already have those things.

This whole speech is telling republicans, to be more like Socialists and they can win elections. No one asks the question, "To what end?"

I am now convinced Rand Paul is a walking, talking false flag operation. Welcome to The Party, Rand. You're in good company.

Vote Republican! They're not as bad as the Other Guys!

Vote for the Mensheviks! They aren't like those evil Bolsheviks!

Join the Fabians! They aren't revolutionaries like those Leninists!

May God save our progeny. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Ghost. Amen.

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