Monday, February 24, 2014

Cops Recorded Abusing Man and... They Charged Him With Mutiple Felonies

If you don't read David Codrea's War On Guns blog daily, you should. This is where I found the link to the story.

It seems a man was stopped by the cops in New Jersey. After fully complying with the demands of the Thugs he was beaten and his property damaged. He was then arrested and charged with multiple felonies. All of which were false charges.


 Filing a false charge is itself a felony. For which cops are rarely held to account. Typically, when the prosecutor finds the charges are false, he quietly dismisses them with a chuckle and a comment of "Well, we couldn't make that one stick anyway..."

The man would have gone to prison on these false charges if the dash cam video hadn't finally surfaced. It was only diligent work on behalf of the attorney for the accused which brought it forward. And get this. The prosecutor says he had never seen the video of the event. Do you believe that? Was his willful ignorance or is he lying also? In this instance, the cops are being held accountable.

The cops were lying. All of them were lying. Those men of "sterling character" you are taught to "honor and respect" were lying and committing felonies which would have sent an innocent man to prison. Does that describe a good man? Does that describe a man whom one should honor and respect? How many of their peers knew about it? How many times did they get away with just this sort of thing? How many times have "internal investigations" cleared cops of criminal activity just like this?

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