Sunday, February 02, 2014

Armed Citizens in Alabama! Vigilantes! Oh My!

Mike, was that you and your crew? The Vigilantes I mean...

This interesting piece comes from The Blaze and illustrates the "...natural defense of a free State." In Pinson, Alabama to be exact.

It seems the neighbors, seeing one of the nearby houses being robbed, armed themselves (Oh my!) and went to do something about it. This is a good thing. In fact, this is the best of responses to an incident such as this. It is the Natural and Normal response.

From The Blaze, "
When residents of an Alabama town spotted three teens trying to break into a neighbors house in the middle of the day... They armed themselves and confronted them."  

I edited out the part where they "of course contacted the police." Do you see how naturally and logically it flows after I edited it? This is how it should be. The part about calling the police should have been an afterthought.

They did call the police first and for that reason it is a miracle they all survived the incident.

Criminals are known to shoot innocent citizens due to agitation and fear. Cops are known to shoot innocent citizens due to agitation and fear. Armed citizens are known to pose the biggest threat to criminals. Armed citizens are known to pose no threat to peace officers. Cops generally see armed criminals as a threat to their own safety. Cops generally see armed innocent citizens as a their own safety. Criminals see an armed innocent citizen and think, "Oh lohhdy, I mo git my ass shot!" Cops see an armed innocent citizen and think "Enemy! Threat! Dominate! Stomp! Kill!", of course being justified by the doctrine of "officer safety" and the mandate to go home at the end of their shift...regardless of the cost to those who pay their salary.

Which do you see as more likely to be a threat to your safety?


Or this?

 (Images found on google)

 Score one for the Good Guys, the Good Neighbors and Free Citizens of Pinson, Alabama.

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Anonymous said...

I am amused by the fat cop in the second picture. His Kevlar helmet (or is it a "special needs" helmet, like the kids with extra chromosomes wear while they rid the special short bus?) appears to be grossly undersized and doesn't even come down to his ears.